MooSend review – Email Marketing Platform Overview

An electronic marketing platform in the form of mass e-mail newsletters. It takes its place among other automated mass marketing systems. The criteria for selecting the most suitable platform for the customer are:
MooSend review – Email Marketing Platform Overview

MooSend review

An electronic marketing platform in the form of mass e-mail newsletters. It takes its place among other automated mass marketing systems. The criteria for selecting the most suitable platform for the customer are:

  • Opportunities to reach a large targeted audience.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use organization of mass mailing.
  • Availability of blanks in the form of templates and ready-made workflow diagrams.

MooSend is a simple and intuitive system that allows you to organize and implement mass mailings to convey your messages to the circle of recipients of letters that are necessary to achieve information and business goals.

Moosend is a platform for creating advertising mailings. The platform will allow you to create informational messages with a custom design without using program code (No-Code). Each platform has its own characteristics, so there are moosend pros and cons.

Moosend Features:

  • Creation of a personalized newsletter.
  • Library of 80 ready-made letter templates.
  • User activity tracking.
  • Creation of landing pages.
  • Segmentation of users for distribution.

MooSend pricing

The pricing depends on the email list size, starting with a free plan, no credit card required, up to 1000 subscribers, and then a Pro plan with decreasing price per 1000 subscribers: from $8 for 1000 subscribers to $3 for 200,000 subscribers.

The free plan is great for testing the service out, and comes at no cost, it only does not include landing pages, priority support, the possibility to add other team members, and custom reporting.

With the pro plan that offers a decreasing price based on amount of email subscribers, all functionalities are included except custom reporting.

An enterprise offer can also be negotiated for large accounts, and is based on service-level agreements.

Platform description

The authors of the system, which was created in 2011 in the UK, brought out the expression E-mails That Click - E-mails that are clicked as the slogan. This can be interpreted as follows: letters open and study the content, and also follow the links. The platform is targeted at both large organizations and individual freelancers.

In terms of technical characteristics, the MooSend service, an overview of which is presented here, is built as a system in which repetitive tasks and operations are automated so that message authors do not waste time on the routine side of marketing campaigns. They can focus on creativity or working out relationships with customers or counterparties.

The purpose of the cloud service platform is to manage one or more mailing campaigns, compose mailing lists, compose newsletters.

What's included:

Mailing templates.

Responsive templates are composed in the form of blocks in such a way that each of them can be customized depending on the tasks and in accordance with the brand of the mailing list authors.

Process automation tools.

Drafts of letters are saved automatically, which creates a comfortable environment for adding additional information and correcting errors.

The person working in the system can create subscription forms to receive subscriber data. These forms are written in codes that allow them to be inserted on a website, on social media pages.

The mailing base is compiled in the form of lists, which are divided into groups, they collect the necessary information about subscribers. The campaign is configured depending on the data that is presented in each specific group, letters are sent to different segments of the audience.

You can select trigger events, add filters. Scenarios of workflow actions are compiled. These include

  1. Formation of new subscriptions.
  2. Abandoning the basket.
  3. Subscribers' anniversaries.
  4. Other.

Real-time analytics.

Analytics are provided by MooSend. It is a collection of data on the level at which emails are opened for subscribers, taking into account the devices they use, email clients, the performance of gadgets and computers, location and activity displayed.

Email editor.

The editor is built so that it was easy, even for an operator who does not have serious training, to transfer certain elements by dragging and dropping. They can be added, removed, and adjusted elements. At the same time, an experienced user can work in the system of HTML and CSS codes with the inclusion of the necessary tags and markup options.

E-mail messages are tested in the editor and viewed in formats of various devices.

Mailing system functions

As part of email marketing, MooSend provides the following functional tasks:


A function that provides operational communication with customers and partners. Example: immediately after a contact, for example, in the form of a subscription to a newsletter, a chain of letters is automatically sent to the subscriber with the necessary information at regular intervals. These can be instructions for using the service, suggestions for further contacts, etc.


Creation of messages according to ready-made samples with the ability to select the necessary blocks of content, as well as the formation of your own templates from an already written letter.

Segmentation of mailings.

Creation of groups of subscribers according to the selected attribute. Having a number of signs by which the audience is divided, it is possible to collect ad hoc groups for a specific targeted mailing. The criteria for formation can be geographic location, professional groups, etc. You can create groups based on a combination of characteristics.

Subscription forms.

The forms are drawn up in a standard way and are placed in those Internet locations where a potential subscriber can appear and subscribe to the newsletter: on the website, on individual pages in social networks or on community pages.

Personalization of letters.

