A Complete Overview Of TalentLMS

A Complete Overview Of TalentLMS

Before starting work in the TalentLMS service, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the full overview of this service. All the features, pros and cons of the program - everything is inside the article!

TalentLMS full service overview

TalentLMS is a popular service for creating courses on a variety of topics. The platform is famous for its laconic design and user-friendly interface. We suggest reading the TalentLMS review.

TalentLMS review

Site capabilities

The main goal of the platform is to create and sell quality courses. A huge range of tools are provided for designing clear, beautiful and interesting products.

You can create your own presentations and documents. TalentLMS offers to create neat text using text and presentation editing. The topic can be absolutely any, it is enough just to have knowledge in the described area.

The site allows you to use content from third-party Internet resources. YouTube, Wikipedia and many other information sites. It is allowed to include links in works for more detailed acquaintance with the topic.

The ability to communicate with the readers of the product is configured. Create polls to see if readers liked your content, add ratings to understand the quality of the product being sold.

TalentLMS has excellent traffic, so you can sell courses not only through this platform, but also through PayPal, social networks and other Internet services.

Many people are already developing thanks to this resource, creating and learning new materials. How to become part of a wider community?

Working with TalentLMS

First you need to register on the site, fill out a short form and log in as an administrator. The course editor is now available to you.

In the special field Courses on the main page, we can see a list of previously created products and create new ones. Click on the Add Course section. A special window has appeared in front of us, where there are the following fields:

  • Course name. The name is maximum 100 characters, try to fit the whole essence of the product being sold in it;
  • Category: Select a category. You independently determine which topic to include the course;
  • Short description. It is important to describe the product here with all the details and pros. Maximum 5000 characters;
  • Assign a course code;
  • Set a price for the course. Rely on the quality of the material. Price should be directly related to quality;
  • Time limit. The term for how much the buyer must complete the purchased course. It is possible to save access for users who have already completed the program;
  • Certificate. You can choose it from several offered and configure the certification period;
  • Difficulty level.

The work as an administrator is over. The course has been created and the settings shown above can be changed.

Now you need to become an instructor in order to load data into the program.

Click on the product and see several buttons:

  • Add;
  • Inform users;
  • Edit course information;
  • View as a Student;
  • Share.

On the right we see the fields:

  • Content;
  • Users;
  • Files;
  • Rules;
  • Reports;
  • Chronicle.

From all the available buttons, select Add. You can add absolutely any information to the course: content, web content, video, audio, presentation, test, survey, assignment, and so on. The instructor can customize the content as desired.

Let's look at adding information using the example of Web content. By clicking on the tab, you can enter the title of the lesson, the method of execution and a link to the information you need. The instructor can edit the added page by changing the font, photo, adding tables.

You can add video, image, other text content to the created material. To add a video or image, you need to select the title of the section, the method of execution, the method of uploading the file (Internet / your archives) If the information is downloaded via the Internet, then you need to add a link, and if from your archives, then just select the content and add it to the lesson .Presentations and documents are added from the Internet resource or from those available on a computer / phone. At the end of the lesson, you can add a test or survey. First, we enter the name of the test, and on the right we see the following columns:

  • Select a question;
  • Ask the order of the questions;
  • Establish the importance of the questions;
  • Test parameters;
  • Add a question.

Using all these buttons, you will be able to create a good test that maximizes knowledge after completing the lesson. In the test, you can customize the text (from information to color and other parameters), add tables and links.

The test parameters will allow you to set the passage time, passing score, repetitions, completion, behavior, safety and other settings. Each complex contains several parameters. This is necessary for perfect test optimization.

At the end you can see how the student sees the lesson. Thanks to this feature, you can correct errors and shortcomings and correct information.

You can constantly change the content, add new files and polls, edit old lessons. We advise you to always monitor your students' progress on the test. At the end, you can add a final test, where you can add links, old materials, questions from the first tests, and so on.

