51 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips

Starting a new venture in the digital world to grow your own digital wings is never easy. However, some tricks can help. We asked experts the following question: What is the one tip that you wish you had known before you started in digital marketing, and why would it have helped you to grow faster ? Some of these expert answers might inspire you, and help you get a headstart on your digital marketing journey. Have we missed any? Which is your favourite? Let us know in comment!
51 Experts Share Their Best Digital Marketing Tips
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Abide by Google's E-A-T principle

The first way is to realize the growing importance of abiding by Google's E-A-T principle: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. What this means is that the actual quality of your content is becoming more and more important, not just the use of keywords. In order to be indexed higher it is crucial that your website content is informative, helpful, and trustworthy.

Secondly, there's a large upsurge in voice searches, which is due to improvements in popular voice assistants. Additionally, 55% of households are estimated to own a smart home assistant device by 2022. As such, your SEO should shift focus on more natural sounding keywords comprising of full sentences, as that is how users speak to their assistants, and can lead to them finding you much faster.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the growing importance of semantically meaningful keywords. Having the right strings of text in your content isn't enough anymore, the keywords need to take into account the user's search intent and context under which they are used. The more attention you pay to semantic optimization, the better indexing results you'll get.

Invest time in search engine optimization

SEO is not a one-time event, but rather a continuous process that you must maintain. Go through an SEO certification to learn how to accomplish it.

It's the greatest approach to study SEO and improve your website's search engine visibility.

Website optimization for search engines is a set of actions aimed at increasing the ranking in search engine results and their algorithms.

The main task of SEO is to attract as much traffic as possible: with its help, you can organize a continuous flow of the target audience.

Getting SEO right is the best marketing advice for productive digital marketing. Since this will help increase traffic and further generate income from your digital business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website show up in relevant Google searches. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key factor in determining the success of an online business.

Create a mobile-friendly website

The use of mobile devices is growing in popularity. Indeed, mobile devices account for roughly 60% of all searches. Mobile-first indexing, a Google algorithm based on a website's mobile version, was introduced in November 2016 and has since been widely adopted by search engines.

As a result, use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to ensure that every page on your website is compatible with mobile devices. If your website doesn't have a mobile-friendly design, you need to make it so that it does.

Use your own domain.

The best way to create your brand is to buy a domain name that's related to what you do. A.com or.net suffix is the best choice for a domain name extension. Avoid the use of spaces and keep the domain name brief (maximum of three words).

Google the domain name before registering it to make sure it is not already being used by another company. This will make it much more difficult for you to advertise your brand and score well for relevant searches if you can't come up with something original.

Do not be afraid to experiment

Digital marketing is a trial and error process; thus, you'll never know the results unless you have tried doing it. As a marketer myself, I have seen that most successful digital marketing campaigns result from a courageous marketer who isn't afraid to take risks and fail. These mistakes can bring you in the right direction, which will make your campaign a hit for not only your target market but also the other people. Moreover, when you experiment, you will know if a particular campaign will result in a higher ROI or exceed your competitors'. So go ahead, try and try until you get the correct formulation that will benefit your brand and your client.

Video Ads on Social Medias

The popularity of the different social media platforms became the reason why videos became the best ROI when advertising for a business. Putting short eye catchy video ads on socials is a great way to introduce and let your market know about your brand. It has a very high chance of being discovered especially by curious netizens. 93% of our clients or customers are most of the time became our customers after sharing a video on social media like Facebook, Youtube and the most popular this year, Tiktok. It can be said that this trend has already been used for a long time but I think that this is still a huge trend going onwards.

Research Your Competitors

Knowing what you're up against will help you stand out on the internet.

This is significant since being unique allows you to stand out online, which means your website will receive more clicks than your competitors.

Assume you're in the business of selling baseball cards. Your competitors' digital marketing methods will be revealed by a basic Google search for your comparable services. You'll be able to observe whatever baseball card-related wording, graphics, and blog content your competitors use, as well as other information like their services, reputation, and online reviews.

