What Are The Top 5 HilltopAds Alternatives?

What Are The Top 5 HilltopAds Alternatives?

In the past years, ad tech sector has been evolving. Digital marketing has evolved from Google Ads where other competitors have emerged to give clients a good use of their money.

As a blogger or publisher, you might take time choosing the best platform to optimize websites ads for your business. Finding the right platform will help you work efficiently. Ad Network is responsible for taking the best impression to the right client.

About Hilltopads advertising network for publishers

HilltopAds is among the best advertising and digital marketing company. It was launched back in 2014. It helps bloggers and publishers monetize their websites. It ensures that you can make a minimum 0f $50, which is available on weekly basis. Ads earnings are paid through your PayPal account, Paxum, Web money and Bitcoin wired payment.

With Hilltop Ad, publishers gain a 100% fill rate and top referral program where they gain 5% of the benefits form referred publishers daily commission. In case a publisher needs some customer support, HilltopAd has all the necessary equipment to get you necessary support. There are quick dials in case you want to talk to the team. However, it only applies for USA and UK.

One of the best benefits for Publishers is that HilltopAd has no restrictions on website types and accepts all kinds of websites as long as Publishers comply with their terms and conditions.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate, you can sign up by filling out a very simple form and start earning money. Advertisers benefit from advanced targeting options such as mobile carrier targeting, device type, retargeting and more

Before subscribing to HilltopAd, you need to read the terms and conditions. They are all available on the website. There are guidelines below the terms and conditions. Here are some of the condition re

A publisher who is serving their expressions through fake video players may get a serious penalty. You need to acquire traffic from legal sources.

  • Your website should not have software viruses that may damage your computer.
  • You should be transparent. Any cheating on HilltopAd will lead to suspension of your activities.
  • Your content must be real and not from other blind links. This is to ensure authencity.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Hilltopads?

  • It offers good rates to its client especially those operating on their smart phones. The rates encourage beginners that want to market their business online.
  • You do not have to wait for payments for so long. It is done weekly via you most preferred payment method.
  • Customer support is always ready to help in case of anything. You can email them or rather Skype to get help.
  • There is no self service panel. In case you need some change, you have to go through the manager.

There are other alternatives to use in place for HilltopAds such as:

Detailed reviews of the top 5 HilltopAds alternatives

1. Ezoic: Most innovative network for publishers, with free speed / SEO / monetization optimization

Ezoic is an Ad testing tool that ensures you get an excellent place or you Ads (read our full Ezoic review). Ezoic is a bit different from other Ad platforms since it incorporates artificial intelligence as a way of carrying tests. The tests are ran to over 100 ads layouts. It helps you make much money from your website’s adverts.

When using Ezoic ads placeholders to monetize your websites, your content is experimented with various ads placement in ads placeholders. From this, the page will analyze the bounce rate, page views in every hour, measurement of time on site and ad income for every layout. With AI, Ezoic can measure hundreds of thousands of ads layouts with different sizes, location and designs within a short period. The process when done manually can take weeks to analyze.

They are using the EPMV metric (see what is EPMV - Earnings Per Mille Visits) to better mesure and monetize ads over the whole visitors' journeys, instead of simply trying to improve pages revenue individually, leading to higher global earnings.

Once the platform has used enough time to acquire website data analytics, it will promote the highest performing ads layout. When consumers visit your site, they will see the ads layouts that works best thus your revenue ad will rise. Ezoic collaborates with Google where it is a certified publishing partner.

Therefore, you should not worry about being paid. You can be paid via PayPal, prepaid card through Payoneer, US bank transfer and check that applies in USA and Canada.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ezoic

  • It increases your revenue through Ad testing. Through use of AI, it tests the best ways of conducting adverts.
  • It offers excellent analytics and reporting. On the user dashboard, you receive data that is helpful to learn about your website visitors.
  • You are granted total control over Ezoic where you can setup what you want for your website.
  • You receive support and customer anytime you need to make enquiries.
  • For you to experience results, you need to wait for around 30 days.
  • Setting up Ezoic is a bit hectic.
★★★★★ Ezoic HilltopAds Alternative Ezoic offers the most innovative free technological solutions to optimize websites from various angles: speed, SEO, monetization, video, and much more, using big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

2. EvaDav: Instant approval with leveling system up to ad credits option

EvaDav is an advertising platform that supports in-page, push and popunder Ads on CPM (read our Evadav full review). It serves over 2 billion impressions daily thus offering a wide option of methods for payment. There is a 24/7 customer support that will get to you in case a problem arises. There are high-qualified account managers that ensure your website is on the right track. For a startup business, EvaDav will walk with you and ensure that it has grown and blossomed.

