MonetizeMore vs AdMaven

MonetizeMore vs AdMaven

MonetizeMore and AdMaven are relatively influential brands in the world of online advertising. They both service a wide variety of clients effectively and have established reputations for getting results in a reliable fashion.

However, MonetizeMore and AdMaven are individual companies with their own ways of doing things that often deviate from each other, so here's a list of the most common features people look for in an advertising service and which of the two excels where the other doesn't.

What Are MonetizeMore and AdMaven?

MonetizeMore and AdMaven are advertising affiliates that connect networks of advertisers to online publishers for monetization purposes. If someone owns a high traffic website with a decent amount of ad space, these services provide the means by which that person is able to find good quality advertisers to put content on their site in exchange for money.

Of the two, MonetizeMore is generally more well known as it's been a pretty big name in the advertising business for a long time, being on par with services like Google AdSense in terms of advertising prestige.

AdMaven is a more niche service by comparison. Although it's been around for a similar time frame to MonetizeMore, it's not as well known, but it does come with certain qualities that make it a good alternative to more mainstream services, with a particular emphasis on native advertising.

MonetizeMore vs AdMaven Category Comparisons

Let's take a look at which aspects of an advertising service are most important to consider and how MonetizeMore and AdMaven compare to each other in each category.

Advertising Effectiveness

Arguably the most imperative thing to keep in mind is whether an advertising service is actually effective at connecting publishers to advertisers and whether that results in substantial financial gains. Both MonetizeMore and AdMaven are impactful in their own right, but of the two, MonetizeMore definitely provides a greater experience.


MonetizeMore has access to a Google Ad Exchange Master account and is part of major advertising networks, like PreBid and YPO, meaning they can grant their clients access to a wide range of advertisers that other services can't really compete with. They also utilize the PubGuru Ad Inspector Plugin, which assists their customer base with ad placement and bid scaling.


AdMaven has access to some pretty decent advertisers as well, but many of the advertisers don't interact with the Google AdSense network, which is indicative of the fact that they're not the best kinds of advertisers; they're not necessarily bad, but many more of them will be substandard when compared to MonetizeMore.

Ease of Use

If a service is easy to use, that's always a plus. Complex logistics or UI isn't usually a dealbreaker, but it can be a huge headache that many people would like to avoid.

Keeping that in mind, AdMaven is probably the better of the two from a usability standpoint. Getting it up and running is relatively simple as it

just involves cutting and pasting a couple of lines into a website's files. Using AdMaven's analytics tools and customization options are simple to understand, access, and change to suit individual preference.

MonetizeMore is very similar in a lot of ways, but its reporting system is notoriously lacking. For some advertising networks, getting crucial analytics is an easy process since it's automatic, but for a lot of them, you need to manually search for information, which is often not straightforward and seems a bit odd for a service that's otherwise considered top-notch.

Service Accessibility

Individual services have different entry and usability requirements for their customer base, which, if not met, can result in service termination.

Depending on the circumstances, this isn't necessarily an issue, but online publishers who are pushing terms of service limitations might want to be wary.

From an accessibility perspective, AdMaven is easily the better of the two. The service is lenient on what kinds of websites it's willing to work with and there's no minimum traffic requirement, meaning users don't have to be concerned with how low-traffic periods will affect their access to advertisers.

By comparison, MonetizeMore is incredibly stringent. They're very selective on what kinds of domains they work with and do manual reviews of websites to see if they're a good fit for their service, which has historically resulted in a lot of rejections. They also have an exceptionally high traffic requirement, with each website needing at least 500,000 monthly visitors.

Customer Support

No matter how tech-savvy someone is, they're going to end up having questions from time to time, so customer support is a big part of a service's viability.

In this category, MonetizeMore is the superior of the two.

Customer support is huge benefit to the MonetizeMore platform as the company has almost 300 employees working around the clock globally to assist users with whatever problems they're having. There are also personalized account management options available and representatives can be reached either through email or live chat.

AdMaven, on the other hand, has a bad reputation when it comes to the quality of their customer service. Hostility and long wait times aren't uncommon, which has been a major factor as to why lots of people have stopped using the service.


It's important when you give a business significant access to your website that you know exactly who you're dealing with. Transparency, accountability, and consistency are all traits you should be on the lookout for.

Perhaps due to the scale of its influence in the online sphere, MonetizeMore is by far the more secure choice.

MonetizeMore is very transparent with their revenue sharing system, how they operate, what they expect from their clients, who is working for them, and comes with certain service guarantees that other services won't even consider going near.

AdMaven isn't sketchy or anything, but transparency is questionable in many ways. The company has no BBB rating, does not reveal revenue sharing statistics, and doesn't appear to have an extensive set of security measures in place.

Which of The Two Is Best Overall?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would use AdMaven over MonetizeMore and vice versa, but in general, MonetizeMore is the better service.

Although it's not always the easiest to use and there's a high bar for entry, once you get past those hurdles, MonetizeMore's performance completely knocks the competition out of the park. They provide access to premium advertisers, never engage in underhanded behavior, have solid customer service agents, and are on the cutting edge of advertising technology and techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MonetizeMore compatible with the PubGuru Ad Inspector plugin?
MonetizeMore has access to the main Google Ad Exchange account. They also use the PubGuru Ad Inspector plugin to help their customer base with ad placement and bid scaling.
How do MonetizeMore and AdMaven differ in their offerings to publishers, particularly in terms of ad format options, revenue generation, and ease of integration?
MonetizeMore focuses on programmatic ad sales and advanced optimization for larger publishers with high traffic. AdMaven offers aggressive ad formats like pop-unders and is known for higher eCPM rates, catering to publishers looking for quick monetization and a wide range of ad formats.

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