45 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips

Starting a new venture in the digital world to grow your own digital wings is never easy. However, some tricks can help. We asked experts the following question: What is the one tip that you wish you had known before you started in digital marketing, and why would it have helped you to grow faster ? Some of these expert answers might inspire you, and help you get a headstart on your digital marketing journey. Have we missed any? Which is your favourite? Let us know in comment!
45 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips
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Maintain an online presence on social media platforms

Despite the fact that most small business owners understand the importance of social media, it is all too easy to overlook it when things get hectic. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of maintaining a social media presence is being realistic about the amount of time you have available. Customers will find it inconvenient if their social media profiles are outdated. If you have the time to manage one social media account, choose an appropriate platform for your organization and adhere to a posting schedule. It is possible to post memes with witty captions to increase your audience's engagement rate. Making use of memes demonstrates that you are up to date with current events and aware of your market and potential customers. After all, memes are viral at the moment.

It is critical to post regular, focused, and engaging content for your customers for them to begin to regard your company as an active and helpful source of information and knowledge.

It covers many aspects, not just content marketing and SEO, and each has its own learning curve

Understanding exactly what digital marketing is and what it includes would have helped me to grow faster because I would have realized that some aspects of it would push me out of my comfort zone.

For example, I’m comfortable with writing and staying out of the spotlight; had I known that social media (videos, live streaming, graphics, designs, and social post) was such a big deal I’d have been more prepared.

Those are all things I’m bad at, but now I have to step out of my comfort zone and learn how to do them.

The key thing that I have learnt is that I shouldn’t try to take on all the elements of digital marketing, instead, it’s best to find a specific area that I can confidently and efficiently do and focus on that.

The other areas can be outsourced while I learn them at my own pace..

Combine SEO with Content Marketing

Digital marketing tips are sure to include SEO tips. Because quality SEO work will bring your product to the top positions in search engine results. That is, if you carry out a full-fledged work, then Google will see your web resource in the first place. And if a search engine sees it, then potential buyers or customers will also notice it.

Earlier SEO was all about stuffing multiple keywords, and your website used to rank on top of Google. But now, the scenarios have changed.

Collaborating SEO with content marketing helped us in reaching new heights.

It is a very effective technique for driving traffic to your website and enhancing your visibility in search results.

Follow the strategy of 'MOVE' content to seek better results.

  • More content: To stay ahead of the competition, regularly publish more and better content. There should be a perfect blend of quantity and quality in your content.
  • Original content: Content can be in any form images, text, videos or audio. To grab the visitors' attention and increase conversion rates, it needs to be unique, fresh and authentic.
  • Valuable content: Content is the king. It needs to be informative, engaging and compassionate. By reading it, the users must feel that it answers all their problems. Valuable content gets permanent clients.
  • Efficient content: Efficient enough to cater to the needs of the clients and customers, which leads to the generation of your higher ROIs.

Focus on nurturing the leads

During my early days as a digital marketer, I realized its importance and how segmenting lead lists play a vital role. When there is a big database with hundreds of leads, it is crucial to take the time to segment them into parts and focus on the key groups. These groups are the ones that a digital marketer needs to focus on as they have a better chance of getting closed.

This approach also helps to improve and personalize the type of communication that you want to conduct with each of the segments. If there are five relevant groups/segments, a digital marketer can personalize their communication channels and content as per the requirement of that particular segment. So, taking the time to nurture and develop those leads when there is a big database.

Dynamic Pricing - Instagram Marketing

1. Dynamic Pricing:

You can refer to it as personalized pricing. Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy wherein a product price is determined by the demand or supply of the particular product. The best example of dynamic pricing is a ride-sharing or a taxi booking app. When you need a taxi and can’t find any taxi near your location, you will see a higher price of the taxi or pricing without a discount. Or you can see a higher taxi fare during holidays or in a festival session. Customers can easily benefit from the dynamic pricing when the product demand is down. For example, sometimes you can see a hotel room pricing very down compared to their regular pricing.. But when it comes to vacation or a festival session, you can see the exact hotel price is 2x or 3x.

