LearnWorlds vs TeachAble: Side-by-Side Comparison

Online learning platforms are services that act as an intermediary between a student and a teacher in distance learning via the Internet. These platforms automate and optimize the work of the school, which reduces the cost of education, the burden on the teacher, makes learning in it easier and more efficient.
LearnWorlds vs TeachAble: Side-by-Side Comparison

LearnWorlds vs TeachAble: Side-by-Side Comparison

Online learning platforms are services that act as an intermediary between a student and a teacher in distance learning via the Internet. These platforms automate and optimize the work of the school, which reduces the cost of education, the burden on the teacher, makes learning in it easier and more efficient.

While at first glance these two LearnWorlds vs. TeachAble platforms appear to be similar, there are some obvious differences. They are not easy to see with the naked eye. But some are worth paying close attention to.

LearnWorlds vs. Τeachable: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Let's consider each platform in more detail

LearnWorlds is committed to improving online teaching practices for educators, professional trainers and companies. LearnWorlds clients are entrepreneurs, educators, and small and medium-sized businesses who value education and strive to offer the best learning experience to their students, clients and employees.

Options LearnWorlds vs. TeachAble supports the idea of ​​Everything is available for learning and encourages everyone to create online courses. TeachAble's clients are individual entrepreneurs, creators, bloggers, YouTube users and artists who are interested in creating a course business, adding extra income, or looking for ways to make money online.

Course creation

With both course platforms, it is easy to create an online course. Both offer basic training features, unlimited hosting for videos, PDFs and text. However, they are very different when it comes to the details of running an online school / academy or teaching business.

TeachAble offers an easier way to create a course due to its lack of features and educational options. LearnWorlds often seems more complex due to more features / functions and advanced educational features. Here's a quick rundown on the common features of both course platforms:

  • Hosting video and content;
  • Content import;
  • Downloadable content;
  • Built-in blocks;
  • Student discussions;
  • Private courses;
  • Prerequisites (compliance with the course);
  • Certificates.

Going a step further than just creating courses, LearnWorlds truly surpasses TeachAble by offering more advanced teaching and learning tools. Unlike TeachAble, LearnWorlds comes with robust built-in social networking and community building functionality. You can choose who can create these groups. And have access to them, which gives you more control over them.

Learning is rarely an activity that takes place in a vacuum; it is primarily a social activity. Students need to interact with the teacher, classmates, and the wider community.

Website, landing page builder and design

When choosing a course platform, another important part of your research should include website features and design. Especially if you are looking for a white label platform, you want to be able to customize the look and feel to suit your brand.

Both LearnWorlds and TeachAble offer an easy-to-use system for creating, customizing, and white-labeling an e-learning website. For example, both offer possibilities:

  • Creating and editing landing pages.
  • Website development.
  • Write a blog.
  • Edit (html / css).
  • Connect a custom domain - www.yourwebsite.com or course.yourwebsite.com.
  • Free SSL certificate.

When it comes to creating a website to host an online course, you can see some differences between the two platforms. TeachAble has only one theme. And you can only use it, while LearnWorlds website design offers a wide range of templates. And this greatly speeds up the site setup.

TeachAble offers a Power Editor that allows you to modify the base template with more advanced customization of lectures, courses, pages, blog posts, author bios and page layouts. However, to do this, you will need your own developer to help you. TeachAble recently moved its Power Editor to its Pro plan and up, but there is minimal control over the design of these pages.

LearnWorlds vs TeachAble's unique website builder lets you create beautiful landing pages from a rich library of ready-made and responsive templates. With it, you can create a fully responsive website and customize it to match the look and feel of your brand. You can also edit the HTML code yourself for more customization. All this is available on all tariffs.

TeachAble comes with (My TeachAble) - a feature that allows users to manage multiple schools under one account and enable those accounts for school users. While this is a great feature as it makes it easier to use, it loses its white labeling capabilities and students share the same profile across multiple teachers and schools.

On the other hand, LearnWorlds offers a complete White Label with social media accounts and email notifications that are branded by the customer.