Make your differentiators based on this research. If your competitors aren't already doing so, you may join TrustPilot to boost trust signals, advertise on social media to attract new customers, or sell a wider range of products to stir interest.

Lengthen Your Blogs

Shorter isn't necessarily better when it comes to writing business blogs.

Short blogs have a 9x lower success rate in obtaining new clients than longer, in-depth blog content. If you're writing a blog, think again before making it too short! Only 18% of firms' blog entries are over 750 words, despite the fact that top-ranked material on Google has a word length of 1,140-1,285 words. You should aim for the 1,200-word sweet spot to avoid your content falling into the short and not-so-sweet group. Your blog might cover any topic relating to your company. Learning how to establish a blog, whether you're giving industry ideas or promoting your latest product, can add a lot of value to your visitors' experience while also making it easier for search engines to find your website (blogs are great for SEO).

Start with Quality Web and Mobile Sites - Maintain a Social Media Presence

Start with Quality Web and Mobile Sites

It is vital in today's competitive economy to have both high-quality web and mobile sites. We're talking about factors like speed, design, user interface, and security when we say quality. It's not enough to simply provide information or sell a product or service on a website. Because mobile devices account for 51 percent of all internet browsing, websites must be optimized for both PC and mobile devices. To accommodate for the fact that clients are clicking with their fingers, mobile site design should be simple and responsive, with wider links.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

Although most small business owners understand the importance of social media, it is all too easy to forget it when things get hectic. One of the keys to maintaining your social media presence is being honest about the time you have available. Customers will not be interested in an out-of-date social media page. If you just have time to handle one account, choose a platform that is appropriate for your business and keep to a publishing schedule. You may increase your audience engagement by posting memes with clever captions. Posting memes demonstrates that you are current with current events and understand your market and customers. Memes, after all, are extremely popular.

Get Personal

In most areas of digital marketing, notably email marketing, becoming personal with your customers is critical for success. Personalization always wins, whether you're offering related products, utilizing the customer's name, or sending local specials tailored to their area. Only 30% of brands employ personalized emails, despite the fact that they produce six times greater transaction rates than generic emails. When communicating with customers, use conversational tones wherever feasible. Conversational commerce is gaining popularity because users are more likely to respond to a human-like message rather than a faceless corporate speech. Consider including a live chat function or an interactive quiz on your website to further personalize the user's experience.

Personalizing your content allows you to stand out from the competition while also providing a unique and delightful client experience. Your efforts won't go ignored, either: according to a recent survey, 40% of buyers switch brands as a result of inadequate online customization. The best part? If you're already utilizing email marketing solutions like MailChimp, personalization is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies to employ.

Consistent Online Reputation Management Campaigns

Online Reputation Management - Digital Marketing Strategies

To present a great image to clients, you must always strive to maintain a positive online reputation. In addition to managing your social media pages, you'll need to create and manage your company's presence on review sites like Google Maps and Yelp.

This is a crucial part of any online reputation management plan. Customer reviews are today's referrals. If you uncover a negative review from a customer, respond quickly and courteously on the site with the goal of addressing the customer's complaint. This will demonstrate to the existing customer, as well as new consumers, that you care about them and will endeavor to resolve any issues that may develop. If potential customers see that you have a good rating, positive reviews, and respond professionally to any issues, they are more likely to choose your company for their needs.

Know Your Target Audience

When it comes to digital advertising, it's vital to note that in order for a business to be successful, it must first understand who its target audience is, which social media sites they frequent, and then ensure that it can supply content for those platforms. When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is clearly ahead of the pack because they offer the most options for defining who you want to promote to and allowing you to establish whatever budget you want. Facebook also lets you target your audience based on up to ten different interests. This is why having a clear target audience is critical; you must know what they like to do and what they want in order to generate content that will hold their attention.

Use Remarketing

Have you ever been browsing the internet and then seen that product offered on Facebook? It's not a strange coincidence; it's remarketing. This digital marketing strategy uses 'cookies,' which allow you to monitor prior website visitors everywhere they go on the internet. Retargeting is effective. In fact, retargeted website visitors are 43 percent more likely to make a purchase. It's also really easy to get started, and there are two options available. You can utilize your Google Ads (previously AdWords) account to tempt users by displaying, or retargeting,' your products on a variety of other websites. You can also utilize Facebook's 'Custom Audience' function to have your products retargeted on the Facebook pages of previous website visitors. One of the finest ways to make money using social media is to create a Facebook Business account.

