RevContent: A Complete Overview And Features Of The Ad Network

A complete and detailed overview of the RevContent advertising network

RevContent is one of the best American ad networks. It was developed to promote goods and services in the English-speaking area of ​​the Internet. Many resources are dedicated to organizing advertising campaigns. They are targeted at audiences from Russia and Ukraine. Advertisers can place native ads or widgets on popular sites. In appearance, they resemble regular content. According to their parameters, they will organically fit into the pages. In the American advertising network, payment is made only for the number of CPC impressions, CPM clicks. To understand the principle of work and features, you need to study the detailed RevContent overview.


RevContent is the leading content marketing platform. The main challenge is to connect advertisers with an interested audience. Developers use modern technologies, direct partnerships with global digital publishers.

To join the platform, you need to complete a simple registration procedure. Here you need to specify the following information:

  • Website address;
  • number of views per month;
  • information about the owner (advertiser or publisher);
  • The name of the company;
  • E-mail address;
  • login and password to enter;
  • Telephone number.

At the end of registration, you must read the terms of the agreement. You must check the box to agree to all requirements.

Key features

Only large English-language websites of various topics are presented on the RevContent platform. All of them have been thoroughly tested for the quality and uniqueness of the content posted. The service selects sites that best match the subject of the ad.

Advertisers will be able to customize telgeting, buy traffic that will meet the requirements of the resource. Webmasters have access to all functions to edit the appearance of widgets, choose the format, placement options. Ad unit titles can be created using placeholders. Scrolling mode is also available in the editor. Users will be able to connect https protocols, add tracking codes to the scripts of the affiliate program.

The main key features of the site include:

  • the ability to use native advertising Native Ads;
  • payment is made only for the number of impressions and clicks on the ad;
  • the presence of an affiliate program (earnings are made for demonstrating widgets on a personal website);
  • withdrawal of funds is carried out once a month (money is credited to the PayPal account);
  • the minimum amount that is available for withdrawal is $ 50;
  • advertising is placed on sites and blogs, where the traffic level starts from 50 thousand unique views per month;
  • there are restrictions that are related to the subject of sites and advertisements.

Many users have already been able to appreciate the advantages and features of the site.

Native Ads

Native advertising is a marketing technique. Its main task is to create an ad that will blend seamlessly with useful content. By using this promotion method, you can expect maximum engagement from users who viewed the post.

The advantages of native advertising Native Ads include a high level of popularity. The main tool is content marketing. Native ads are created individually, according to the theme and features of the site where the placement will be performed. The key ad criteria can be highlighted:

  1. Usefulness for potential visitors. The reader must first of all receive valuable information. This criterion is the main condition to achieve the highest possible engagement.
  2. Organic. The ad should not stand out too much against the background of the entire page and posted content in a blog or online publication.
  3. Truthfulness. The information to be posted should not mislead users. Such ads lead to a decrease in the reputation of the company, brand.

There are several main advantages of using native advertising - this is an increase in readers' trust, an improvement in engagement, and an improvement in brand or product awareness. Readers will be able to learn about the benefits of a service, publication or company. Native advertising gives only lasting effect, increases reach indicators.

Available teaser formats

Advertisers and webmasters of the RevContent service work through one personal account. If you plan to work in the webmaster mode, you need to study the information related to the distribution of prices by thematic categories. For this, test campaigns are provided. They can be created as an advertiser.

A separate table will display information such as the CPM range from the advertiser's side. Here you can see the cost of traffic when creating a specific advertising campaign. Users are also shown the number of expected impressions during the week. Based on this information, we can conclude about the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The following formats of teasers and advertising widgets are available on the RevContent site:

  • building blocks with images and text content;
  • pictures with text, additional link block;
  • the ability to embed advertising in the article (the proposal will be placed inside the text part);
  • delivery of teaser content via API (here it is allowed to embed the advertising section into the site design, regardless of its design and design).

