LearnDash Review: LearnDash Short Course

Website development on Wordpress includes the development of many options. Some website owners want to organize online training. The LearnDash plugin comes in handy for this. This multifunctional plugin allows you to integrate educational courses and training system on the site.
LearnDash Review: LearnDash Short Course

LearnDash - educational WordPress site

Website development on Wordpress includes the development of many options. Some website owners want to organize online training. The LearnDash plugin comes in handy for this. This multifunctional plugin allows you to integrate educational courses and training system on the site.

LearnDash is a dedicated WordPress plugin. It is easy to integrate it into any WordPress site. It doesn't matter which template is currently installed. The plugin allows you to quickly create and sell courses, give certificates, conduct testing, and work with reports. There are many more functions available.

As a result, the site owner can build an effective and understandable training system for his wards. The review prepared by us LearnDash will help you understand the capabilities of this plugin.

Who will benefit from LearnDash?

The plugin is compatible with any theme and can also be used for multisite. You can customize courses in different designs, for this several tools are available. Thanks to this, the course will be attractively designed and will definitely captivate users.

LearnDash will be useful for all site owners who want to create an effective training system on their resource. This plugin is suitable for educational institutions, developers, companies. It will be useful for all training related organizations.

Key features

LearnDash plugin has several main features. First of all, it is the development of courses and their sale. With this plugin, you can create a wide variety of courses. For each of them, you can choose your own style, depending on the specific tasks and characteristics of training.

You can develop online courses with several levels, divide the entire training into several lessons with a choice, create several categories and use different media, be it video or audio.

You can also add a quiz, a timer to lessons, a grade sheet, create a forum. All information on the topic can be given out gradually according to a certain schedule. And for those who have already passed all levels of training, you need to issue a certificate.

Selling courses with this plugin becomes simple and intuitive. The developer can set his own cost for each course. The plugin allows you to create a payment schedule and add a shopping cart for ordering. To install this option, you will need to select the payment methods from the proposed ones.

The student can pay for tuition in full at once or use a periodic subscription. It is possible to sell a set of courses and split them into several levels. This opens up great opportunities for the developer and is convenient for the users.

Administrative control is available, with the help of which you can exercise complete control over all information. At the same time, managing the platform is quite simple.

Each student can create his own personal account and go through all the lessons in sequence. The site owner can send wards notifications by e-mail. This will increase user interest in the lessons and make learning more fun.

Personal mailing allows you to unite people into groups. The wards will always be aware of the main news on the topic of interest to them. You can also indicate instructions in letters, give useful advice and offer valid promotions.

But that's not all. LearnDash plugin allows you to install additional extensions in order to create auxiliary options on the site. Typically, these are free settings, such as integrations with WooCommerce, MemberPress, or other similar platforms.

The plugin's capabilities for Wordpress are impressive. With it, it is easy to create a basic course or build a multi-level training system. All wards will have their own personal account, where they will be able to track the results of their studies.

How do I get started?

In order to start using the plugin for Wordpress, you need to go through several steps in sequence:

  1. Installation. You need to purchase a plugin from the developer, and then install it on your resource in the control panel;
  2. Activation. After installing the plugin, you will need to activate it, so the LearnDash LMS tab will appear in the console;
  3. Course development. To add an online course, you need to select the LearnDash LMS tab, then select the Courses tab and add information to the menu.

When you add a course, a special page appears in the console. Here you need to specify a description of the course, edit the settings. In order to add lessons, testing or a certificate, you will need to open additional pages using the plugin.

The main page is always in the attention of the developer. To get started, you need to specify the name of the course and the main description. You will also need to add an image and provide a URL.

In order to edit the page address and make it attractive to all users, you need to go to the Settings tab, and then select the display of permalinks in the menu. Next, you will need to specify the correct page address and save the changes. After that, you can go to the course page, refresh it, and the URL will change.

