LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Which is Better?

Thinkific is great if you want to sell your first online course and don't need a lot of extra features. The project offers the creation of courses at an affordable price. LearnWorlds is better suited for large businesses looking to start an online school.
LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Which is Better?

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Which is Better?

Thinkific is great if you want to sell your first online course and don't need a lot of extra features. The project offers the creation of courses at an affordable price. LearnWorlds is better suited for large businesses looking to start an online school.

This article compares LearnWorlds vs Thinkific for what they offer. By the end, you should have a good idea of ​​which one is right for you.

Thinkific claims to be the # 1 online course platform. LearnWorlds really excels in helping you create engaging video content right on the platform without any complicated post-production or editing.

Thinkific is an all-in-one online course platform that allows anyone to quickly create and deliver content-rich courses on their own branded website. It is an international online platform for conducting training or providing courses online.

The platform works for its users and is constantly being improved. Recently, the course builder has become more convenient and flexible, and the tools for analytics and course reporting have improved. Plus, the platform provides individual Thinkific price plans, which shows concern for the user.

It also offers some of the best features in terms of testing and assignments, and has a strong focus on online courses.

LearnWorlds vs. Thinkific: A Side-by-Side Comparison


LearnWorlds and Thinkific have several levels of plans available. Some of them may have limitations that limit how you run your online course business, so it is important to evaluate them and choose the right one.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific has a beginner plan that costs $ 24 a month. The Starter plan allows you to create unlimited paid courses, as well as the ability to build an embedded community.

The big limitation of this plan is that the page builder will only allow you to create three different pages: the home page, the course catalog, and the post-login page.

You will also be charged a flat transaction fee of $ 5 for each sale of your course.

The Starter plan gives you the ability to accept payments through Stripe, 2Checkout, Paypal, and Shopify. And you get access to basic integration, which includes a list of about a dozen third-party apps.

The next plan is the Pro Trainer plan, which costs $ 79 per month. Starting with this plan, you no longer pay transaction fees when selling a course.

You can create an unlimited number of courses, including paid ones. And you get access to a complete blog website builder.

The Pro Trainer plan also gives you more payment flexibility, including the ability to charge subscription and membership fees, and allows your students to pay in installments.

You can also have up to 5 administrators or instructors. The $ 249 Learning Center Plan includes everything in the Pro Trainer Plan. But you can have up to 20 administrators or instructors. You can also bulk upload students and you get access to full functionality (White-Label). There are also some technical additions such as API integration and webhook integration.

Take a look at the different LearnWorlds pricing plans offered by the platform and the features you get for each one in this LearnWorlds roundup.

Thinkific Rates

Thinkific Pricing - Teach online on Platform 1 for online courses. Thinkific's pricing model is a little more complex than other projects.

First, it is one of the few online course platforms that offers a free plan. This can be a great way to test some of the platform's core features without paying. Although it is clear that this plan is more stringent.

The Free plan will allow you to host up to 3 courses. This includes all the video, audio and PDF files you want.

You can have an unlimited number of students. Best of all, even the free Thinkific plan has no transaction fees.

The Basic Plan costs $ 39 per month and includes all the basic tools and features you need to create your first online course.

You can have unlimited courses and students. Course content can be added or postponed as scheduled.

At this level, you get your own domain and can take advantage of email integrations with platforms such as Aweber, ConvertKit, and Constant Content. Plus, you can use Zapier triggers to integrate with hundreds of other apps.

On the marketing side, you get access to create coupons and use basic affiliates. You can also send emails to your users, but only one at a time. Bulk email requires optional package.

The most popular Thinkific plan is the $ 79 / month Pro plan. It offers a complete set of tools for more experienced course creators to grow their successful online business.

In addition to all the basic features, the Pro plan allows you to have 2 site administrators and 5 course authors.

At this level, you can offer memberships and packages. Alternatively, you can offer more advanced pricing options. This includes one-time plans, payment plans, subscriptions, and more.

The Pro plan also gives you access to create assignments, certifications, and communities. Finally, there is the $ 399 a month Premier plan if you really want to build an online course empire. This level is intended for large-scale education.

Explore and compare Thinkific plans to get all the features for your courses.

In addition to any of these plans, you may need to add an optional Growth package, depending on what you need to run your business. The Thinkific's Growth Package is free for your first 100 students, followed by $ 0.10 per student up to a maximum of $ 499 per month.

No limits where it really matters

Neither LearnWorlds nor Thinkific place restrictions on the parts of the online course where it matters. On any platform, you can host an unlimited number of courses and have an unlimited number of students for one flat rate. Neither platform limits the number of videos or other files you can host. Both in terms of shared storage and bandwidth usage.