Sales and marketing functions

When everything is set up and ready to go, you will need to start promoting your courses. Here LearnWorlds and TeachAble have the most common functionality with minor differences and different implementations of the functionality (for example, little tweaks or how to use them). Both LearnWorlds vs TeachAble platforms are marked with all the necessary features to promote and sell your online courses:

  1. Connection of a payment gateway and instant access to your funds.
  2. Several payment methods.
  3. Membership / Subscriptions.
  4. Coupons, discounts and promotions.
  5. Integration with marketing tracking and analytics tools.
  6. SEO-optimization.
  7. Course duration.
  8. Affiliate reporting.
  9. VAT handling through Stripe & Quaderno Integration.

However, there are a few differences.

This is where TeachAble has a slight edge in sales and marketing as it allows you to send marketing emails or updates to students. There is an option to subscribe to the TeachAble's Discover marketplace and mobile app. This opens up broader market opportunities for your courses.

LearnWorlds instead of offering built-in email marketing features, offers integration with the world's best email marketing automation tools.

  • Payment gateways

Both platforms offer multiple payment gateways. Both offer Stripe and PayPal integrations, but the similarities end there.

(LearnWorlds) serves local payments through advanced Stripe integration. And allows you to use iDeal, Bancontact, Giropay and Sofort for payments. On the other hand, TeachAble offers Apple Pay and Google Pay. For countries without access to major payment systems, LearnWorlds comes with 2Checkout and PagSeguro!

TeachAble has an operator gateway with TeachAble Payments, but the app is only available in the US, UK and Canada.

Administration and security

Whether you are a course creator looking to better understand your students and sales, a HR professional, or a trainer interested in seeing your students 'progress or customizing your users' experience, the administrative side is extremely important.

LearnWorlds and TeachAble offer many options for managing and reporting learners:

  • Dashboards;
  • Sales reporting;
  • Data export;
  • Reporting and Analytics Course;
  • Manual recruitment of students;
  • User administration (resetting passwords, changing e-mail, etc.).

Registration and security options

Here at LearnWorlds, we also believe that administration and security are extremely important. That's why we're taking some extra precautions by offering more control, customization options, and protection for your data and that of your students:

In terms of support, LearnWorlds offers 24/7 customer support and phone support, which TeachAble seems to be missing. Also, it has very limited support for free clients like no connection.

Scalability and premium features

Both LearnWorlds and TeachAble have accounts that include hundreds of thousands of users, with a total of millions of users served by both platforms. In terms of commercial scalability (B2C), both can support a large number of users.

Marketplace for mobile applications

LearnWorlds vs TeachAble platform offers an app under the TeachAble brand name. In it, the creator allows you to view your course side-by-side with your competitors. Students can access courses from all the schools they enroll in and discover other courses from other teachers. The app is only available on iOS (Apple) devices and has no Android equivalent.

Pricing & Plans: LearnWorlds offers the best value for money

Both course platforms offer unlimited users and courses with their paid plans and different features at each level.

LearnWorlds vs TeachAble pricing offers a lower entry threshold of $ 29, while TeachAble offers a very limited free plan and starts with paid plans at $ 39 (monthly payments).

On a higher level, the full LearnWorlds and TeachAble features are only $ 299 per month. Plus, LearnWorlds comes with Enterprise pricing, which you need a quote for, while TeachAble doesn't.

Summary: Better Solutions Between LearnWorlds and TeachAble

LearnWorlds vs. TeachAble is the premier learning platform for creating, managing and selling online courses. It surpasses TeachAble in almost every aspect of online learning and offers a higher level of branding and customization to represent your brand.

LearnWorlds is the choice of top course creators, picky educators, and serious corporate trainers who care about their students.

In general, TeachAble is a good option if you want to promote and sell an online course because it has powerful marketing features. On the other hand, it lacks real e-learning, user experience, branding and customization when compared to LearnWorlds.

While there are many similarities between the two platforms, LearnWorlds offers the most advanced features at the best starting price. It also offers all the tools you'll need to create, manage, sell, and deliver your online education, and customizes its look and feel to work well with your brand.

If you are looking for the best representation of your brand, LearnWorlds is the best choice for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways do LearnWorlds and Teachable differ in functionality and user experience, and how can these differences guide course creators in their selection?
LearnWorlds offers advanced interactive course features and customization options. Teachable focuses on ease of use and simplicity. Creators should consider their need for course interactivity versus a straightforward setup and management process.

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