Course settings are changed on the corresponding page. You can add course material, manage information, specify tuition prices, select training conditions, and add a certificate.

To create a paid course, select the Course tab and go to the Price type section. Here you can specify several statuses for the developed course. It can be open and accessible to everyone, or it can be provided free of charge after user registration. Buy Now status indicates a paid course.

You can also specify a recurring payment for access to the course. After choosing a paid course, you should add the cost and indicate the payment cycle, if necessary.

A section for sorting lessons is available, where you can choose the desired order of information display. There is a tab on the page with a list of short codes. They can be used to add the necessary information about the wards, participants of the quiz or tests. After that, you need to check all the edited settings and save the changes.

An addition is allowing students to create their own interface. This option can be useful if the developer has several teachers, but there is no need to provide them with access to the site console.

In these cases, a special LearnDash extension will be useful, which greatly simplifies the control over access to the site. You can specify the appropriate status for teachers so that they can create and manage courses, lessons, quizzes, but do not have access to the Wordpress console.

Lesson content

The developed online course can be divided into several lessons. This feature is useful because it allows you to break down the entire course content into parts. The wards will get the opportunity to study the information gradually, without losing interest in the topic and will not be tired of too much information.

To create the first lesson in the course, select the LearnDash LMS tab, then go to the Lessons tab and add a new lesson. You will need to indicate the title of the lesson, write the content, upload media files. You should copy the page address from the video hosting and specify it in the settings editor.

To customize the lesson, you need to scroll to the appropriate tab and edit the settings. You must select the course to which the lesson belongs. After that, you need to add a timer and make the loading of the task by the students.

Lesson content can be visible on certain days or after a specific time from the moment the user registered. After making all the necessary settings, be sure to save the changes.

The plugin allows you to add quizzes. To do this, you need to edit the settings in the appropriate tab, indicating the name of the quiz and an introduction to it. After that, you will need to link the quiz to the desired course. You can specify the passing score and the number of repetitions of the questions.

It is allowed to add a timer, display students' grades, specify the automatic start of the survey on the page. All results are sent to users by email. The plugin allows you to add text that will be displayed to users after passing the quiz.

It is easy to create questions and answer options for the quiz. Several question styles are available, including hints, multiple choice options, and displaying spaces. Provides the ability to export a quiz using additional plugins, for example, Quiz Reporting.

Algorithm for setting up payments

After developing the course, you need to proceed to setting up the online payment system. LearnDash plugin supports PayPal integration. The site owner has the option to install a free plugin extension.

This is done in several stages:

  1. Installing an extension. The LearnDash plugin extension is installed in the Wordpress console;
  2. Adding a payment system. You need to add a payment system such as 2Checkout or Zapier;
  3. Setting up payments. All settings are edited in the tab menu;
  4. Examination. After all the changes made, Paypal verifies the specified information and approves the connection of online payments.

Summing up: 4 out of 5!

LearnDash plugin has many different options and capabilities for creating user-friendly online courses. The intuitive interface will allow you to quickly make settings, and the documentation and YouTube videos will provide the necessary information.

LearnDash is a WordPress Learning Management System (LMS) plugin that will allow you to develop, market and sell your online courses, regardless of their subject matter. Installing LearnDash is very easy and won't give you any problems.

It's essentially a one-stop solution with comprehensive course management, lesson plans, quizzes, homework, course progress, and more.

As a result, the site owner will be able to build an effective training system for his wards.

★★★★☆  LearnDash Review: LearnDash Short Course LearnDash plugin has many different options and capabilities for creating user-friendly online courses. The intuitive interface will allow you to quickly make settings, and the documentation and YouTube videos will provide the necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features and benefits of LearnDash for short courses, and how does it cater to the needs of course creators and learners?
LearnDash is ideal for creating short courses due to its robust LMS features, including intuitive course builders, quizzes, drip-feed content, and certification. It caters to creators with its flexibility and integration with WordPress, while learners benefit from a structured, interactive learning experience.

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