2. Instagram Marketing:

Did you know there are 500 million daily active users Instagram has? And Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users. As per research and report, 65% of Instagram users check their Instagram feed for online shopping to discover new brands. This means if you're not using Instagram in your marketing strategy, then you're missing a ton of sales opportunities. For Example, Monday Swimwear is a brand who's selling bikinis. They are selling on Instagram and also using an influencer to skyrocket their sales. Cara Jourdan has 365K Instagram followers. Once she had tagged Monday Swimwear in her post, her followers learned about this brand and visited their brand page to follow Monday Swimwear and started purchasing from an Instagram business page. You can easily create your Instagram business page and embed an Instagram anywhere in your website to force your website visitors to follow your Instagram business page.

Online reputation demands consistency - Make your profile hassle-free - Give priority to quality over quantity

Online reputation demands consistency

Building an amazing profile and then leaving it alone will not work. You will have to stick to it and stay regular with your posting schedules. The algorithms won’t support you if you are irregular with your content.

Make your profile hassle-free

When a customer visit your page, they shouldn’t struggle with anything. Keep your contact details easily available for them, right on your profile.

Give priority to quality over quantity

We have heard this on numerous occasions and it applies here as well. Don’t believe in spamming your profile with loads of posts. You can post only thrice a week but post stuff that people would come back to. ‘Save it for later posts usually gain momentum quickly.

Video content is driving the media world today

- Don’t limit your website to one device. Make sure all your online profiles are adaptable to different devices. You never know from where your customer is viewing you and hence, you should be at your best performance for all of them. Design your websites in a way that they can be compatible with multiple types of devices.

- One of the strongest points of digital marketing is the collaborations that it can cater to. Businesses can pair up with influencers for a broader reach and increase their popularity. It is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing in today’s market. It will also tremendously boost your sales.

- Video content is driving the media world today. Try checking it out with Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

Do more research about the industry before starting

It's a tough field, and it's easy to get caught up in the hype and lose sight of the reality. I would have looked at the different companies in the industry and asked myself what made them successful. I would have looked at their strategy, their marketing, their campaigns, and their content. I would have also looked at their employees and their backgrounds. I would have asked myself what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I would have also looked at the different types of digital marketing.

Be consistent with offerings

One fantastic way to add value to a customer loyalty program is to be consistent with your offerings. Brands typically feature themselves as consistent, but most of them fail when it comes to proving it.

Brands like Apple, Nike, Marvel, and Harley Davidson are running successful loyalty programs, and the one primary reason is they are consistent.

For example: In recent years, Marvel has released many movies. They did not shy away from releasing their films on OTT platforms. Similarly, Apple launched a new iPhone at regular intervals of time.

For the loyal community and fans, upcoming products and offerings are essential. It makes them feel that they are part of the brand that creates value consistently.

Ask for mutual collaboration

1) Every website has a Domain Authority (DA), which is generally an indicator of the relevance of the website for its subject area. The higher the DA, the better placed your website is. When you write a post on your website, contact other websites who have written content on similar topics as yours, and have the same DA range as your website. Ask them for mutual collaboration wherein you give a backlink to each other by placing a reference in each other's content post. This will seem like a natural link building effort to Google and also benefit you both. Also, it is easier to convert similar DA websites, than the websites with a large DA.

2) When you do a guest post, try to get a backlink in the main content rather than in the footer. The link in the main content is considered more useful by Google and given a higher weightage. Also try to guest post on websites which have content on similar topics as your own website to establish a relevance for the incoming link(s).

3) When you request for a guest post, always do a research of the target website, and suggest some potential interesting topics to them. Make it easier for them so that they are more keen to accept you, and thus provide a quality backlink.

Focus on Video Marketing

Video content will be the most engaging form of social media content. So it become essential to focus on video marketing strategy. Shortly, it will dominate social media, and the people who don't realize that will have a tough time. Engaging short forms of video like stories, reels, TikTok, etc will be the preferred choice of viewers. The good thing about these short videos is that anyone can put together a quick video with 5G and better mobile data plans, video streaming has become easier than ever.

Almost all content can, and indeed should, be repurposed

There is no need to be creating something completely original all the time, and almost everything can be used in many ways. Realising this sooner would have meant spending a lot less time and money on content creation and being able to devote more time to strategy at a far earlier stage.

Now with experience, I will plan new content with repurposing already in mind, so we know in advance how it will be able to be cut up and reused. It saves a huge amount of time and resources and allows us to improve our reach by creating meaningful content across multiple channels in one go. We now don’t only repurpose content that we have created but will also reuse content created elsewhere in the business. For example, taking a department presentation or a piece of customer feedback to use as a basis, rather than starting from scratch.