It helps a publisher gain insight ads that will yield more revenue than you earn in regular Ads. In sight, Ads further acquire more conversations. Therefore, you can use them to advertise the goods and services.

The push platform is a new product that is based on monetizing your website and further provide push notification ads earnings. Push Ads will yield revenue for you for the rest of your life and will gain higher rates than the regular Ads. Through push Ads, visitors are only shown the relevant Ads and those that will take their interest to avoid wasting too much time.

EvaDav is a new advertising network thus has advanced features compared to earlier networks. It has a simple registration process and minimal payments. There are fast payments once you make your money.

Pros And Cons Of Using Evadav

  • It offers you a wide section of landing pages to choose from that have every kind of traffic.
  • You are you own account manager all through after registration.
  • Its minimum payout is $25.
  • If you are a verified user, it will not decline your requests
  • If you lave unused funds between 15-20 dollars, they remain in the account, as they cannot be withdrawn.
  • The stat report does not include sources that have low clicks.
★★★★⋆ EvaDav HilltopAds Alternative EvaDav is an easy to implement ad monetization network for Web publishers, with instant approval and leveling system with everyday payouts.

3. Monetag: Best ads partner for push notification monetization with instant approval

Monetag was founded in 2011 where it offers publishers display, video and mobile Ads together with affiliate services (read our full Monetag review).

It has worked with over 150k publisher within eight years. Monetag states that it offers its clients the best CPM rates in the sector. With improved algorithms, Monetag can offer better match of advertisers and users. Publishers not only benefit from ad network, thy can also create and design their ad campaigns.

Good thing about PropellerAd is that it is easy to implement on your website. You can copy and paste codes. However, it is best to get help from account managers to ensure everything is set up appropriately. It ensures that you gain global coverage with your international audience.

There is high quality Ads with the help of advanced technology and manual automation. It also helps to filter out Ads that contain malware in your website. It makes sure that the content displayed is of good quality and has zero risks-Ads to your visitors.

When you experience Adblock, it causes greater revenue loss. Monetag has an Adblock bypass the replaces standard displays. Propeller Ad has a publishing community that meet frequently to share ideas and help young publishers develop their business. It further offers many Ad formats. The dashboard has over 9 language for publishers to ensure that they can understand the Ad revenue in native language.

Pros And Cons Of Using Propellerad

  • All accounts are activated asp and creation of the accounts is very simple.
  • PropellerAd ensures that thy share 80% of their revenue with publishers Most of other Ad networks share 50%
  • The method of sharing report on PropellerAd is simple. It I displayed in a tabular method.
  • It supports several methods of payments like wire transfer, Web Money and Prepaid cards.
  • There is a poor user experience where the Ads pop up on the screen of the user.
  • There is lower revenue for non-English sites compared to English supporting websites.
★★★★☆ PropellerAds HilltopAds Alternative Monetag instant approval and large choice of monetization formats, including direct link, make it simple to monetize any type of digital content, with clear CPS rates.

4. AdSterra: Direct Links and anti-ad block display ads with instant approval

AdSterra was launched in 2013 where it is considered as the best network to  monetize your website   due to its flexibility (read our full AdSterra review). It uses smart solutions that ensue services offered are advanced. It serves the world with over 30 billion expression. It offers 100% fill rate and provides ads o over 248 geographies in the world. It is the best place for new publishers to earn from adverts on their websites. You can acquire maximum income with simple to use traffic. In this process, your ROI and KPI grows.