Influencer marketing works

You've probably seen influencers promoting teeth-whitening products on social media. There's a reason these accounts are everywhere: influencer marketing works. Influencer marketing programs, on average, generate $6.50 for every dollar spent! You don't even have to spend a lot of money. 'Micro-influencers,' or social accounts with 1,000 to 20,000 followers, are, by definition, less expensive than social influencers with millions of followers. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are particularly effective at promoting niche products to a tiny but engaged audience. According to a recent study, micro-influencers are viewed as people like me, which means they may be able to lend your company more credibility than larger influencers. Micro-influencers can be found on sites like StackInfluence and Tribe.

All Marketing Channels Must Be Integrated

As CEO, I believe that the most important digital advertising tip we can share with business owners is to ensure that your campaign is integrated with the rest of your marketing channels. A well-executed integrated marketing campaign will outperform any single initiative. For instance, while Facebook Ads perform admirably on their own when promoting a sale or publicizing a new product, they perform significantly better when used in conjunction with another marketing channel, such as email.

Focus on the buyers’ journey

When trying to sell either a product or service understand the journey of your customer will help you inform, emphasise, and win more deals. Having a strategy for the three stages: Awareness, Consideration and Decision; will give your business an advantage on your competitors. Awareness allows the buyer to figure out their problem. Consideration helps buyers find possible solutions to their problems. Decision guides the buyer to decide which purchase would solve their problem.

Offering your prospective customers a free trial before even finding out their problem will cause instant uncertainty. However, making sure your buyer has all the information needed to solve problems is key to closing deals and growing your business. Once you understand the way your customers interact with your business you can begin to emphasise with them and help them to the all-important decision stage. Here is a relevant Instagram post that will give you a visual representation of the buyers’ journey:

Be simple, authentic and brief rather than being flashy and pompous!

In my personal opinion, digital marketing will continue in the future as well because companies have realized that most of the work has been shifted online. Reversing that change is extremely difficult and nearly impossible, which is why the companies which have adapted to these processes will try to glean maximum results from it before moving forward. Therefore my tip for it is to be *simple, authentic and brief rather than being flashy and pompous! *The reason : people now get tired of flashy things easily and tend to gravitate towards simplicity and sincerity!

Personalize for Your Personas

I reckon I already know this hack when I landed in the Marketing industry.

A persona is a made-up character who represents your ideal client. You can make different personas by grouping ideal clients together based on shared traits, wants, or issues. Persona development is important not only for your marketing strategy but also for every department within your company. They're important because you can adjust your content strategy, conversion offers, social postings, and other tactics to each persona's unique goals, requirements, and pain points. Tailoring your content to your personas can assist ensure that the proper people find it, enhance engagement, and help you establish a loyal audience of the people you're seeking to convert into leads. You'll be wasting your time and money if you don't have clearly defined personalities.

Provide answers to questions like Who is my average customer?

Before initiating a digital marketing campaign for Local-Furniture-Outlet, I failed to provide answers to questions like “Who is my average customer? What are his/her interests? Why does this person need my product? Do I even want this person as a customer?”. While these question may seem easy on the outside, overlooking them will prove to be a problem to any brand interested in digital marketing.

Failure to answer or overlook these question meant that I was unable to pinpoint the average customer profile of our business. As a result, our digital marketing campaign was unable to bear tangible results. It is important to pay attention to visitors or customers who visit your website.

Take note of things they buy, products they engage, their visiting patterns, watchlists, and so on. Having these answers are relevant to your research, and helps you create a digital marketing strategy that is tailored to customer's needs. Having this information would have helped us create an effective digital marketing campaign that improves engagement, customer retention, and experience.