Social Media Sentiment

While promoting a specific product or raising brand awareness, influencer marketing has long been the go-to strategy. That began to change a few years ago and reached its peak at the end of 2021. Sentiment analysis will be a game-changer in 2022. Many tools provide this feature, and the demand for sentiment analysis will only increase in the future. NLP, which stands for Natural Language Processing, is the foundation of sentiment analysis.

The process entails AI learning the intricacies of human communication and determining whether an online statement is positive, negative, or neutral.

Focus more on the people and not only on the numbers

There was a time when I used to think that analyzing more numbers was the secret to digital marketing. I consumed time on analytics, strategies, and other metrics that confused me more than helped me. I completely changed my focus when I started worrying about the people (clients) and their problems. Once you understand their worries, you can solve them with the right campaign.

Making the most of quick campaigns and passing trends

It’s great to have a long-term digital strategy in place, and it’s even better to stick to this strategy and ensure that it plays out just the way you want it. But what’s really crucial is to keep looking out for quick campaigns and passing trends that prove to be marketing bonanzas. These opportunities may be sporadic. And marketing teams may not even have the time to implement an effective campaign strategy that they’re confident in.

But with these campaigns, what is crucial is to get into action as swiftly as possible and pitch for quick wins at every chance you get.

Leveraging your buyer’s journey to generate more leads

When you connect with a potential buyer while marketing a product or service, you open up a channel of communication that enables you to explore further marketing options. In connecting with buyers early in their journey, you stand a better chance of influencing their decision. Every marketing influence needs to be constantly delivered to a buyer to help them prioritize your brand. An early entry into the buyer’s journey also helps grab their attention before the competition.

Tweaking your strategy to ensure it stays relevant

One mistake we tend to make when driving our digital marketing strategy is failing to introduce constant tweaks and changes to ensure it stays relevant. The digital marketing sphere experiences continuous innovation and rapid changes. Therefore, it is essential that your own strategy matches this evolution and changes direction or pace accordingly. Often, our single-minded commitment to making our initial digital blueprint work prevents us from keeping a check on its relevance with the changing digital environment outside.

It’s important to be flexible to achieve success

Of course, you need a structured plan that provides a clear framework for implementing your marketing strategy and tactics. Then everyone knows what they are responsible for, which allows you to track and measure actionable items.

But digital marketing landscape is constantly changing due to shifting expectations, trends, and technology. You need to stay on top of those changes and prepare for any shift in your audiences’ favorite channels.

Then you’ll be able to produce content relevant to your audience.

Your structured digital marketing plan offers a strong foundation from which you can adapt your tactics as necessary without losing your focus.

You should always spend time researching your target audience to learn about the channels they use and the topics they enjoy. You should also use analytics tools to notice trends or tactics that may not be working and predict changes. This data will guide your updates to digital marketing strategy and help you achieve your marketing objectives faster without overspending.

Learn the art of copywriting immediately

*#1: Learn the art of copywriting immediately to increase the sales conversion rate significantly.*

If you don’t want to invest time, effort, and resources in implementing an SEO strategy, then you can still use the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising alternatively. All you have to do is to learn the art of copywriting immediately. Then you need to implement copywriting concepts in your sales copy efficiently and effectively.

Based on research, the average sales conversion rate for products in an e-commerce website is 3% only.

Using the art of copywriting, you can increase the sales conversion rate to as much as 5% instantly. In case you haven’t noticed, a 2% jump in the sales conversion rate can increase your e-commerce sales by as much as 66.67% surprisingly. In this way, you can invest your money wisely by creating paid ads with a good sales copy and running them on FB ads or Google ads regularly due to high profitability.

*#2: Choose products that have a high margin of profit frequently.*

You need to choose products that have a high margin of profit frequently if you want to increase the Return On Ads Spend (ROAS) significantly. Even if sales conversion is high interestingly but your margin of profit is low considerably, then you’ll end up operating at a loss consequently. You should aim for at least 200% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) accordingly.

What does the data say?

There's so much data, reports, tools out there that any strategic decision you make should be grounded in data. Any testing you do should have some foundation that isn't based on assumptions. So go out there and source the data from your own dashboards or from the wealth of information out there on the internet. Double-check it and roll out your campaigns with a bang. You'll see better ROI and gain insightful data to optimise from the get-go. This approach with impress your stakeholders and make you a better marketer.