Some other online course platforms may limit the number of active students or the total number of contacts you can have. Or how many products you are allowed to offer. Or how much bandwidth you can use per month.

So it's nice that neither of these two platforms imposes either of these restrictions. This allows you to grow your business without the worry that you are going to reach an artificial limit and incur additional fees or need to move to the next plan.

Course constructors

Both LearnWorlds and Thinkific offer course builders that make it quick and easy to put together your dream online course.

Thinkific Course Designer

Mental course construction. There is a reason Thinkific is so popular. It's convenient, efficient and easy to use! When it comes to creating your online course, Thinkific makes it easier than almost any other platform. Just upload your course content.

It's simple enough that you can use it right away without any training or programming knowledge, but it's powerful enough to create custom solutions for almost any online course.

If you want full access, you can use HTML and CSS coding to really develop your pages to the fullest.

Thinkific supports all kinds of multimedia content in your courses. You can use video and text for instruction. Any additional files can be included as downloads. And you can use polls, quizzes, and discussions to really engage your students.

You can actually customize the course of your course. You can make certain lessons a prerequisite for others. Or you can scatter the contents of the schedule if you don't want people to swallow all of your lessons in one sitting.

LearnWorlds Course Designer

LearnWorlds also offers a simple yet powerful and flexible course builder. You can choose exactly how your users will navigate your course. Do you allow them to move freely through your material and move forward, or do you want them to work with it consistently? Or do you want to add new content on a schedule?

It's up to you, and you can set your own limits so that users interact with your course the way you want. LearnWorlds course creator pays the most attention to how he renders video. You can use the video tools available to really grab the attention of students and increase their engagement.

LearnWorlds allows you to automatically extract the transcript of an interactive video at the click of a button. A transcript can help increase accessibility, audience understanding, and generally make it easier to navigate your story.

You can also add additional elements to your video such as hotspots, questions, titles, image overlays, links, and more. This makes your videos even more interactive. It also saves you a lot of editing and post-production time. Just upload your raw videos straight to the platform.

Website, landing page builder and design

When choosing a course platform, another important part of your research should include website features and design. Especially if you are looking for a white label platform, you want to be able to customize the look and feel to suit your brand.

Both LearnWorlds and Thinkific offer an easy-to-use system for creating, customizing and white-labeling your e-learning website.

However, LearnWorlds offers a more robust, modern and powerful website builder with complete website templates and more control over the elements of each page.

So first the similarities:
  • Website and blog creation and e-learning
  • Edit HTML / CSS
  • Connect your personal domain - www.yourwebsite.com or course.yourwebsite.com
  • Free SSL Certificate

With the new LearnWorlds website builder, you have complete control over design, user journey, and many different templates. It also comes with 8 complete website templates, color theme control, and even the ability to create your own templates.

In addition, an impressive new feature is the ability to control who sees certain areas on the page. For example, if you want to have an offer for non-customers, you can show the zone to registered users who have not made a purchase, and users who have made a purchase will not see it.

LearnWorlds is a clear winner when building an e-learning website to sell online courses. You can create a course website with a few clicks, or control your brand down to the smallest detail.

If you are running an online course, you will most likely need some kind of testing.

You can test your students to make sure they really internalize what you teach. Or maybe because you want to offer a certificate at the end.

Thinkific lets you use quizzes and surveys without grading, even on a free plan. On the higher planes, you will unlock the ability to create assignments as well as hand out certificates upon completion of the course.

For more advanced testing, you will also need to pay for the Growth package. This enables the integration of Brillium exams and allows you to create more personalized exams with try limits, time limits, and other features.

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific offers more built-in testing functionality without the need for integration. You can offer a wide variety of both informal and formal quizzes that can be assessed or not.


While this is where LearnWorlds truly excels Thinkific as we go one step beyond simple course creation and offer more advanced teaching and learning tools.

This is evident in recent decisions from both companies: Thinkific is discontinuing SCORM support, and LearnWorlds is working to expand and improve its SCORM hosting capabilities.


Both Thinkific and LearnWorlds are excellent platforms for online courses. Choosing any of these will ensure your success in your business and provide you with all the basic functions. None of the platforms will limit you in terms of the number of students or courses you can take. And you don't need to worry about file storage or bandwidth.

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How do LearnWorlds and Thinkific compare in terms of course creation flexibility, e-commerce capabilities, and overall user experience?
LearnWorlds offers advanced interactive features and customization in course creation, while Thinkific is known for its ease of use and straightforward e-commerce integration. The choice depends on the creator's preference for course interactivity and customization (LearnWorlds) versus simplicity and ease of use (Thinkific).

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