47 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips

Starting a new venture in the digital world to grow your own digital wings is never easy. However, some tricks can help. We asked experts the following question: What is the one tip that you wish you had known before you started in digital marketing, and why would it have helped you to grow faster ? Some of these expert answers might inspire you, and help you get a headstart on your digital marketing journey. Have we missed any? Which is your favourite? Let us know in comment!
47 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips
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“Show, don’t tell.”

It's really easy to get caught up in thinking everything your brand does is amazing and you need 1,000 words to talk about it. Less is more. The old storytelling adage of “show, don’t tell” is as relevant today as ever, especially as video content has skyrocketed in popularity. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to get outside of your sphere, so it’s ideal to get help with content, social media, and copywriting. That way, you can let your story shine without overthinking and overwhelming yourself and your audience.

Know the importance of focusing on the user experience

It’s no surprise that users spend more time on sites that are responsive and stable. Making sure that your website fits these criteria is a great way to keep users more engaged and on your site for longer.

Marketing is a numbers game - playing those is the core of any successful marketing campaign

Marketing is a numbers game in a couple of different respects, and playing those numbers is the core of any successful marketing campaign.

First, activating customers rarely happens on the first, second, third, or tenth exposure to your campaign. Repeated exposures are absolutely key, meaning that you should be sustaining your efforts and putting out on multiple platforms.

Second, digital marketing makes it easier than ever to try different approaches for different demographics, and to frequently tweak your ads based on feedback Taking advantage of this flexibility and data are essential.

It is crucial to understand the buyer’s journey

The one tip I wish I knew before I started working with digital marketing is that it is crucial to understand the buyer’s journey and what you need to convey to consumers at all stages of the transaction. In this day and age, consumer choices are endless so your brand must take the time to make their digital mark and attract new consumer attention. In addition, tracking consumer behavior on both your website and social media channels will give you a better idea of how to produce relevant consumer touchpoints throughout the buyer's journey. This data will help you tailor your digital marketing strategy to those potential consumers.

Taking the time to understand all stages of the consumer journey will perpetuate stronger digital strategies and results for your business.

Understanding your audience is everything

You simply won’t have success in your digital marketing efforts if you don’t understand the people you are trying to connect with. More than just knowing their demographics, you want to know what kind of language and imagery appeals to them, what social media platforms they prefer and at what time of day they are most active, and what they are ultimately looking to get out of a relationship with your company. Once you start to understand these things, you will be able to connect with your target audience much better and your success levels will be more consistent.

Leverage your social media for free marketing

We tried to overcomplicate the social media side of marketing at first and when it got to be too much to handle, we decided to scrap our original plans and keep it simple. We mainly use Instagram and our page is comprised almost entirely of customer submitted photos of our products in action. Simple, highly effective marketing and we only have to manage the page. You can definitely get caught up in thinking that your marketing plan has to be extensive and complicated. It does not. Sometimes simple really is best.

It's essential to use the correct strategies for the correct purposes

Digital marketing is a broad term that covers a lot of different marketing strategies, and it's essential to use the correct strategies for the correct purposes. Social media can be a good way to build brand recognition and activate loyal customers. Traditional ad buys are all about getting exposure to new markets. SMS and Email marketing are best used on established customers as a way to reward their loyalty and activate them for major sale events. There is no single unified digital marketing theory.

Your website is your first impression, so design it accordingly

Your website is your first impression for many, if not all, of your new customers, so design it accordingly. Most businesses today are completely on board with top notch website design, but there are still some that feel like it isn't as necessary. It's necessary. It's very necessary. The old adage of you never get a second chance to make a first impression still holds true, whether that impression is made online or in person. Treat your website the same as you would the physical building of your company and strive to always start out on the best foot possible with your potential customers.

Design your website for mobile use well

I wish I had realized how important it is to design your website for mobile use well. The majority of people who come across your website from social media links or online ads will be using their phone, so you have to cater to that. If the website isn’t equipped for mobile view well, that is an immediate turn off for potential customers - and even your best digital marketing efforts will fail.

