I världen av online -reklam finns det många stora namn där ute. För många människor tenderar Google AdSense att vara standardalternativet, men dess restriktiva servicevillkor och begränsade funktioner har lett till utvecklingen av många branschalternativ.

Två av sådana alternativ är reklamföretag kända som Monetizemore och Evadav, som ansluter utgivare online -innehåll till annonsörer som vill använda sitt värdefulla webbutrymme.

Båda dessa företag fungerar som livskraftiga val, men de ger olika typer av fördelar för mycket divergerande kundbaser.

Här är en översikt över hur varje tjänst är och om en av dem överträffar den andra när det gäller prestanda.

Vilka är för- och nackdelarna med monetizemore?

Founded in 2010, Monetizemore is a well-respected company in the online world, with a very good relationship with Google and its affililate services. The company has a sizable global reach, with over 700 publishers in-network, more than 1000 websites serviced, and oversees 15 billion plus impressions every month.

Although Monetizemore isn't as big as many other similar services, its influence can be attributed to its quality over quantity approach to advertising; it only caters to the most valuable web space on the internet and has access to some incredibly top tier advertisers who pay well, are brand safe, and act reliably.

Monetizemore's substantial resource pool also means that it can afford to offer exceptional dedicated services relating to web traffic control, analytics, web security, bid scaling, and revenue guarantees.

Here are some of the advantages to using Monetizemore:


Monetizemore uses a tool called Traffic Cop to control the flow of visitors clicking on ads. Traffic Cop is exceptionally good at preventing IVT (invalid traffic), including bots and repeat visitors, from clicking on ads, which substantially reduces the cost of advertising campaigns and make them more profitable for all parties involved.

Erfaren personal:

With almost 300 globally based employees and over 12 years of experience, Monetizemore has an unbeatable number of experts at its disposal that can assist publishers with any number of problems. Regardless of traffic level, domain type, or logistical mishap, it's very likely the Monetizemore platform has someone available who can solve issues when they arise.

Utmärkta annonsörer:

Monetizemore is what is known as a  Google Certified Publishing Partner   and has access to a Google Ad Exchange Master account, meaning that the platform has access to some of the best, most high-quality advertisers. There aren't many other similar services on the internet that can hope to match the advertising reach of Monetizemore.

Bra kundservice:

Monetizemore's customer service is well-known for being top-notch. Representatives and helpful and responsive to client needs.

Även om tjänsten har många fördelar finns det några nackdelar:

Krav på höga inträde:

Getting access to Monetizemore's services has a minimum traffic requirement of 500,000 monthly visitors, which is a huge number that's out of reach for a lot of publishers. Additionally, Monetizemore staff does manual reviews for websites, looking for any tiny detail that might clash with their desired brand image.

Dåligt rapporteringssystem:

Monetizemore's statistics reporting still needs a little bit of work. Certain publishers have access to automatic reporting, which is good, but for a lot of users, they have to manually search for whatever relevant statistics they're looking for.

Problem med servicenivå:

Monetizemore offers 4 separate tiers of service; starter, professional, premium, and enterprise. Each gets you some degree of service, but you'll end up having to pay a lot more for highly individualized service. For instance, you can only receive personal account management by Monetizemore staff if you have a premium account or above.

Vilka är för- och nackdelarna med Evadav?

Evadav is a service that connects online publishers with advertisers that places a special emphasis on aggressive brand promotion through the use of push notifications. It's designed to service publishers on the smaller side, with a minimum traffic requirement of only 100 daily visitors.

Dess specifika reklammodell syftar till att maximera omvandlingar så att besökare är benägna att kolla in en annonsörs erbjudanden, vilket i slutändan kommer att resultera i större utgivares intäkter.

Here are the pros of using Evadav:


Evadav is a very easy to use and beginner-optimized advertising platform. You only need 100 monthly visitors to a domain in order to access Evadav's advertising tools, which is easily attainable. They also have minimum payouts of $25, so you can realistically receive payments often even if your website isn't the busiest.

Liten förlagsvänlig:

In many ways, Evadav is designed to service online publishers with a smaller audience than most. This makes it a great choice for domains that have more niche content that would respond better to very specific kinds of advertising.

Bra säkerhet:

All advertisement come directly from Evadav's domain rather than being directly embedded into a website's files, meaning that there's little risk that a rogue advertiser or visitor could cause damage to your website or gain access to your personal information.

Here are the cons of using Evadav:

Enda anmärkning:

Evadav's greatest strength is the use of pop-up notifications, but it also happens to be its only real strategy. It doesn't really have another ace up its sleeve, which can be an issue in situations where pop-ups don't work well.

Icke-transparent trafik:

Not all advertisers Evadav has access to are appropriate for all websites. It's not always the case, but many users have experienced ads on their websites that don't match the websites' content very well, causing profitability issues.

Svagt stöd:

Most likely due to understaffing, Evadav's customer service history is less than stellar. Long wait times, non-responsiveness, and unsatisfactory solutions aren't uncommon.

Vilken av de två är bättre övergripande?

I en monetizemore vs Evadav -tävling är det ganska säkert att säga att Monetizemore vinner ut.

I nästan vilken kategori som helst har monetizemore en fördel; Sammantaget ger det några av de bästa annonsörerna, kundsupporten, tekniken, säkerheten och hjälpen som finns idag.

Evadav has its own advantages, but it's only really an optimal choice for very small publishers just starting out; for any other domain owner, there are definitely better options out there.

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