Get started by understanding the searcher intent

One of the most common mistakes I see companies make when they first get started and build a website, which I’m also personally guilty of, is not understanding the searcher intent. When you make the mistake of setting up a page without fully knowing what kind of results the searcher is looking for (informational, navigational, transactional or commercial), you’re essentially wasting a lot of time, effort and resources on something that will not produce the results that you’re looking for. If you know which keywords you would like to target, you should search for them first and analyse the kind of results that you see on the first page of Google already. This will give you a good idea of the type of intent searchers have when they look for those keywords and you can structure your pages accordingly.

Additionally, you will also see the section with “People Also Ask” questions, which you can answer and include on your page to really help you bring in more relevant traffic. It’s a relatively quick and easy way to raise your brand awareness, outrank your competition and get potential customers to your website's landing page.

Digital marketing requires a certain level of flexibility

I wish I knew this when I started out as a digital marketer. Digital marketing is constantly changing and morphing. More than likely, the buzzing tactics and strategies of the last year are currently considered outdated. Even though a digital marketing strategy is important, it shouldn't be cast of stone. Marketers should be allowed to deviate from the strategy at some point because of changes in circumstances or new trends within the market.

Digital marketing doesn't accommodate rigidity. Staying fixed to one tool, a platform, or a single perspective weighs down your brand. For instance, the surge in TikTok and short video usage has forced digital marketers into new territory. Digital marketers have to be flexible because new platforms come up almost every other day with new marketing requirements coming along with them.

Digital-first future of work

Since the workplace has been changing at a fast pace, it is anticipated that this 2022 a digital-first future of work will be emphasized. Hybrid experiences will be expected which will shape the digital transformation. This evolution will increase and improve productivity to another level and will surely mold employees skills and talents. Another benefit that application of this will be achieved is:

Connection with new customers worldwide.

Online platforms are a venue where you can connect with new customers around the globe instead of sticking with the same number of people. One way to do this is through offering digital gifting. This marketing strategy has been widely used by many businesses and it is a proven way to gain new consumers and increase brand awareness.

Take an SEO training course

Search engine optimization is not a one-time task; it is something that must be done on a regular basis. If you're not certain how to accomplish it, take an SEO training course. It's the most effective method for learning SEO and optimizing your website. SEO will aid in the discovery of your site on Google for relevant queries. Successful online firms are more likely to develop and endure the pressures of other virtual rivals.

Content marketing is just a single aspect of overall digital marketing, but when done well, it can have a significant influence on your capacity to engage clients and increase sales. Having said that, one of the easiest ways to get started with content marketing is to start a blog on your company's website. You may post about issues connected to your company in your post, demonstrating your knowledge and giving useful knowledge, both of which can increase traffic to your site and improve your search rankings.

Set clear KPIs

Understand your KPIs and your campaign goals to maximize your resources.

Spending money to generate visitors to your website isn't enough. You need a clear KPI that will help you engage with your audience and develop long-term relationships.

Quality and efficiency tests

Just like with Facebook, conduct a QA test on your first Adwords campaign to ensure tracking works. Then click on it to get to the proper page and do what you want your users to do. Verify that your ad is tracked by Adwords.

Long tail initiatives to save money

If your budget is limited, you can still conduct Adwords campaigns, but they will work differently. With a limited budget, avoid using common or generic keywords that indicate low purchase intent. Instead, employ long tail keywords that imply higher purchasing intent. Selling furniture in Chicago? Avoid using exact keywords like purchasing couch or buying a couch in your ad. So instead of “white three-seater couch Chicago,” make “black two-seater couch Chicago” adverts. Searches for “buying a couch, is looking for a couch but is unsure of his needs. He'll probably look at couches online for a long time before buying one. “White three-seater couch,” however, She only has to discover a store that sells it. In order to find all of your white three-seater couches, you must supply an unique ad and landing page. You'll soon have fresh sales.

Maintaining a Social Media Presence

It is vital for entrepreneurs to recognize the value of social media. I had an out-of-date social media profile which was not very useful for my customers. I should have focused on one account, chosen a platform that worked best for me, and stuck to a posting schedule. If I had known the importance of social media marketing, I would have posted pictures from my travels adventures with witty captions on Instagram, which would have boosted my engagement rate. As a digital marketer, I should have focused more on making regular, engaging content for my customers so they would consider my business as an active source of information which would have helped my business grow much faster.