You can add correct and incorrect answers to tests. There may be several correct answers. You can customize the points earned for a particular answer during test setup.

To add an assignment, you need to click on the corresponding button during the course editing. We enter the name of the task, the type of implementation and the exercise itself. Add pictures, URLs, tables and other types of content. The student can complete the assignment directly in TalentLMS or download a file from a computer or smartphone. The file formats range from TXT to PDF. The instructor can see the completed exercise by the course participant. The teacher evaluates the completed task, notes whether this stage has been passed or not, points out errors and gives further advice.

The administrator can monitor statistics and other data about the courses currently being sold. It is possible to customize reports.

Click the reports column and move to the item. On the left, you can see a diagram, you can choose from what and to what date to show changes in reports. It is possible to export it to Excel. On the right we see the following columns:

  • User reports;
  • Course reports;
  • Organization reports;
  • Group reports;
  • SCORM reports;
  • Test reports;
  • Survey reports;
  • Task reports;
  • Customizable reports.

In reports on tests, surveys and tasks, we can see the percentage of work done by users. Each solution and answer can be seen in more detail, as well as in the form of a pie chart. In user reports, you can see the number of students and teachers. In course reports, you can see all the lessons available within the program.

In the Account and Settings tab, you can set the site name, site address, local information, choose a logo or icon, make announcements and set up security, enter a domain name or establish a connection with an external domain. In the Themes column, you can select a site theme , choose a color scheme and background. Update it or create it as new.

TalentLMS has provided for the creation of ads, the recipient will be able to view them in real time via email. Through the administrator's profile, go to the Events engine button, then Add notification. Now we select the name (maximum 100 characters), select the event, then, by clicking on the filter, select the course from the previously created ones, select the recipient and determine the hours of the mailing. Later, edit the description of the notification: new task, content, poll or test (maximum 15 thousand characters) ...

The TalentLMS review is over. Now you know how to create a course, customize content, participants, view statistics and reports for all available programs.

Of course, the range of services is wide, but what other advantages and disadvantages does this platform have?

Pros of TalentLMS

The service allows you to create high-quality courses using not only your own resources, but also from third-party Internet platforms.

The ability to monitor statistics and reports for all programs. Follow polls, assignments, users.

A wide range of various options, ranging from creating the first lesson, ending with setting the font and text in general.

High traffic and good sales thanks to active advertising of the service.

The ability to withdraw funds through different payment systems.

Compatible with other platforms.

You can create, edit, change courses both through a PC and using the mobile version. It is worth considering that there is no special TalentLMS application, the work is done in the same way through the browser.

Integration with Wordpress.

Cons of TalentLMS

Few templates, which does not suit some users. You cannot add your own, you have to use the settings.

To work on the service permanently, you need to pay a certain amount. The cost is $ 59 per month (you can use the trial version)

Lots of alternative programs, with a more complete number of tools and options.

Not compatible with Windows and Mac.

Training in creating / taking courses is not conducted individually. If you have any questions, you can contact only support.

Not all educational platforms may be used. No possibility to share content, storyboard.

In conclusion: how is the TalentLMS platform?

TalentLMS is an easy-to-use learning management system suitable for both experienced and novice creators. Since, for example, the system allows you to quickly create courses for corporate online trainings. This is one of the most popular platforms for creating different courses.

The platform is famous for its laconic design and user-friendly interface. And TalentLMS pricing will be able to pleasantly surprise each of its clients, which shows a good attitude.

The TalentLMS review is over. We invite you to familiarize yourself with other products for developing educational programs, because other options may suit you. There are platforms with a lot of options, high traffic, and more convenient to use. We advise you to try other sites, choosing the perfect service for yourself and creating high-quality and useful programs!

★★★⋆☆  A Complete Overview Of TalentLMS With lot of qualities, including the compatibility with other third-party platforms, TalentLMS has a lot to offer. However, it may lack content personalization options compared to its competitors.

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