Know about the power of awareness without direct referrals

Pre-starting to launch our website Money Lucid, I wish I had known about the power of awareness without direct referrals. I insisted that a lot of our focus went on SEO and digital banners that linked directly to our website and generated traffic and while this worked to an extent - I have found since that being in other digital marketing content e.g. TikTok videos, has meant more people found our website even though they couldn't click straight through.

Awareness is really powerful in digital marketing, as long as your website can still be found with a Google Search and now we are working to increase this - ensuring that people looking for financial advice can find us in different ways.

Digital marketing is competitive

Although it can be lucrative, you have to ensure that what you're doing is the best quality and value compared to the rest of the market. If you don't do this, your work will be lost in the internet barrage of white noise that occurs daily on social media. As with many things in life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Choosing the right tools and technology can differentiate between being a successful, high-performing marketer and always coming up short of your goals. Beginning in digital marketing can be very rewarding and exciting, but it can also be intimidating. I would have to say that one of the most important tips I could ever share is to believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to gain skills and knowledge through research and experience. Role models are great; there are so many of them out there for us to learn from. The best model you will find, however, is inside yourself!

Before you begin, start small! Before becoming a good digital marketer, there is a steep learning curve. Start by understanding as much as you can about social media marketing. Then, get to work. Pick one social media platform and focus on it for a few months. Use your time to perfect the platform before moving on to another. This technique helps me a lot.

Optimize before you dive in

The biggest benefit of digital marketing is improving your SEO rankings.

However, even if you have the strongest digital marketing plan, you won’t make a dent if your website isn’t optimized. Make sure your sitemap has been uploaded on Google Search Console so google knows you exist. Update your Page Titles to share exactly what you want them to populate for.

Double-check that your website is mobile friendly. Once you have a foundation, you can dive into marketing.

Try Free before a Spending Spree

You’ll quickly find that digital marketing has an exorbitant amount of options. Before you look into spending money on social ads or an adobe subscription, check out some free options. Starting with less risk allows you to experiment with your tone, content, and channels. What schedule works best for your company? What content resonates with your customers?

Which channels are you getting the most engagement? Once you have those answers, you can put some money behind what’s working best for you.

Focus on SEO

You could have excellent content, but without coming up with strategic ways to make people find it, you will likely not get enough engagement or conversions. Incorporate strong keywords into your content while keeping your target audience in mind. Continue to do keyword research and to follow the most current keyword trends. Doing so will allow more people to discover your website and all that your business has to offer.

A planned strategy provides a solid base from which to change as needed without losing focus. Your marketing campaign's success goes beyond the strategy you use. To measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, periodically analyze your company's performance and understand where it is headed. Digital marketing has no beginning or conclusion. You can continue your efforts and explore new possibilities. But unlike PPC or social media campaigns, your digital marketing activities have no start and finish dates. Online business promotion is limitless. Flexible marketing analytics separates important, relevant data from irrelevant data that might lead your efforts wrong. Marketers can't ignore past data totally.

Corporate adaptability to market needs can lead to success. Small firms have an edge over large corporations in this sense, where entrenched systems and procedures, many decision-makers, and longer feedback loops can limit corporate flexibility.

Keep learning and always be open minded

New strategies and ideas are constantly being formed in this industry, and it is so important to understand how and why they can help your company grow. A manager once told me, “You will never know it all,” and that resonated with me to always push myself to do more. The more you study the industry, the more ahead of the game you will be. Digital marketing is a very competitive field, and those that aren’t thinking outside of the box are the ones that will get lost in the crowd.

Those working in digital marketing need to be proactive self-starters and quick on their feet when changes in the market occur. In a field that relies heavily on creativity and hard work, learning how to get ahead of your competition and studying how to bounce back from obstacles is crucial to stay afloat in the digital marketing industry.

Don’t overwhelm readers with information

Your content marketing strategy can include educational tools, but you should consider a variety of mediums so that people aren’t always bogged down with words: think about audio clips, videos, and even podcasts or longer form video series. You don’t want to silo yourself into only writing how-to guides; think about unique ways to show your expertise and share moments with your audience off the page.