Find the sites your target audience likes to visit and get their attention there

Identifying websites to advertise on is one key aspect of a good digital marketing strategy. While it can be tempting to stick to mainstream options like Google and major social media platforms, a lot of the value of digital marketing comes from finding the sites your target audience likes to visit and getting their attention there. Market research is key to this approach.

You want to know your customers and their habits in order to reach them with your marketing.

You Have To Write With Confidence

One thing I wish I had known before I started in digital markting is that you have to write with confidence. You can put together all of the articles and blog posts in the world, and they can be well-written and factual and whatnot, but if you don't write with confidence and authority you'll have a difficult time getting people to actually believe what you're saying. The Internet is so rife with content that doesn't exude confidence, and because there's so much of that, it basically falls on deaf ears. This tip had I known it when I frist started out would have helped me grow faster because I wouldn't have wasted so much time expeting good results from content that was bland, had little emphasis, and basically was written in a voice with no authority.

Make sure you’re posting regularly

One of the major pieces of digital marketing is maintaining a social media presence. Even if you only engage through one platform, keep that platform updated and active. You can make sure you’re posting regularly by scheduling your posts in advance– saving you time and energy while still engaging customers online.

Don’t sit around and wait for trends to change. Instead, anticipate trends, try to be unique in working outside of current trends, and just try to do things a little differently.

When I first started, we were always reacting to trends and doing whatever everyone else was doing. Instead, be innovative and get ahead of upcoming trends.

Learn and utilize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to getting found through Internet searches.

It allows you to expand your reach to new audiences and bring them to your website in order to make conversions. To make your SEO successful, you want to start by finding out what people in your industry are searching for, then creating valuable content that answers these search questions.

You can learn a lot of valuable information by researching your competitors

Especially if you are starting completely from scratch, looking at what strategies your competitors put in place can help give you a general idea of where to begin. You can look at where they are marketing, what kind of language they are using, and what seems to work well for them. Then, figure out ways to be even better.

Starting with the user is crucial

Starting with the user is crucial, since you have to start a conversation for them to even consider your product. Most think that coming up with an ideal customer profile and setting up some filters on FB ads will do the trick. To really drive results, you have to understand and feel the various users' pain points and build something just for them. Learning how they talk about the product, what phrases they use, and how they describe it goes a long way in connecting with millions that share similar needs.

Consistency is key because it helps with branding

When you implement new campaigns and strategies throughout a variety of channels, it’s easy for them to start lacking consistency in things like tone, color, message, and overall appearance. People will start to see all of these different marketing efforts and become confused about what your company is actually all about - or they may not even make the connection to your company.

Mobile SEO

It's important for Digital Marketing to not only focus on the desktop experience but also think about how customers will find them in search results when they're on the go and browsing through their phone screens. Mobile optimization is more than just responsive design; Google uses screen size as one of many signals to rank pages higher in search results. Make sure your website looks great no matter what device someone is viewing it on by making sure there's enough.

As a startup, you need to keep your costs low and lean, but that doesn't mean you should neglect digital marketing strategy. In fact, it's essential for new companies to understand how they can use Mobile SEO to better connect with their customers.

Investigate and fully understand what tools are available for you

Having a powerhouse team or a brilliant marketing strategy is NOT enough for you to survive the cutthroat digital marketing industry. You also need to know what tools and software to utilize to help your business drive forward.

Although you have thousands of options to choose from top-notch digital marketing tools that offer incredible benefits, you have to know what fits your brand, strategy, and, most importantly, budget.

Whether it’s SEO tools, social media marketing, graphic creation, web engagement, or email marketing tools – don’t be afraid to explore and try different platforms. With the right tools, you will be able to make more informed decisions, streamline your process, reduce laborious tasks, save a lot of time and money while getting high returns on investments. So make sure to make the most out of it to unlock your success in digital marketing..