The page will display all available widget placement formats. During the moderation process, it will be determined which options will become available for a specific site. In all open widgets, the transition to setting up an ad unit and obtaining an affiliate code will become available.

How to start making money with the RevContent affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a service that acts as an intermediary between an advertiser and an affiliate marketer. The second acts as the main source of traffic. An advertiser is a link to an offer where traffic should be redirected.

In the personal account of the RevContent service, there are the main sections of the personal account, which are necessary to connect to the affiliate program. First you need to find the login and the + icon in the upper right corner of the site. You need to click on it and go to the Create New Site Widget section. This is the setting for switching to advertiser mode to buy traffic.

After going to the section of work in the advertiser mode, you need to click on the Site Widgets button. Here you will be able to select the types of widgets, as well as go to the settings of affiliate codes. Users need to configure Payee Profile. This is where you enter your billing information.

To properly configure the choice of ad unit format and affiliate codes, you need to set several main parameters. These include:

  • system name of the block;
  • base domain for hosting;
  • main heading.

Next, you need to click on the Variables button to connect placeholders. It is important to note that the title of the ad unit can be changed and formed using placeholders. They will replace it during the demonstration to users.

After completing these settings, you need to determine the type and optimal format of the ad unit. The following options are available on the RevContent website:

  • Large Desctop;
  • Desktop;
  • Tablet;
  • Phone.

Please note that depending on the device, there are different sets of settings. Here, users independently choose the best option. After selection, the setting of the ad unit with scrolling will become available, setting the number of elements in the widget. Users will be able to determine the optimal image format, scrolling mode.

In the settings, you can create blocks with a large number of teasers. Thanks to this, you can choose the size of the advertising section. To go to the settings, you must first set the selector Widger Scrolling. Users have access to additional options. You can connect the https protocol, embedding ready-made tracking parameters into the partner code.

To see how the ad unit will look in the final result after installation on the site, you need to go to the Prewiew tab. This function is located in the table where advertising campaigns are set up. You can generate an affiliate code only after clicking on the Get Code tab.

Withdrawal of affiliate earnings in the program from RevContent is carried out once a month. Transfers are sent automatically. The platform provides a limit on the minimum payment amount of $ 50. It is important to remember that the number of payment methods depends on the region indicated by the webmaster during the registration process. If a CIS country is selected, the shipment is carried out using a check.

To set up payments, you need to go to the Payee Profile section. This is where you need to fill in your tax information. Advertisers and webmasters need to immediately register and confirm the required payment information. On the site, accounting processing of all current payments is carried out only on certain days.

Demand for publisher widgets

RevContent is an expansive marketplace dedicated to building relationships between advertisers. As a result, there is an increase in demand for widgets from publishers. There are several main features:

  1. The ability to establish direct relationships. There are no resellers on the RevContent site. Advertising money goes directly to publishers.
  2. No dependence on cookies. All information belongs to the publishers only. Data does not depend on cookies to improve performance levels.
  3. The ability to provide a stable income. RevContent guarantees a constant flow of traffic to the site. There is no seasonal volatility here. Publishers will be able to accurately predict their own income and develop their business.

Another main feature is the ability to guaranteed to monetize your own traffic by + 20%. This figure is higher than what other similar programs offer.


RevContent is the best American ad network. It allows you to effectively promote goods and services in the English-speaking area of ​​the Internet. Many resources are suitable for conducting advertising campaigns for a Russian or Ukrainian audience. Different options and wide functionality are available to advertisers. They will be able to post their ads on popular sites. After a detailed consideration of the features of the RevContent advertising network, you can give it a score of 3.5 points.

★★★⋆☆ RevContent: A Complete Overview And Features Of The Ad Network RevContent is the best American ad network. It allows you to effectively promote goods and services in the English-speaking area of ​​the Internet. Many resources are suitable for conducting advertising campaigns for a Russian or Ukrainian audience. Different options and wide functionality are available to advertisers. They will be able to post their ads on popular sites. After a detailed consideration of the features of the RevContent advertising network, you can give it a score of 3.5 points.

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