Can You Get Approved On Ezoic Without AdSense?

This is a new service in AdSense that aims to automatically insert your ad creatives into your content. What is it for? It's simple - to earn as much money as possible on the ad unit.
Can You Get Approved On Ezoic Without AdSense?

What is AdSense Auto Ads and Ezoic

This is a new service in AdSense that aims to automatically insert your ad creatives into your content. What is it for? It's simple - to earn as much money as possible on the ad unit.

Monetize your website with Google AdSense AutoAds

Ezoic is a reliable platform that allows you to test almost any type of advertising. You can test the size, color, placement and compare networks with each other. The main feature of Ezoic is that the platform studies the behavior of visitors and analyzes itself based on this data. That is, you can improve various factors of your site using automated analysis of behavioral factors. This process includes testing tens of thousands of different types of ad creatives, placements, site layouts, and so on.

Optimize your website earnings with Ezoic ads placeholders optimization

Ezoic earnings vs AdSense earnings: 5x more with Ezoic

If we compare over a million visits on the same websites that are monetized with both AdSense and Ezoic monetization systems.

We can see that AdSense has a revenue per Mille or RPM of around $1.15 while Ezoic has an EPMV of around $6.18. It turns out that Ezoic's earnings are 5 times higher than those of AdSense with approximately the same amount of visits.

1 million web visits AdSende revenue analyzed

Taking a deeper look at over a million site visits that have been monetized with AdSense Auto-Ads Adds since 2021, we can see many features.

RPM meaning: Revenue Per Mille, money earned from display advertisement for 1000 page views

First of all, AdSense web revenue has increased tremendously since August, from $12 to $0.01 to just over $2 in September. However, revenues are still low, and over a million visits would only generate about $1,200 in total revenue.

★★★⋆☆ AdSense AutoAds RPM With around $2 RPM for millions of page views, the earnings from Google AdSense AutoAds have troubles to go up

2 million web visits earning on Ezoic analyzed

Conversely, with  Ezoic,   analyzing just over two million visits, EPMV went from over $4 in January to over $7 in September, a lower global difference but much higher revenue overall.

EPMV meaning: Earnings Per Mille Visits, money earned from display advertisement for 1000 visit sessions

Earnings also began to pick up in August, the standard seasonality for web earnings as the year draws to a close with Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Cyber ​​Week and Christmas. Anyway, over two million website visitors have earned over $12K with  Ezoic,   VS AdSense and her $1200 for half the number of visits.

That is, we see that Ezoic revenue share is quite high compared to direct competitors. It also has many nice features that are attracting potential users more and more. But the most important thing is a steadily growing income with the help of Ezoic

★★★★★ Ezoic Ads Placeholders EPMV With more than $7 EPMV for millions of page views, the earnings from Ezoic Ads Placeholders are constantly growing

AdSense auto ads problems that Ezoic solves

Ezoic has provided some very valuable information related to the problematic of automated advertising.

1. Potential for violations, bans and blocks.

If publishers use any other ad networks, providers, or affiliates, AdSense Auto Ads will not be able to track the placements of those ad providers. This may result in additional Google ads appearing. One way or another, they will definitely not be taken into account. And this entails the following:

  • Reducing the cost of advertisements;
  • The publisher leaves itself open to blocking ads in Chrome without considering other ads;
  • Finally, this means that they won't know if they are actually showing 5 ads or potentially 11, 12, 13? This is terrible for UX and a huge downside to the tool;
  • This may violate Google policies.

2. RPM versus session earnings.

Auto Ads uses RPM as its main revenue optimization metric. This means that even with a very rudimentary understanding of UX, they will end up trying to optimize pages for session revenue, which almost always means lower overall revenue.

In addition, Ezoic is great for revenue optimization combined with user experience that requires the use of revenue per session. In many cases, you're better off optimizing financials to increase page views per visitor than to increase revenue per page view.

3. Lack of control.

Automatic advertising tries to maximize the value of the advertisements themselves, not the amount of revenue the publisher receives. The service simply pushes ads where it finds no place for them. The publisher has no control over this process. This is left to the conscience of Google, which says hundreds of warnings and cautions during implementation.

4. Optimization.

DNS level data is not taken into account, as well as visitor behavior. Although it is on this data that you need to learn. This is what ensures that UX and revenue will improve over time.

Google bases its UX decisions on industry standard data that doesn't have much objective evidence. They haven't published any data on how auto-ads affect objective user experience metrics such as page views per visit or bounce rate.

Ezoic ads placeholders monthly EPMV (Earnings Per Mille Visits) in 2021

Can I work with Ezoic without AdSense approval?

The answer is very simple - yes, you can. But first, you must have a minimum number of monthly visitors to use the Ezoic network. This threshold is very low for most publishers, but may seem too high for some people.

If you can't wait for AdSense approval, you can still use Ezoic. The software is compatible with any website, including those not approved by AdSense. The system uses data from your historical page views to create a baseline for your website. This will help you optimize your ad revenue more effectively. However, this method can be very slow if your site has low traffic.

You might be wondering what happens if you don't get approved for AdSense. Luckily, you can always try a different ad network. If you use Google AdSense, you will earn from one ad per page. But if your site is not approved for email advertising, you will be exposed to ad networks that pay more than Google.

If you do not have AdSense permission, you can apply for the Ezoic Access Now program. Like AdSense, the Ezoic Access Now program is a way to increase your site's revenue. It's free to apply, but be prepared to see ads. The company will contact you by email. You can also check your eligibility for the program using the application form.

The fastest way to join the zoic Access program is to use a Google Double Click Ad Exchange account. This allows thousands of ad networks to compete for your ad space. This also means that Ezoic can be integrated with AdSense. In this way, Ad Exchange can streamline the application process.

You can use Ad Sense and Ezoic to create your own Word Press blog. You can also use it if you have your own website. The Ezoic ad tester will insert an ad in your site's root domain. The most efficient way to integrate Ezoic is to use Cloudflare. You can then include Ezoic on your site.

While you can use Ad Sense and Ezoic to place ads on your site, it's best to install an intermediary app to connect with existing ad networks. This will allow you to choose the highest paying ad network. You can then set up the ad-related plugin in Ezoic. The mediation app also allows you to link to an existing AdSense account. This ensures that you are using the best possible ad placement.

If you want, you can monetize both at the same time. Ezoic has a feature called mediation that allows you to join other ad networks like Google AdSense or others. This makes all the ad networks you participate in middlemen in bidding against each other, which increases your earnings. At the same time, you must comply with the Google AdSense policy, so if your site was previously blocked, then Ezoic will not be able to approve your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPMV?
In simple terms, EPMV is revenue per thousand visits, the money generated from display ads per 1,000 visits. This is a very important indicator that should grow steadily.
What is the best Ezoic payment methods in the USA?
For USA residents, direct bank transfer is the easiest and most cost-effective way. It is fast, reliable and as cheap as possible. You can also use a Payoneer prepaid card, as bank transfers in the United States are free on this system.
Is it possible for publishers to get approved on Ezoic if they don't have an AdSense account, and what are the criteria for approval?
Yes, publishers can get approved on Ezoic without an AdSense account. Ezoic’s criteria for approval include website content quality, compliance with Ezoic’s guidelines, and a certain level of regular traffic, among others. Having an AdSense account is not a mandatory requirement.

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