Design Goes A Long Way

Work on your website design. You may think that you only have to reach out to the target market and make your product or service known but that's not enough. It won't really help if your website is not impressive or organized, at least. Customers trust your business more when they see that your pages are professional and appealing to the eyes.

It's important to remember that your website design helps show your authenticity. It will be their first impression of you so you have to present your best. It would have helped me to grow faster because more customers would check out the website. They would be more inclined to proceed with their purchases because everything in the website is organized.

A good design can go a long way. It's something to be prioritized, especially if you are still starting. Remember that first impressions are good and so are the next ones. Work on your design so that your customers will be impressed. Please let me know if you decide to feature my submission because I'd love to read the final article. Hope this was useful and thanks for the opportunity.

Use video in my social media posts.

Almost every social media site and environment have changed dramatically in the last year. In the year 2021, social media marketing was on the rise. Video-based social media marketing is mostly responsible for this.

Consumers are becoming more engaged with image-based and video-based content.

Videos are expected to be the most popular form of social media content in 2021 because of apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels, which debuted in 2020. But we are a little late to realize that.

But after we adopted video marketing, it helped us at generating more leads than static articles. We have used interactive components to our marketing films to take it a step further.

Make your website mobile friendly

I've noticed that in the last few years, most of Internet users use smartphone to access websites. This means that your website business, needs to be prepared for that surged. And I've also seen many customers said they would not buy from a brand again if their website isn't optimize for mobile and or poor mobile experience. Have your website optimize for mobile? If not, you'd better make it mobile friendly or say goodbye to most of your returning customer and chances to have loyal ones.

To please your mobile audience, you'll need to make your website mobile-friendly. A mobile responsive website will reformat its content in order to display neatly on mobile devices, meaning your visitors can spend less time squinting and more time clicking and buying. So make sure your web designer create mobile responsive webpages.

You must invest in digital advertising

I understand that there are numerous ways for digital marketing to be effective, but investing in digital advertising is a requirement because it is simply a strategy for attracting relevant visitors and converting leads. Digital ads can take the shape of Google ads, YouTube adverts, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Putting money into a move like this is a good idea, but money is involved in making it happen. Do not think of the money invested in this decision since I am certain that it will yield a double return. Employ a marketing decision that will help the company in the long run.

Subscribe to Ahrefs

A cutting-edge, user-friendly platform containing several search engine optimization (SEO) tools. The platform includes features for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits, all of which help businesses rank higher on Google. For just over $100 per month, businesses can gain actionable insights that will help them take their website’s SEO to the next level. The Ahrefs subscription is one of the best investments I have ever made for my business.

Local PPC is all about being as locally relevant as possible

When I decided to dive in and invest in digital marketing, I first focused on PPC advertising, but never paid attention to boosting it locally. And the moment I realize that there's a huge opportunity that I've been missing all along in local PPC, I suddenly heard myself saying I wish I've known it before. Local PPC is all about being as locally relevant as possible - the more local, the better. When I focused on narrowing the scope of my ads specifically to cities, I got a drastic increase in my quality scores. My click-through rate and conversion rate have skyrocketed as well. The key here is creating a campaign in every city that you're already making profits from. Then have specific keywords in each of your ad groups that are specifically tailored in each city. When you aim to be as relevant in the neighborhood, you'll be guaranteed to have ads that converts well. And you'll never waste your time and money again advertising to the wrong audiences.

Make sure that your website is visually pleasing and easy to navigate

Remember that people's attention spans online are very short, so anything on your website that seems like too much trouble to deal with could easily make people want to click out of your website altogether. This could result from situations such as when your web pages are loading too slowly or your website is too crowded with text. Definitely focus on the user experience when putting together your website.

Make sure your blog has a clear focus

It would have helped me grow faster if the content I created always reflected what I wanted the site to be known for.

My oldest and most popular articles are on topics I felt like writing about. They are loosely related to my main focus and talk to my target audience but they slightly miss the mark. Since the content is not directly related to my primary focus, those readers rarely convert. The content needs to help push people towards your lead magnet and eventually to your primary goal.

