AdCash vs Ezoic: What to Choose as an Adsense Alternative

Before you start working with ad networks, you need to choose the platforms that will be most beneficial in terms of efficiency and revenue. Multiple ad platforms can be used if desired. This will allow you to reach a wider audience. However, out of a variety of platforms, it is best to choose a maximum of two or three networks. And first - to explore all the options.
AdCash vs Ezoic: What to Choose as an Adsense Alternative

AdCash vs Ezoic: Which Advertising Network Is Better

Before you start working with ad networks, you need to choose the platforms that will be most beneficial in terms of efficiency and revenue. Multiple ad platforms can be used if desired. This will allow you to reach a wider audience. However, out of a variety of platforms, it is best to choose a maximum of two or three networks. And first - to explore all the options.

Here we offer to compare two popular ad networks: AdCash vs Ezoic. Let's analyze the features and advantages of each.

Ezoic at a glance

Ezoic is a large and popular ad network that is commonly used in conjunction with Google Adsense.

According to the creators of the project, the  Ezoic platform   was created to maximize the income of the site. It optimizes our website and offers ads that are most likely to attract users.

Ezoic knows how to maximize your money by split testing many placement ads at a time, due to multiple ads on your page. By comparing all ads on one page, you can see and analyze ezoic average epmv and revenue in general.

It's simple - each unique visit makes money because they usually have to click on a different page. This is the user visit that you need to maximize in order to get the most revenue.

The main feature of the network is the automatic adaptation of ads for each specific user. Using AI algorithms, the platform analyzes the interests of users, their behavior on different devices and at different times of the day, the effectiveness of specific advertisements and other parameters. According to the official website of the project, Ezoic analyzes several thousand parameters in order to improve user behavior on the site and your income.

In addition, the platform allows you to independently test placements and ad combinations.

Thanks to this, you can find the most suitable advertisers, with whom the income will grow as much as possible.

Briefly about AdCash

AdCash is also a large and popular ad network. Considered one of the best Adsense alternatives. Enables you to effectively display ads on mobile devices and desktops. Depending on the device, ads are displayed in different forms. The project has over 200 million active users worldwide.

The main feature of AdCash is the global reach of audiences from different countries and the exclusive Anti-Adblock technology. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to show ads on sites to people who have an ad blocker installed.

Ads are displayed in different forms depending on the mode type. This is beneficial for smaller publishers as they can choose the best one for their budget.

Note: Traffic in the AdCash network is designed primarily for the promotion of games, goods, mobile content, etc. That is, for the most part, these are inexpensive goods with a low cost per click on an ad.

Ezoic and AdCash functions

Functions and capabilities of AdCash:

  • customer support via Skype;
  • detailed statistics;
  • the ability not to change advertising tags;
  • Anti Adblock technology.

The Adcash system determines the interests of the user using cookies. Having received the data, the system assigns a mark to the user about the presence of a particular interest in a particular area.

Ezoic features:

  • Drag and drop ads option. Allows you to run automatic multivariate advertising testing.
  • Artificial intelligence for advertising and revenue optimization. The system focuses on user location, user types, device types, and ad density.
  • Testing layouts and content. Allows you to improve the layout of your site and test it in real time. You can create different versions of content, test them and choose the most suitable for your purposes.
  • Testing scenarios. And bidding.
  •  Ezoic premium   program. Allows you to earn even more by allocating premium advertisers to your site. The function is paid.
  • Site Speed ​​Accelerator function. Takes care of site performance. You don't have to manually optimize anything. Also paid.

In general, if you compare AdCash versus  Ezoic,   the latter platform has richer functionality.

Interaction with Google Adsense

Ezoic is a Google Adsense Certified Partner. This means that they can be used more effectively together.

Usually Ezoic will increase your Adsense revenue by 1.5-2 times. This is possible by testing ad formats and locations.

AdCash is not a Google Adsense Certified Partner. However, they can also be used together.

AdCash and Ezoic ad formats

AdCash allows you to use different types of ads for desktop and mobile.

On computers, users are shown: banners, internal ad pages, interstitial ads, push notifications, and in-stream videos.

On mobile devices, the following are used: native videos, in-app video inserts, interstitial ads on websites or in an app, ads with app installs.

It should be borne in mind that some of the common banner formats are missing from AdCash. For example, with dimensions 320x50 and 320x480.

Ezoic offers mostly classic banners. There are also video ads, native ads (adjusts to the site's content), link blocks, interstitial ads. Usually there are more than 6 advertisements on a site page.

Site and traffic requirements

In both cases, the site must be white and of high quality. With unique content. Do not deceive visitors or raise suspicion. In the case of  Ezoic,   the site must also comply with Google Ads policies.

AdCash has no visitor requirement. Therefore, this network is suitable even for small projects.

Ezoic requires at least 10,000 page views per month. If there are fewer of them, you may be refused cooperation. However, the site often makes exceptions for sites with high-quality thoughtful content. By the way, Ezoic loves organic traffic because their ads perform better with it.

In general, Ezoic is more difficult to get into. In AdCash, most sites accept almost immediately.


Let's start with the terms.

Basically, the profitability of sites and ads is analyzed according to three indicators:

  1. CPM - Cost Per Mille or cost per thousand impressions of the ad. Usually this indicator is more dependent on advertisers. Namely - from the amount that they are willing to spend on a thousand views of their ads.
  2. RPM - Revenue Per Mille or revenue per thousand page impressions. This is the estimated income for every thousand web page views received. Usually, this indicator is rarely considered, since it does not show all the movements of the user around the site, and therefore does not reflect the whole picture.
  3. EPMV - Earning Per Mille Visitors or earnings per visitor. It is one of the best and most accurate modern ways to measure income from site visitors. Using EPMV, you can better understand how valuable it is to attract a unique visitor to your site, where it will be most valuable, and how it will be most productive to serve them ads.

Ezoic statistics mainly use CPM and EPMV metrics. Particular attention is paid to the latter.

CPM bids on Ezoic are usually three times higher than CPM on Adsense. Largely because Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to optimize the user journey. So the average Google Adsense CPM is $ 1. At  Ezoic,   this figure is three times higher - $ 3.

CPM rates in AdCash are about the same as those of Adsense.

Using Ezoic brings the highest possible traffic revenue by personalizing the user experience. The system analyzes the most profitable types and places of advertising, optimizes the website and provides faster loading of web pages (due to technical optimization on the CDN side and caching).

Withdraw funds

The minimum threshold for withdrawing funds in AdCash is $ 25. Ezoic has $ 20. With  Ezoic,   money can be withdrawn to PayPal or by bank transfer.

In AdCash, money can be withdrawn to PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin wallets, or bank transfer. For wire transfer, the minimum amount is $ 100.


Betting AdCash against  Ezoic,   we can conclude that both networks are good in their field.

For small projects, AdCash is the best choice. Almost all sites are accepted here. There are no attendance requirements.

For large and high-quality projects, Ezoic is more suitable. This system works great with big data, analyzes user behavior and selects ad impressions as efficiently as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is easier to get AdCash revenue or Ezoic revenue?
AdCash has more ways to earn money like PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin wallets or bank transfer. And Ezoic can be withdrawn using PayPal or bank transfer.
What ad formats does AdCash offer?
This is a good Ezoic alternative that allows you to use different types of ads for computers and mobile devices. On computers, users are shown: banners, internal advertising pages, interstitial advertising, push notifications and in-stream video. On mobile devices, we use: native videos, video inserts in applications, interstitial advertising on websites or in an application, ads with application installs.

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