Keep a close eye on your data

Digital marketing success requires a unique mix of imagination and data, two opposite ends of the spectrum. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for gaining insight into the most important aspects of your website and how people use it. To get a feel for how Google Analytics works, you can utilize the Google Data Studio to play around with data from Google's e-commerce site to get a feel for how it works. There are plenty of excellent alternatives to Google Analytics out there.

SEO and content marketing should be combined

Most of Google's algorithm nowadays is based on content (even Google acknowledges as much) and the level of interaction you achieve by disseminating excellent information. Many different forms of content are better than a single type of content (such as visual or textual elements or media such as videos or infographics, or audio). A lot more information– To compete, more firms embrace content marketing. Noise and information overload wash out anything you do online. Every firm must create more and better content if it wants to succeed.

Maintain an existence on critical social media sites. In today's environment, when nearly all businesses have gone digital, internet visibility is essential to success for any organization. It's an excellent approach to make yourself stand out in a crowded field. It would be best if you thus established your online presence on relevant social media platforms. Keep in mind that there are several social webs to choose from, but you must first resolve where your target audience spends the majority of their time online so that you can effectively reach them. Develop a web presence on the most relevant ones to your company and your potential customers.

Improve your graphic marketing skills

Aesthetics appeal to both commercial and consumer audiences. It's clear that visual marketing is here to stay. Visual marketing for all screen sizes is one of the most engaging methods to interact with your audience. Use live video to promote a new product or service, or to promote an event on-site. Before using live video, make sure you plan and practise. Be sure to examine what will appeal to both your live and replay audiences. You should create a YouTube channel in addition to embedding videos on your website, blog, and social media profiles. This channel features everything from product reviews and demos to expert interviews and presentations from prior webinars and conferences.

Mobile marketing

Looking around should remind you of the value of mobile marketing. People are staring at screens everywhere, so make sure they are looking at your content, website, and digital presence. AR mobile technology is on the increase, giving users a new dimension to their mobile experience. Consider how you could use this technology to fully immerse your target market in your product or service. With the rise of AI, data multiplication, and connected devices, storage capacity becomes critical in managing your digital marketing operations. Use cloud storage that is low-cost or free, and that all team members may access from wherever.

Consider it an investment

Content marketing, like other aspects of business, is a marathon rather than a sprint. It won't be a huge hit right away, but it will gain traction over time, much like a snowball rolling down a hill. For individuals who have come from a paid media background where results are instantaneous, this can be rather frightening.

Keep reminding yourself that each blog post and each content offer is an investment in your marketing assets and in the business to keep focused and dedicated in the beginning. Although it takes six to nine months for your marketing campaign to really take off, this is a relatively small investment for the long-term effectiveness of your marketing program.

Address your audience with messaging which makes them feel special

Refining your marketing copy for cohorts within a broad target market is essential when it comes to maximizing conversion rates. You need to address your audience with messaging which makes them feel special and as if they have a 1 to 1 relationship with your brand. In order to achieve this you need to customize your messaging for as many customer cohorts as possible.

Focus On Audience & Insights

A large part of digital marketing is social media marketing with so many powerful platforms like TikTok. It can be easy to watch what everyone else is doing but trying to replicate it is tough. If you put your values first and focus on adding value to the community you serve by adding your own unique insights you will thrive. When you’re talking about things you know, people will resonate with you and you’ll be able to dive deeper into it and create a strong community.

Make it a company-wide initiative

One of the keys to content marketing success is to have the entire organization buy into a culture of content from the top down. This means that everyone in your company will not only be enthusiastic about your marketing team's efforts but will also participate in content creation and promotion.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult difficulties that marketing departments in larger companies confront, but it is crucial. My advice is to start at the top and convince all of your C-level executives to support the creation of a content culture. Following that, you can use this advice to spread the content culture throughout the company.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

The topic has long been asked: is it preferable to write a lot of basic articles or a few exceptional pieces? The bottom line is that each piece of information should add value to the reader and make them glad they read it.