Even if the content is interesting to the same people, if it isn't on a subject you want to be known for it won't help you convert visitors. You need to establish trust and authority with your audience by providing content focused on a specific area of expertise.

Social media is a very useful platform in marketing

I was a business owner of t-shirt printing. I started marketing my business by posting my business services outside our home through tarpaulin. Before I came to the digital world I wish I had already an idea about optimizing social media as a marketing platform. Social media is a very useful platform in marketing. In my case, it creates a vast range of the population to introduce my business.

The way I market my business in the digital world is by creating visual content. Visual content can be done by creating a slogan that is in line with the current trends. Another is by creating blogs. It can be a short clip that contains the service offered by your business. It can be in a way that gives entertainment to the customers and more importantly, it must be friendly for all and not limited only for a certain age.

Also, you can have a collaboration with content creators that you can reach to advertise your product/services. There are content creators in social media who are very efficient in advertising. This strategy in marketing in the digital world gives an avenue to increase the revenue of my business and bring an opportunity to introduce my business to large and new kinds of individuals.

The secret to a successful digital marketing plan is to work smart

It would help if you worked on the most critical activities regularly. It's pointless to spend hours upon hours on activities that aren't relevant to the goal. It's something I realised early on in my career. As a result, remember to evaluate your development and growth regularly, and don't be afraid to change things up if you see the potential for improvement.”

Selling products should not be your primary goal

A high-quality website is one of the most crucial things to compete in the digital era. It should have a speed and eye-catching design as well. Make sure you are paying close attention to its security. Selling products should not be your primary goal. You must keep your website informative and capable of being optimized in both mobile and PC.

People are hooked online wherever they are

Digital marketing is vital in today’s business as this boosts brand awareness, moves the audience to engage, and increases sales. Investing in mobile marketing is a great way to grow my business. People are hooked online wherever they are. Thus, creating a mobile-friendly website and developing mobile apps helped in increasing user experience.

Invest in Pay-Per-Click and SEO combinations

Digital marketing delivers advertising, targeting, and communicating for businesses to achieve visibility among audiences. That's why it's crucial to bring something new to the table. Everyone must stay connected and updated with their digital marketing for a possible and successful outcome.

As a business owner, I wish that I was able to invest in Pay-Per-Click and SEO combinations before. Even though it was a long process and complicated in starting digital marketing, those provide a money-back guarantee and impressive results in the long run. Also, PPC and SEO work together to optimize search engines for effortless targeting niches and driving traffic that helped me grow faster. That's why never look down on what the changes will bring to you. Try to elevate your expectations. You may not know that this digital marketing combination may also work for you.

Understand Data

Return on investment (ROI) and campaign analytics are crucial for clients.

According to HubSpot, a developer and software marketer, 40% of marketers think establishing the return on investment of their marketing activity is their biggest issue. When sending reports and assessing campaigns, you must include analytics and data-driven conclusions.

Analytics underpins everything you do in digital marketing. Several marketing teams struggle to comprehend data and effectively measure initiatives. Analytics is critical to understanding success, why it happened, and how to duplicate it, whether you're a social media professional, a search marketer, or a PPC specialist. Knowing how to collect and evaluate data and develop conclusions and recommendations from it is critical.

You can even get certifications from online courses that you can use on your CV to show off your skills. Make as much use of analytics as feasible in your day-to-day decision-making and provide strong evidence of your work's effectiveness.

One of the best things about working as a data analyst is that you get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. When it comes to significant providers of big data analytics software, worldwide brands like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP are among the most well-known.

Do your research carefully

First, you need to know about your competitors, knowing what you're up against will help you differentiate your business online. This is super vital as being different means you'll stand out of the competition, which ultimately means your website will get more clicks than your enemies. When your new ideas pop up in your head, the very first thing is to do a quick research for your related services or products will reveal your competition, and most importantly, their weaknesses and the marketing tactics they're using.

You'll be able to see which service or products related phrasing, imagery and blog content your competitors are using, as well as other factors like the services, reputation and reviews they have online. Their reviews are also an asset, reading their reviews can help you understand partly about your potential customers. And ultimately, use this research to design your differentiators.