Personalization is important for any digital marketing campaign, especially email marketing

Customers want to customized and original content that resonates with them. You may be suggesting similar products, using customer's name, or sending customized deals, it can attract them. Using conversational tones whenever possible can make your message feel human-like. You can also think about using chat features to give your customers a personal experience. These changes can help your brand gain more popularity and build trust among the people.

Benefits of Facebook and Instagram for B2C can not be said for B2B

At the very beginning of my career, I knew that there’s no such thing as an overnight success, however, I read a lot of success stories focusing on the power of social media and thought it would work for everyone.

Although B2C companies with cheap products can easily reap the benefits of Facebook and Instagram advertising, the same can not be said for B2B companies, especially in the SaaS field.

Luckily, I quickly saw the results and shifted to a different marketing strategy.

Invest time and money into personal and professional development, as it makes a huge difference

New entrepreneurs can be tempted to only do actions that lead directly to an immediate profit, but exponential growth happens from investing in yourself. Hiring a coach, taking courses, and/or reading books to help you work on your mindset is something that really accelerated our growth!

You will receive more NO's than you will YES's, but do not get discouraged when this is the case

Personally, I'm very results-driven, so sending hundreds of emails pitching content and not seeing immediate link placements was a bit discouraging at first.

It would have helped me grow faster to know not to give up or immediately assume that the content piece was a bust, but rather continue to follow up with publications and refine my pitching strategy. Green Flag Digital still sees organic link placements come in from content pieces posted almost a year ago. It's a game of patience!

Optimize website for mobile-first browsing

I’ve started my digital marketing efforts decades ago and I’ve managed to get good results.. But there’s one thing I missed to do, getting my site optimized for mobile browsing at the very start. Which for me, would have given me 50% more results than what I got. In one of my eCommerce sites, I’ve done almost all kinds of optimization. From SEO, social media, email marketing up to digital advertising, I’ve done them all. But I never gave emphasis to creating a mobile-friendly website. Mobile-first designs will make your site more readable on smaller screens, like a smartphone or a tablet. And since most people are now using portable devices and are using their phones to find anything that they need, a mobile-first website will be the perfect marketing strategy that can drive more revenue to a business.

What matters now is for businesses to let their users get good and relevant results every time they search for something, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or phone. And a mobile-first website is perfectly up for this.

Start creating a structure and plan everything

If you want to be successful with your digital marketing efforts, start creating a structure inside and plan everything. Nothing beats a good plan and a great marketing team that helps you put ideas into action. In order to stand out against the competition, you have to be observant, creative, and consistent with your strategy. Keeping your goals in mind will help keep you on track. Focus your SEO efforts on having an updated and searchable website. To achieve this, optimize it, build high-quality backlinks, and utilize paid ad campaigns. They should be connected to your website to generate leads and sign-ups.

On the other hand, social media marketing requires you to stay in your niche and know your target audience. Conduct keyword and hashtag research to check the kind of content that is needed and study the algorithm of each platform. It is also crucial to utilize unique features (e.g Instagram reels) because some platforms prioritize this to be first on the feed.

Don’t forget the power of video marketing as it is the content that is consumed the most today.

Make sure you prepare separate content for every step of the buyer's journey

This means that you prepare information content for the top of the funnel, promotional content that proves you are an industry expert when your customer is debating a purchase from you and content that problem-solves following that.

*Include very few elements on your webpages.*

Every element needs to have a purpose, cut down on elements that simply exist to look good. This simplifies your page, cuts down on the noise and makes sure that your customer doesn't miss out on important information and CTAs.

Learn to interpret data

Successful digital marketing is all about making decisions based on data you gather through different channels. Learning how to interpret and act based on the information you collect about your audience is what will make or break your strategy. However, you should know that learning to use a platform is just part of data analytics because this is an extensive field.

For that reason, you need to tailor your skills and specialize in what would make sense for your business or career goals.

Analyze your heat maps carefully

Analyze your heat maps carefully to look at what users are doing on your website and use this to choose which resources/pages you want to focus on.

AdWords scripts will help you do this, choose which metrics you want to measure and create a Google spreadsheet that records this data over time. You can be really dedicated to this by looking at the metrics at different points during the day, every day. Do this and you will notice a pattern- and when you do, focus on the pages that are doing well so that you can place CTAs on them, as well as contextual links that will take them to less popular but equally valuable pages on your website.