However, it's critical that you post consistently and frequently. As a result, there must be a balance, which varies slightly depending on resources, industry, and target audience.

In general, I recommend posting three high-quality, 700-word blogs per week. Although this may appear to be a lot at first, it is a terrific formula for fast gaining traction in your content marketing (typically four to six months). It's great if you can do more than three blog articles per week, but at the very least, try to do three.

Personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for any startup, but it has evolved over the years, as you must now be able to send out personalized emails to your subscribers, in order to stand out from the crowd and get them to open your emails. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by making use of email marketing and CRM tools to gather customer information and automate the emailing process. You can then use these tools to personalize your campaigns by sending out emails to your subscribers based on their unique interests. This in turn will help you to increase the likelihood of sales conversions, shift their impression of your brand in a positive direction and even increase brand loyalty over the long-term.

Let your audience help create content

User-generated content (UGC) increases engagement because people enjoy seeing and sharing their own work. It's a smart method to spend your digital marketing budget. It can also boost sales. Customers believe user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions more than advertising emails or search engine results. Collect user-generated content: You can utilize apps or websites to collect user-generated material and organize it for evaluation, organizing, and distribution. You can't ignore negative brand content and hope it goes away. Learn from it and thank those who made it. Let them know you value their input and will use it to improve your product or service.

Don't avoid email

Encourage website and social media visitors to join your email list so you can keep sending them useful information and solutions to their concerns. Your email list should be checked for duplicates and inactivity. Email marketing software allows you to personalize email content. This increases engagement by making recipients feel valued as individuals. This type of technology allows you to personalize without spending a lot of time on it.

Know your audience's online hangouts

The number of online channels and communities has increased for both consumers and business professionals. The fact that many people use these channels concurrently as consumers and business professionals can make discovering these targets more difficult. Marketing 101 is knowing where to find the right individuals. If you want to establish a successful online marketing plan, you need to know where your audience hangs out and use technology to learn why they do. You need to know how each channel is used, who uses them, and why. In terms of strategy and content, this can assist you interact with that audience. Online conduct is tracked by many programmes that monitor social media sites. They can help you track your targets online. You know when they'll be on particular channels and for how long.

*Create a flexible digital marketing plan.*

You need a plan to implement these search marketing strategies. It should give a structure for your B2B marketing strategy and methods. Everyone must know their role in order to monitor and track actionable items.

Expectations, trends, and technology constantly change digital marketing. A planned plan provides a solid base from which to change as needed without losing focus. A content management system (CMS) is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy's content marketing and SEO methods. Your CMS can vary along with your methods and messaging. Your digital marketing strategy should be wide, but you should also keep an eye on changing trends and ineffective techniques. Analytics tools let you recognise and predict changes in your digital marketing approach.

Targeting the market, their interest, and preferences should be the star strategy

During the first year, I thought that digital marketing is solely for the company to be known and visible to the market. Focusing on its benefit and interest should have been the priority back then.

But today, I have fully understood that digital marketing focuses more on the people that it wants to reach and engage to be effective and efficient.

Targeting the market, their interest, and preferences should be the star of every strategy. Doing this will enhance the touch that marketing strategies have, leading to better results and increased revenue. Though all the efforts are for the benefits of the entity, focusing on the public and seeing from their perspective will be the key to faster growth.

Don't focus on just one industry

If you want to be great in digital marketing don't just stick to one or two digital marketing channels. Learn other channels and web analytics. Seeing the big picture is the best way to make yourself useful in digital marketing.

A lot of people specialise in one industry and that is great. What makes you even better is if you learn how other industries are doing digital marketing. You will often pick up an idea that might or might not be used in your industry. After all creativity doesn't come by following the same trends as others in your industry. For an example, I started in digital marketing for the hotel industry. I learnt it well, but I realised I stayed in the hotel bubble isolated too long, because there was much more going on outside of it. Digital marketing techniques, ideas from retail, btb businesses that I never heard of. Some o those techniques could be used in hotel digital marketing and I would never know them if I sticked to my industry.