Know the importance of flexibility

Many people think that, when it comes to digital marketing, simply creating a marketing plan and sticking to it will get you good results “because it’s the internet and the reach is incredible”. However, this is certainly not the case. One aspect of the digital world is that it’s constantly changing. And with this change, consumers’ needs change too. As a result, you are required to be able to move with the change. Creating flexible digital marketing plans will help you to stay relevant and avoid falling into a marketing “rut”. You’ll remain at the top of your audience’s minds and therefore improve your success rates.

Optimization for mobile devices is essential

Mobile phones are becoming more popular among individuals, devoting increasingly more time to them each passing year. In light of the introduction of advanced technologies and smartphones to the market, they may serve as a significant point of contact between you and your clients. So one of the most influential digital marketing suggestions I can provide you right now is to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Even though Google launched mobile-first indexing back in 2017, it's past time for you to concentrate on creating clean websites that are simple to browse and make surfing easier for your clients on their smartphones and tablets.

Regardless of whether your website is an eCommerce platform or not, make sure it is optimized to perform flawlessly on various devices, particularly mobile phones.

*Digital Advertising Is Effective*

Whatever techniques you use in the contemporary period, it is critical to distinguish yourself in the digital arena. In exchange for a bit of increase in financial investment, you may consider running digital adverts on social networking sites, Google, and other websites, among other options. This may prove to be one of the most efficient strategies for allowing your small company to expand.

Done is better than perfect

Done is better than perfect' is one of the mantras that chants inside me every often. During our beginning years, there is always a tendency to bring out the perfect outcome at everything we do and no one's to blame here because a creative mind would never think otherwise!

But after some time, *taking too much time to do a task can make the othe works pending only to stress even more. So, setting up a target time and working towards achieving it can increase your thinking capacity as well as speed, which are something we need in the long run.

Know the importance of social media for such a wide variety of brands

Social media is an excellent tool to not only reach your audience with marketing content, but to frequently engage with them on your own channel or profile. In the beginning stages of our law firm, I saw social media as a means of marketing which was irrelevant to the legal industry (a mistake many other firms made too). When I eventually realized the potential that social media actually has for our industry too, I quickly made moves to get our firm into that digital space. Even if you don’t get a lot of followers specifically, social media gives your brand a lot of potential to reach a new audience. The marketing is extremely affordable and customizable, making it one of the best forms of marketing out there. Social media has been an important part of our firm’s digital marketing strategy for a very long time now, and it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

We, founders, must go with the trend and reach our customers

Most businesses used television, radio, publications, events, and direct mail to reach their target audience, but as consumers spend more time online, businesses are turning to digital platforms to attract potential buyers. We, founders, must go with the trend and reach our customers. I wish I should have known such important techniques on how to achieve a successful digital marketing strategy even for new businesses. I should have known that it is vital to choose the right tool to use along with the marketing strategy.

To operate successful campaigns, we need the correct digital marketing tools. We must also gain competence in their use and application in the appropriate setting. SEO, PPC, social media are some of those tools that we could use. You must know their purposes and apply them to make them cost-effective. SEO brings more organic traffic to our website, by targeting specific content that is commonly searched by customers. We could use PPC and make it cost-effective in terms of paying only the users when they have clicked the website and decided to convert. Lastly, social media has become one of the most powerful tools to see the trend and reach more customers.

Make sure you are penetrating the right platform and the right market

In my opinion, as a business person, marketing has been one of the significant aspects when starting a business. It aids in introducing the business to the general public. A good marketing strategy could lead to the high profitability of a firm. If a marketing strategy will not be effective, it could affect the overall performance of a business. Before conducting a marketing strategy, it is important to know first the market trends. Know their preferences and ensure to comply with them for better results. Nowadays, technology has become a great tool for promotions. Most people use technology for their everyday living. If businesses decide to utilize digital marketing, the one tip I would share with business owners and entrepreneurs is to make sure that they are penetrating the right platform and the right market. There are a variety of platforms on the internet. Once they determine which platforms suit the best for their enterprise, they will not encounter any problems from this. Maximize the use of digital marketing by meeting the satisfaction of these markets. In no time, they could see the outcome of their strategies. They could easily achieve their goals and objectives and run the business successfully.

