Thinkific vs LearnDash

Thinkific vs LearnDash

Pros and cons of the two educational platforms: This article examines the Thinkific vs. LearnDash fight.

Thinkific vs LearnDash

Nowadays, e-learning platforms are very popular. Due to the massive quarantine due to the 2020 pandemic, people realized that  working from home   can be the same as studying.

In fact, there are a lot of such platforms, but this article is about the main opposition - Thinkifiс versus LearnDash.

What are these platforms and what are they for

These platforms are designed to create both the simplest courses and complex multi-module ones. The purpose of creating such courses and modules can be anything, but the main thing is to generate income by selling such courses.

Online course platform comparison table

  • Pricing: Thinkific $ 49 Starter; LearnDash $ 159 Starter
  • Zero transaction fees: Thinkific -; LearnDash +
  • Free plan: Thinkific +; LearnDash -
  • Free migration: Thinkific -; LearnDash -
  • Withholding paid: Thinkific Check; LearnDash Instant
  • Video hosting: Thinkific +; LearnDash -
  • Sell ​​Membership: Thinkific -; LearnDash +
  • Sell ​​downloads: Thinkific -; LearnDash -
  • Sell ​​courses: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Chat support: Thinkific -; LearnDash -
  • SCORM context support: Thinkific -; LearnDash +
  • Unlimited courses: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Unlimited Students: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Unlimited storage: Thinkific +; LearnDash -
  • Paypal: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Band: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Other payment options: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Multi-language: Thinkific +; LearnDash +
  • Multi currencies: Thinkific +; LearnDash -

+ the table shows those conditions that are not on the site, and -, accordingly, what is implemented in the program. Based on the data given in the table, it turns out that the first program wins the battle of Thinkifiс against LearnDash.

Feature Comparison of Thinkifiс vs LearnDash

In this chapter, three parameters will be selected for comparison: for the administrator, for instructors and teachers, and for students, learners. The data are shown in the table.

Table 1. For administrator

  • Drag & Drop course builder: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Drip feed content: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Course content - quizzes, lessons, video content: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Monitoring and reporting: Thinkific Basic system available. Advanced analytic reports can be accessed by purchasing add-ons such as ProPanel or TinCanny Reporting .; LearnDash yes
  • Multi-Instructor Support: Thinkific Yes, with third party addon; LearnDash yes
  • Multimedia lessons - audio, video, images, text: Thinkific Yes; LearnDash yes
  • Live videos and student webinars: Thinkific Yes, can be accessed using third party add-ons; LearnDash yes
  • Themes: Thinkific Works with any modern WordPress themes; LearnDash Comes built-in

Based on the data in the table, the first platform wins again in the battle of Thinkifiс against LearnDash. Because its functionality for the administrator is wider and fewer additional add-ons are required.

Table 2. For trainers / teachers

  • Instructor / Author Panel: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Ability to add / edit / delete courses: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Commission Tracker: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Student-teacher communication: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • View student assignments: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes

Based on the results of this table, the battle between Thinkifiс and LearnDash is a draw. The functionality for teachers and instructors on both platforms is designed as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

Table 3. For students / pupils

  • Front End Dashboard - View Profile, Activities, Lessons, Courses: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Individual lessons with instructors: Thinkific Yes - optional; LearnDash yes
  • Access to courses via mobile phones: Thinkific Yes; LearnDash yes
  • Peer-to-Peer: Thinkific Yes - 3rd party add-on required; LearnDash Yes - comes with built-in discussion function
  • Enrollment for several courses: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes
  • Access to download certificates: Thinkific yes; LearnDash yes

Based on the results of this table, the first platform wins the battle of Thinkifiс against LearnDash, because all the functionality is available in it without any third-party add-ons.

Pros of LearnDash

The most important plus is that the design of the visualization greatly simplifies the creation of the course and makes it visually more pleasant and memorable.

In addition, this platform has a number of special conditions.

  • For example, a certain course or content may be available only after a set number of days after registration.
  • You can customize the release date of certain content
  • Also available is a unique video course function.

Based on all this, the following advantages of this platform can be distinguished.

One of the obvious advantages is deep control over all platform functions, which gives the maximum result. The second important plus is the presence of video lessons, this is very important if the user wants to lead video courses.

The disadvantages include the fact that this platform will be difficult to use for an ordinary ordinary user. Also, the main disadvantage is that a lot of functions on this platform are available only with the connection of additional plugins.

And what about the pricing policy? The base version costs $ 159, an additional $ 189, and the PRO version costs $ 329.

Pros of Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the most famous systems for creating and selling online courses and membership sites. You can use it to create courses that include videos, downloads, rich text, and graphics.

To accept payments and provide access to the course, you can create a sales page with all your own branding. Thinkific vs other systems wins significantly in terms of its features.

This platform is suitable for those who do not really understand how to do business in this way.

When creating courses, the platform suggests using templates based on what you would like to use. This is very convenient for beginners who have not fully figured out this whole system and are trying to do it.

Considering the main advantages of the platform, described in the article, we can note the availability of round-the-clock support, where you can ask any questions regarding the platform at any time.

  • Instant payouts
  • Unlimited content and students
  • Templates for course creation and much more.

The pricing policy is very loyal on this platform, since the option of a free subscription is implemented here. Suitable for those who are not sure and want to try what it is all about. The base plan is $ 49 per month. PRO tariff - $ 99 per month. And there is also a premium plan - it will cost the user $ 499 per month.

In conclusion: LearnDash or Thinkific?

Summing up after all that has been said, I would like to note that Thinkific has more advantages than the second site. The most important advantages include their pricing policy - there is an opportunity to try the platform's functionality for free. In the battle between Thinkifiс versus LearnDash, Thinkifiс wins in all respects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Thinkific and LearnDash differ in terms of their offerings for online course creators, particularly regarding platform integration and user experience?
Thinkific is a standalone online course platform offering ease of use and built-in marketing tools. LearnDash is a WordPress plugin, offering deep integration with WordPress websites. Thinkific is ideal for those seeking an all-in-one solution, while LearnDash suits users who want to leverage WordPress functionality.

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