Engagement is everything

I wish I had known how important engagement was to my business. Engagement is everything. It's the single most important thing that you need to achieve in your business. I struggled for years with trying to scale up my business. I kept spending money on blackhat SEO and buying social media followers which got me nowhere. I didn't know how to get my content shared and out there in front of people that needed it the most. Then I finally stumbled upon a system that showed me the way, which is why I'm now able to help others to do the same.

Search engines love videos so if you can find a way to create videos related to your niche that are actually helpful and interesting to the viewer, you can rank for any keywords you want in Google.

Keep in mind that it takes about 5-10 hours to create an awesome video that is going to rank well in the search engines so be sure you are prepared to do the work before you start.

Leverage 3rd party generated content

Leveraging 3rd party generated content has by far been one of the best choices we've ever made to grow our audience and social reach.

The value it brings in showing off the great work your users are doing, even if it doesn't directly showcase your product, continues to add value to your user base and helps foster authenticity of your genuine care for your users to receive exposure for their efforts.

My best digital marketing tip is to spend effort link-building in the context of genuinely helpful, niche-specific content. You can only optimize your own website to a certain extent. At some point, you will have to look at increasing your authority in your industry by positioning yourself as a thought leader. Hence it is of utmost importance that you reach out to reputable media sources and pitch your expertise in a way that also helps them at their jobs. It is best to stick to your expertise and topics that you genuinely have something to say about instead of trying to pitch yourself on topics that have no relation to the value you put out into the world. In other words, link-building should be a product of authentic thought leadership, not the other way around.

One of the most enduring generational stereotypes is that older generations tend to be more deferential to authority and resistant to change. One of the effects of this stereotype is that the views and opinions of older employees tend to be viewed under this periscope. For instance, instead of seeing a dissenting opinion to a new idea as a valid counter-proposal, it might be dismissed as simply a sign of intolerance to new ideas and change.

This can be harmful because the precise benefit of having older generations in the workplace lies in their profound experience, much of which continue to be applicable in the present.

Social media marketing done right keeps your customers in the loop

One digital marketing tip I want to give is to use social media for marketing. Though I knew that social media can be used for marketing, I didn't think that it can make such an impact if used correctly and religiously.

Social media marketing when done right not only helps to bring in new customers but also helps to keep your customers in the loop. Social media now has become a great way to promote and get exposure for any brand. You can do networking on both LinkedIn and Twitter at the personal and company level to help with your business. Through social media, you can tell your existing customers what services and products your company provides. It is the easiest way to put your brand out and create awareness about it.

Focus on just 1 marketing channel and strategy at a time

Stop chasing another growth hacks. Recognize what strategy works best for your business model and go all-in. Every single effort in life has its own compounding effect. Hockey stick growth is much more common than regular steady growth.

When I started my entrepreneurship journey I tried every time to hop on the most trendy, and sexy bandwagon. I tried Instagram accounts - got 2 accounts to 10k followers within 2 months, and abandoned it for another

sexy market channel.

Then I tried Twitter, Reddit, Instagram again, cold emailing, viral side project, and many more.

Only the consistency in 1 strategy provided me the results I desired.

Craft a narrative that is in line with your business's core values

With my years of experience with marketing and business, I realized that marketers that are good at crafting captivating narratives have an edge over those who don't. Customers are charmed with it. It simplifies everything for you and for them. And in the digital world, forming content that tells stories is so much easier.

If you can craft a narrative that is in line with your business's core values, then customers that has similar values will have a deeper relationship with your company. Customers are going to feel like your business is a part of their identity if you share the same values and narrative. This is how strong storytelling is. And if a marketer is not doing it, then they're missing out on something big.

Mobile-first UX design for websites

The one tip I wish I knew before starting digital marketing is the mobile-first UX design for websites. Smartphones have become the most popular way to access services by consumers if current statistics are anything to go by. With a mobile-first UX design enterprises focus their attention where most of their clients are flocking thus enabling them to enrich the customer experience and reap a significant ROI.