Jump right into a specialization

When I took my very first steps into digital marketing, I believed I could manage every aspect of it. Therefore, I had the wrong belief that I could handle social media campaigns, website, SEO on-site and off-site, everything. I thought, erroneously, I could become a generalist specialist.

It seems an oxymoron, but I was so excited about digital marketing, its new tools, and its power. Then, I understood mission was unrealistic and impossible; and it was a waste of time and energy.

To give the best of me, I needed to focus on only a few aspects and specialize in a few roles.

I had to ponder what I was most passionate about and capable of, and that's when I chose my specialization. Obviously, had I had this greater clarity sooner, I wouldn't have wasted time toiling to learn everything about digital marketing, every little aspect, but I would have jumped right into my specialization.

Understand it completely first to ensure success

In today’s digital world, where everyone spends a lot of their time online and in front of different devices, as a business owner, I believe that a strong online presence is now more important than ever to business success and growth. And that is why businesses need to step up their digital marketing and design effective strategies. Because doing so will help them improve their visibility and reach and boost their credibility.

Before starting with digital marketing, you need to understand it completely first to ensure success. Many only see and think of digital marketing as social media and only focus on this aspect. But digital marketing entails a lot more, and social media is just one of its channels.

It also involves search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and many more. Doing digital marketing means you have to work on and take care of different things. And you have to know everything about it and its various channels if you want to succeed in it.

Create valuable content that provides real solutions to people's problems

People are more likely to share useful content than content that is purely promotional in nature.

The same goes for your products and services. To sell well, they need to address real pain points and needs very well. A good idea would be to specialize in one niche thing than to try and make a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

An example would be our own tool, Respona. It's an email outreach solution that's specifically tailored for link builders. It works well for other types of outreach but is especially loved amongst the link builder community.

Do not be afraid to take your own initiative from existing ideas

There is nothing wrong with taking an existing piece of content that somebody else has written or done elsewhere. The purpose of marketing is to bring in traffic and engage audiences, so just ensure that you enjoy what you do and write content that brings the best out of you; it'll show your best qualities when you're first starting out! Remember: you were hired because you stood out, so don't worry about not being good enough!

I'd also advise making sure you're clued up on the best practices, and there's no shame in turning to a helping hand in your team or an online source, such as the Ahrefs Academy.

Do the research

Research goes a long way. Before even starting your digital marketing journey, it pays to check out how your competition is doing, which strategies seem to be working for them, the mistakes they make, and so on.

Aside from this, you also need to pay close attention to what your potential customers are looking for and what makes them tick. By combining all this invaluable data, you'll finally have a roadmap that will see your efforts to fruition rather than blindly taking a shot in the dark.

A digital marketer should be analytically reasonable

With the world moving towards a more technological era, digital marketing is taking firm precedence over traditional methods. Every other individual tries to be a digital marketer and learn practices that help their content run loose on the internet.

Generally, a digital marketer has to deal with much insight information.

Use analytical planning and analysis - these are the main digital marketing tips. Since a digital marketer forms an online business marketing strategy based on competitor analysis, it is necessary to use analytics methods.

A digital marketer should understand the value of such insightful numbers, or else they will be wasting their money and efforts unnecessarily. A digital marketer should be analytically reasonable to succeed in the career.

Experiment with different mediums

Content is the most crucial part of any digital marketing campaign.

Without captivating and engaging content, keeping an audience hooked is difficult, to say the least. However, that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to only one medium. A healthy digital marketing strategy diversifies itself so that it can deliver impactful messages through blogs, images, videos, and sometimes even podcasts. By giving your audience a wider variety, they can pick and choose the ones that they're most drawn to.

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