A function that allows you to contact the subscriber as personally as possible. The letter template includes personal information that is known: the name or company name with an indication of the division. In the system, this is presented in such a way that in the form, instead of the appeal Hello, dear subscriber, the keyword Name is entered and the substitution of a well-known name, first name and patronymic, first and last name occurs automatically.

Mailing lists management.

Ability to sort, modify, split-merge mailing lists. The function allows you to personalize lists, eliminate duplicate information, etc.

Unsubscribed base.

It collects information about those who unsubscribed.

A / B testing Otherwise called split testing, it is carried out by comparing a control group of elements with a test group. At the same time, in the latter, some elements are purposefully changed in order to check which of them affect the targets.


A useful tool that allows you to see where the attention of visitors is concentrated on a site page. Analysis can be carried out not only for a single page, but also for a set of pages.

WYSIWYG editor.

The term WYSIWYG is applied to visual editing systems, meaning: what I do is what I see. Thus, the display does not take place in a programming language such as HTML, but as the one who receives the letter will see it. For professional programmers, it is possible to write in the language of HTML and CSS codes.

Spam check.

Introduced in order to prevent letters from being sent automatically to the spam section after entering the mail client.

Answering machine.

It works in response to one or another action of the subscriber: registering on the site, subscribing to a newsletter, buying in an online store, etc. An autoresponder letter will be sent after a certain period of time: in an hour, in a day or otherwise.

All these useful functions allow you to implement most of the tasks that are posed in a business environment for mailing marketing services.

Estimated characteristics of the service

MooSend positions its service as simple and affordable for newbies. It simplifies the organization of the first mailing campaign by offering to connect to a tariff plan without paying for services. You can create a complete email campaign quickly and easily.

It is assumed the possibility of drawing up a sales funnel system with triggers that allow you to build algorithms. They determine certain steps when certain events have occurred or some action has been taken.

You can evaluate the positive aspects of the mailing system:

  1. Optimal set of support options.
  2. Intuitive user-friendly and simple interface.
  3. Possibilities of integration with CRM and e-commerce systems.
  4. Built base for lead generation.
  5. Large selection of templates and the ability to modify them.
  6. Several options for registration forms.
  7. Advanced option for personalizing groups and audience segments.
  8. Intelligent segmentation of mailing lists.
  9. Proven sequences and processes of marketing operations.
  10. Delivering high-volume analytics and reporting.
  11. Export of reports.
  12. Split testing.
  13. Very fast loading of service pages.

The service has many positive features, at the same time, users find some negative aspects in the work of the mail sender. These include the fact that MooSend is not the most advanced, and not the coolest mailing option available. Another drawback is the impossibility of using free landing page builders. It is unlikely that these disadvantages can outweigh the described advantages. The choice is always up to users.

Features of the interface

The appearance of the site on the Internet is rated by many as pleasant and light. The combination of heavenly tones with white, interspersed with black-gray and orange, does not irritate the eyes. The cute ladybug in the upper left corner makes you smile and remember the name of the Moo-send service - “Moo-message”.

The screen is not overloaded with information. The interface of the service itself is schematically shown, the main features are described. A short video gives an idea of ​​how the mail program works.

The mailing program interface includes a side menu where templates can be found. The search provides filters for template design depending on the user's tasks. They will be different for news article posts and for product and product advertisements. The control panel allows you to understand current campaigns and run your own. The link to the campaign opens the opportunity to view analytic data and set up testing according to the A / B strategy.

Mailing lists are compiled conveniently, you can import subscribers from other programs, it is easy to see subscription numbers and unsubscribe options

The Automation tab allows you to navigate sequences of actions and triggers. It contains information about e-commerce systems. Automation processes are fast and easy to set up. First, a template selection campaign is set up. Next, you can use the flow builder based on triggers and sequences.

You can adapt users and send welcome letters, describe the services that the user offers to customers. There is an abandoned cart strategy in an online store where the customer is reminded of their pre-selection. It includes several operations that are automated and collected in a common block, it starts, and then goes on by itself. One of the automated functions is the assessment of potential customers. Campaigns are customized by customer type. This allows for the adjustment of lead rating processes. You can also create your own automated action strategy. This will require more advanced skills, but not a big problem for users. A system of VIP offers can be included to strengthen communication with a specific group of customers.

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★★★★★  MooSend review – Email Marketing Platform Overview In general, the MooSend system, while not being ideal, has many positive qualities. It can be classified as a successful option for e-mail marketing and commerce and is rated at 5.

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What features and capabilities does MooSend offer as an email marketing platform, and how does it cater to the needs of marketers?
MooSend offers features like automated email campaigns, customizable templates, segmentation, and analytics. It caters to marketers with its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and integration capabilities with other marketing tools.

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