The main distinguishing feature is that AdSterra focuses more on CP marketing. The pop-under makes the other ad types outstand such CPC and CPV. You can monetize different types of traffic in any place such as desktop, social app traffic and website traffic.

There is feature known as social bar. It is a new and excellent ad format. You can customize anything on the website. The web developers can create anything depending with what you want in your own creative way. You can creatively create messenger icons, in-page pushes and notifications. It is smart phone friendly thus; you do not have to use your smart phone.

Social bar further forwards data to your email that shows more about your website and visitors. You can add more interesting features that make your website happier. It uses a third party that detects fraud. This is to protect the publishers and grant them a safe experience. The customer care system is top notch and ensures that the publishers and bloggers get rapid feedback.

Pros And Cons Of Using Adsterra

  • It offers publishers with support from multiple languages where people who do not understand English can see the Ad network.
  • You are not limited to any traffic volume you want. You can exhaust as much volume as you wish.
  • It is easy to track your visitor activity and gain all the information.
  • There is anti-fraud protection to ensure the safety of bloggers and users.
  • CPM rates keep changing in different countries that they provide the network.
  • There is now web support for the publishers.
★★★★☆ AdSterra HilltopAds Alternative AdSterra offers innovative solutions to monetize digital content with instant approval and direct links that can be shared on any platform, including instant messaging and social networks.

5. AdSense: The most common way to monetize a website with auto-ads

AdSense is an online network that gives a publisher and blogger a chance to make profits on impressions basis (see the best AdSense alternatives). Setting up AdSense is simple and needs less knowledge to create and register it.

A bloggers or publisher earns money and gets paid by AdSense through displaying Ads. The Ad network know what visitors on your website and they ensure ads posted serve the visitors’ interests. There are many types of Ads available such as:

Display ads

They involve images that are present in different dimensions. The necessary information is written I a brief and understandable manner. It is also possible to double, tripe, quadruple or even septuple AdSense revenue for 1000 visits by using partners from their AdExchange network.

Native ads

In-fee native ads that are displayed on blog feeds. These ads are very standard in the industry and might be better monetized with one of the many best AdSense alternatives on the market.

Auto ads

In-article native ads. You can put the ads between paragraphs to make money through Google AdSense or use their auto-ads option to have these ads automatically embed on your pages`. They resemble the in-feed, only the location differs.

Pros And Cons Of Using Adsense

  • It is the largest Ad network thus it will provide the best services to customers. Customer service is on the best level where you get help and support.
  • It has high CPC rates and beginners can make good money.
  • You can manage several sites using one account. You can have several sources of income from the sites.
  • Unlike other Ad networks, you not require traffic for approval.
  • There are many rules and very strict.
  • Failing to follow them may lead to suspension.
  • There are less earnings especially when the website is new.
  • You might go through too many processes when trying to withdraw the money.
★★★⋆☆ Google AdSense HilltopAds Alternative The most common website monetization tool on the market is not the simplest to use nor the one earning the most, however it is highly trusted and easy to implement once approved, with the auto-ads option.


Having a network a helps you generate more income o your website through adverts. You can choose any that works best for your website. The network ads apply to any publisher with big or small website. It is advisable to go through trials first before choosing a specific network ad tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HilltopAds CPM help desk effective?
The support team at Hilltopads is very efficient and always ready to help in case of emergency. You can email them or rather Skype to get help.
What are the terms of cooperation with HilltopAd?
Before signing up for HilltopAd, you need to read the terms and conditions. A publisher who transmits their expressions through fake video players can face severe penalties. You need to get traffic from legitimate sources. Your website must be free of software viruses that can damage your computer. You must be transparent. Any fraud at HilltopAd will result in your activity being suspended. Your content must be real and not from other blind links. This is necessary to ensure authenticity.
What are five alternative ad networks to HilltopAds that publishers can consider, and what unique advantages do these networks offer?
Alternatives include Ezoic for AI-based ad optimization, Adsterra for diverse ad formats, Google AdSense for accessibility and reliability, Media.net for contextual ads, and PropellerAds for innovative ad solutions. Each offers advantages like higher revenue potential, diverse ad formats, or ease of integration.

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