A mobile-first design would have improved my website’s ranking in Google thus potentially leading to more conversions. The design would also have meant fewer distractions and an accessible layout as it would have forced designers to focus mainly on essential content. Further, a mobile-first design would have led to a less complicated upgrade to bigger screen sizes without losing essential data as is the case in reverse.

Put things into practice earlier

I spent many months studying digital marketing on digital learning platforms and at university. It was great, but I wish I had put things into practice earlier.

I started to really learn and understand digital marketing from the moment I bought a cheap domain name and hosting and created my own WordPress website to try to grow it into a mini business. I learned how to design a website, increase its organic and paid traffic, advertise it on social media, launch link building campaigns, acquire new partnerships etc. All by myself.

It's a bit like jumping in the deep end of a swimming pool when you learn to swim. Until you do that, you can't really call yourself a digital marketer.

Ensure that your website is mobile optimized

I wish that I knew how important it is to ensure that your website is mobile optimized. I remember focusing on other aspects of my website that I completely overlooked mobile optimization. Due to this, we were unable to generate a lot of traffic to the website.

I remember talking to a colleague once who made me realize that people use their mobile phones more than their laptops. Customers are constantly browning through their phone while being on the go. Whether it is walking a dog, going for a walk, or commuting in the subway, people always have their smartphones handy.

So, I decided to make my website accessible to mobile users. As a result, customers were able to enjoy the overall experience. I noticed that more people started visiting my website. This increased conversion rates and sales, and improved customer engagement.

Having a mobile-optimized website has also helped me with Google’s “Core-Web-Vitals”. So, I’m able to measure things such as the site’s speed, visual stability, and responsiveness.

Educate and reap the rewards of success

I wish I had known this earlier instead of throwing flashy ads in front of potential customers when I started my digital campaign and this is what most people do, put up a bunch of ads and see what sticks.

Providing educational resources during the start of a marketing campaign offers your potential customers value. When I started educational videos, blogs, and social media ads my patients told me that it made me stand out and it showed them that I cared about them. Some of them also said that it felt like I'm communicating with them on a personal level and this is what drove them to my practice.

After adopting this approach, my monthly revenue and outreach to clients increased 5 times and I was able to reach an audience that I could have never reached before.

Make sure you're targeting the right people

This is the most important aspect of marketing. Try to tailor your audience to your products. Create your own audience by following them through various stages. Refine your target audience list based on demographics, interests, and behaviour. *If this fails, the entire goal will be lost.

Secondly, research is essential. *The best knowledge you gain for online marketing comes from closely following your own competitors.* Follow their organic feed, advertisements, website, and upcoming events. This will give you an idea of what is popular and where it is popular online. Try to incorporate some of these into your own marketing strategies. Not only that, but you can improve your digital marketing by digging into what your customers are saying on the web. Discover what they are looking for and what makes them tick.

Influencer collaboration does not mean digital marketing campaign success

I wish I had known that collaboration with an influencer does not necessarily mean the success of the digital marketing campaign. Before we started with digital marketing, we wanted to target influencers with a high following as we thought that they will greatly help in the campaign.

However, the following does not mean interaction so when we did this campaign with an influencer, it did not result to increase in sales. Hence, before starting any collaboration, check for interaction, not following on the influencer's page. This will result to a better campaign.

Make use of VPS hosting

The success of your website is largely dependent on its hosting. Your website should be hosted on a server that is both speedy and safe. Using shared hosting solutions is not a good idea. Although they are less expensive, having your website hosted with a group of other websites is risky. In a shared hosting environment, you share an IP address with other websites, and if they engage in spamming behavior, it will negatively influence your website as well. When compared to the benefits you receive, paying $20-$40 per month for your virtual private server is a bargain. Make sure your website is safe with a valid SSL certificate and that the software is up-to-date by choosing an SEO-friendly web hosting company.

Make your website as quick to load as feasible

Page speed is a significant component in both usability and ranking.

Avoid using unneeded graphics or other decorative aspects to make your website as quick as feasible. Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to test your website's performance and follow their suggestions.

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