MonetizeMore vs Adsterra Comparison

MonetizeMore vs Adsterra Comparison

When it comes to finding an advertising service for your website, there's a pretty saturated market for you to choose from. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which is the right fit for your online platform, but two of the most prolific services you're bound to come across are MonetizeMore and Adsterra.

Both of these services operate in a similar capacity, but ultimately they offer very different kinds of resources. So, here is an overview of what MonetizeMore and Adsterra are, which one is the better choice, and which one is the most appropriate for you.

What Is MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore is a self-described revenue monetization company that helps individuals and businesses with monetizable online space reach premium advertisers. The company has been around since 2010 and has more than 260 employees around the world that service a very diverse clientele.

What separates MonetizeMore from similar companies is their status as a premier monetization company. They only service websites that have an incredibly substantial level of traffic and meet stringent quality standards. MonetizeMore was one of the first major revenue maximizing companies to catch special attention from Google's advertising division.

The company managed to achieve  Google Certified Publishing Partner   status relatively early in its existence, allowing it to manage an exceptional pool of advertisers. This reputation and resource advantage has made MonetizeMore a big name in online advertising, which from the perspective of online publishers has both positive and negative connotations.

What Is Adsterra?

Adsterra is a company that helps its clientele maximize their websites' CPM outcomes, which is to say that they increase the quality of a website's visitor impressions while minimizing the amount of money they have to pay for them.

Adsterra is a pretty multifaceted platform due to its customizability, but its most unique feature is that it allows users to either engage in self-service by utilizing Adsterra resources by themselves or allows users to take advantage of direct, dedicated service from Adsterra employees.

The company was founded in 2013 by a team of affiliate marketers and focuses much of its effort on using multiple different kinds of advertising, usually in non-aggressive fashion, to get websites the best advertising outcomes possible.

What Should You Be Looking for in an Advertising Service?

There are a long list of variables worth considering when thinking of revenue maximization, but the following are the most relevant for most website owners.


Giving a company a significant access to your website domain's files can be a huge security issue, so it's important that the services you're utilizing are trustworthy in of themselves and also that your website isn't left vulnerable from outside actors.

Pricing and Payments

Whether a service is cheap or expensive isn't really significant in of itself, but getting the right amount of value for your money definitely is. It's always a plus to find a service that gives you a lot of bang for your buck and is also easy to interact with from a financial perspective.

Plug-In Quality

Most revenue maximizing services use plug-ins or similar instruments to collect data and configure ads, but there's a lot of variety when it comes to plug-in quality.


A particular service can be the gold standard in quality, but it won't count for much if it's hard to use. Always try to access a service that's simple to interact with and not too confusing.

Ability to Get Results

This is probably the most imperative consideration when it comes to the bottom line. If your goal is to maximizing ad revenue while minimizing cost, whatever platform you're using has to be able to get results; everything else is important, but comparatively less so.

Customer Support

Revenue maximization is complicated and you're almost certainly going to have a lot of questions. It's good to stick to a service with exceptional customer support, otherwise you'll end up having to deal with a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Which of the Two Is the Superior Option?

Of the two services, it's pretty obvious MonetizeMore is the superior choice in most respects. When compared to  AdSterra,   it has the following advantages:

  • It has greater access to advertising networks. MonetizeMore is heavily interlinked with a Google AdX Master Account, meaning it provides access to exceptionally good (high paying) advertisers. It's also a member of PreBid and Digital Content Next
  • It utilizes its own fraud detection system, Traffic Cop, which is well-known for keeping bots and other malevolent actors away from ad spaces, rather than relying on third-party services
  • MonetizeMore comes with automatic currency conversion for advertisements, which is useful for international commerce
  • Employees at the company provide a lot of useful advice for how to get ads on websites to become Google Ads compliant for essentially all publishers. With  AdSterra,   this would be considered a more specialized service
  • Comes with a stratification of service to best suit individual website needs
  • Has very advanced demographic targeting capabilities, which Adsterra tends to lack

Despite MonetizeMore coming out on top, however, Adsterra does come with some more attractive features, including:

  • It has no minimum traffic requirement, so pretty much anyone can use their services
  • Adsterra is really great at making ads more visible using its social bar technology
  • Integrating Adsterra into a domain is as simple as copying and pasting a line of code

Overall, Adsterra is more accessible to the average user and although it does have some nice bells and whistles, MonetizeMore outcompetes it in almost every way.

Is One of These a Correct Fit for You?

When thinking of a monetizemore vs adsterra comparison, what your unique needs are should influence the service you use rather than which one is technically best.

MonetizeMore is definitely the better choice for publishers that have a large, difficult to navigate online presence which requires lots of dedicated support, but also have a fairly consistent userbase.

By comparison, Adsterra is a more appropriate platform for people who have more modest needs and just need something to help them monetize their online space; it's fairly low-pressure and you can change the level of service you want fairly easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do MonetizeMore and Adsterra compare as ad monetization platforms, particularly regarding ad format diversity, revenue optimization, and publisher support?
MonetizeMore specializes in programmatic ad sales and advanced optimization techniques, suitable for larger publishers seeking personalized ad management. Adsterra offers a variety of ad formats, including pop-unders and native ads, with a focus on global ad delivery and is accessible to publishers of varying sizes.

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