Invest in website design

To make your business grow faster there is no other option than to make your website more responsive and attract more crowds. Today's modern workplace demands more online activities than ever. Consider focusing on your website design more. Companies and groups are growing their business immensely with this trend for consecutively several years. It is the face of your company.

It is very much possible to make a stand-out design at an affordable rate.

Even if your company or business is not online-based or selling any products online, consumers demand that you have a good online presence and they would compare with your competitors based on your online presence.

Optimizing social media channels

Facebook has 2.7 billion and Instagram has 1 billion users worldwide. And many groups and businesses were concerned about these huge advertising platforms even when the trend of influencing social media channels didn't begin. The companies and businesses that have grown very fast, all of them, used this strategy from a very early time.

2022 is another year to grow your business by optimizing social media channels for your company. This will continue to dominate the digital marketing world for the next decade too. So you can still focus on these platforms to grow your business faster.

Go Where The People Are

My number one tip that I wish I knew before starting in digital marketing is that you need to be active on social media. No matter how great your product or service is, or wonderful your website is, until people know you exist, nobody will see them. The trick is to go to where the people are and that’s social media. Set up your social media accounts and start interacting with people. Provide people with value while demonstrating your expertise. It’s one of the best ways to speed up growth.

Digital marketing needs someone to be flexible

Just because there are set rules for it, doesn’t mean they all apply. I was very careful with digital marketing because I wanted to make sure to always do what works. However, I learned the hard way that marketing efforts should vary depending on who you want to target and what you want to achieve.

There’s not really a one size fits all in digital marketing, so it’s very important to be flexible. This also means always being up to date on what’s happening in your industry and with your customers.

It’s more important to do something than to keep planning and studying it

I went into digital marketing because I started EvesWatch by myself. I had to do digital marketing if I wanted EvesWatch to gain traction. However, I did jump into it a little blindly. I wish I knew that it’s more important to do something than to keep planning and studying it. I was so scared of doing it that I failed to *just* do it. Digital marketing needs more actio than planning. It’s not important to be perfect on your first attempt because that’s how you’ll improve your strategies until you find one that works for your business. Doing is better than being perfect.

Digital marketing isn't as easy as it sounds, it's not impossible to master the basics and get ahead of your competition

• Use social media to grow - Social media is a great way to share content quickly and allow those interested in reading it to follow you. When used correctly, social media can be a great way to build awareness and reach out to individuals that want your content, which is powerful for any business.

• Make content-rich websites - Creating a website that has all of the features necessary for visitors is key. Some of the more important features include writing/blogging, video/audio, social media integration, and e-commerce. Each of these features can take your site from good to great, which drives traffic and more importantly, allows for you to profit from your content.

• Use an effective link strategy - Linking to other relevant websites will help drive traffic to your site. Ensure that there are evergreen links that are easy for those reading the site to follow and convince them to click through. By having a high-quality strategy , you can use the content from your site to drive traffic to different websites and make money from both. Visit - this link on your blog or website.

Short, DIY Videos

TikTok has shifted the social media landscape away from status updates and curated photo grids and toward short video posts. It didn't take long for other platforms to jump on board, with Instagram launching Reels and YouTube focusing on 'shorts.' Short videos highlight the fast-paced way in which we consume content and emphasise the importance of messages or engaging content that invites us to participate. Younger consumers prefer short engaging video content that is candid, behind-the-scenes, DIY, real stories and has a more unpolished appearance.

Improve Google My Business listing

For a small business, having a good reputation online could be the deciding factor of its success.

Unfortunately, it never came to mind when I started digital marketing for my business. I was not aware that with GMB, I can have some level of control in terms of managing how people recognize my business. I was too focused on my SEO efforts like optimizing my website and running some ads. If I only optimized my Google My Business listing, I could have fast-tracked the business’ visibility on Google Search and Maps, for free.

Email Is a Rising Priority

Email, while not as enticing as other channels, is one of the most crucial tools in digital marketing. Most individuals view it to be a crucial path to success that warrants greater investment in 2022. Email enables most of the process to be automated, which is beneficial to businesses since it provides regular connections between brand and customer with no effort.

Despite this, personalising the content and frequency of email correspondence is still simple. Furthermore, by definition, email is both private and public. One thing to keep in mind regarding email marketing is that it takes the same attention and care as any other marketing strategy.

It should be well-crafted and interactive as well as interesting. Email is critical, and what is sent should be held to the same high standards as any other marketing medium.

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