A Complete And Detailed Overview Of The AdCash Platform

A Complete And Detailed Overview Of The AdCash Platform

Today, the AdCash platform offers favorable terms for people who want to drive more traffic to their website. This is a great option for setting up advertising, attracting potential customers.

AdCash is a modern exchange that has been specifically designed for mainstream traffic. Each user will be able to find the necessary tools to work and attract potential customers. The benefits include a profitable referral program.

AdCash: A Complete Platform Review

AdCash is an exchange dedicated to mainstream traffic. It can be used to promote games, sweepstakes, goods, mobile content. Traffic is not provided for offers for adults. Installation without the help of a manager is available today. To understand all the features, it is recommended to carefully study the AdCash review.

Foundation history

The AdCash platform hit the market back in 2007. It was created by a small group of entrepreneurs from Estonia and Tallinn. Today the team has grown to 100 people. They made sure to create a huge number of useful features and tools that could facilitate and simplify monetization.

Managers speak different languages. They are ready to help customers make effective use of the platform, unlock unique features that can satisfy all requests and needs. The AdCash platform offers many monetization solutions for publishers from different countries.

Today, worldwide campaigns are available in 196 countries. Users will be able to monetize traffic anywhere in the world. This is especially important for publishers looking to find Tier 3 traffic for their websites. As a result, there is a rapid increase in profits, an increase in interest in their own product. Using the AdCash platform, you can monetize desktop and mobile traffic.

Platform capabilities

For users who have a large budget, the platform provides CPA models. This allows you to create a landing page or banner for free. There are three main types of traffic available on the platform today:

  • for Desktop;
  • mobile Web;
  • In-app.

These campaigns are the most popular and offer huge amounts of traffic. It is worth paying attention to the User Interest of the campaign. They also have their own benefits and allow users to serve ads to potential customers. If a user promotes a gaming offer, ads will be displayed to people who are interested in the games.

AdCash automatically determines the interests of visitors when they visit sites. Through the use of cookies, data is received. Based on this information, the user will receive notes about the presence of interest in a certain area. The exchange offers a wide range of functionality. The tools will help you create the narrowest possible targeting. Users will be able to minimize costs and increase profits.

If you select the In-stream Video format on the website, the advertisement will be displayed in the website's video player. The ad will be shown before the main video, while watching or after. The presented format is great for people who want to promote video offers on the Internet.

Campaign creation process

The platform is quite simple to operate and intuitively accessible. Each user will be able to create a new campaign quickly and easily. First, you need to make a ready-made link to the offer. There are three tracking methods available on the platform - global postback URL, Campaign HTML pixel, Hybrid HTML pixel.

To create a tracking code, you need to enter the main menu and open the Event Tracking tab. Next, you need to go to Create Pixel. Already in this section, all settings will become available. At the end, you need to click on the create event button to get the tracking.

What settings are available on the AdCash platform?

The Event tracking option is available in the settings. Here you can go to Selected events and check the box on the actions that you want to track. There are a huge number of ad formats available in AdCash. This list includes banners and popunders.

In the settings menu, you can pay attention to the advanced targeting options. Users have access to browsers, OS, zones, type of connection and Internet provider. If you are unable to complete the settings, you can contact AdCash support. Experts answer quickly, help you deal with the functionality.

Features of tracking statistics

The AdCash platform offers quite extensive and advanced statistics for tracking. You can choose one of the following options to get a report:

  1. Daily statistics. Users have access to the total number of views, conversion data, eCPM.
  2. Detailed statistics. Here you can track information for each individual category, format and zone.
  3. Request for a report by mail. To do this, you need to specify a valid email address and set up automatic mailing.

In the process of checking the zones, you can immediately click on the icon, and instantly add it to the white or black list for the created campaign.

Additional information about AdCash

The AdCash platform is quite good and functional for users. The advantages of using it include a convenient and pleasant interface. In the process of setting, you can encounter the following disadvantages:

  1. In some countries, mobile traffic is not available. That is why it is important to study the activity indicators for the selected region.
  2. Sometimes problems arise in determining the required IPS.
  3. AdCash lacks some of the common mainstream banner formats.
  4. High threshold for entry. To start working with the AdCash platform, you need to deposit at least $ 1000 on your balance so that the manager can manage the settings. If you manage your campaigns yourself, you need to fund your account by $ 100 or more.

It is important to remember that the AdCash administration has quite strict requirements for the design and content of landing pages. During the operation of the exchange, you may encounter a refusal to launch a campaign. If this problem occurs, you need to contact support. Professionals need to send a screenshot of the landing page.

The main advantages are the quick response of the support team. Specialists quickly respond to inquiries and help solve problems. If necessary, they will advise on all the settings and functionality of the platform.

Referral program AdCash

The AdCash network has been around for over 12 years. Many publishers use the functionality to make money. A referral program is available to users. The main goal is to invite new publishers and earn 5% of their lifetime income.

Steps to create a publisher account in AdCash

It doesn't take long to create a publisher account. To register, you need to provide an email address and a link to a website with traffic. After that, the information will be sent for review by specialists. After approval, the functions and entrance to your personal account will become available.

To complete the registration, an email with a link will be sent to your email address. This is required to confirm account verification. The whole registration procedure takes no more than 5 minutes.

Payment methods and confirmation

The AdCash platform offers a huge number of payment options for users. Everyone will find the best option for themselves. Among the available methods are the following:

All these payment systems are available for withdrawing profits from an affiliate program. The minimum payout amount is $ 25. The exception is bank cards. You can request a withdrawal when your account has at least $ 10.

There are commissions on the platform. They are paid at the rate of 30 + NET. Payments are made once a month. Settings for automatic invoicing are available in your personal account. The system will independently send money for withdrawal every month. You can also request payments manually in unlimited quantities.

Publishers who have high traffic volumes can agree to pay out every 2 weeks or 7 days. The AdCash platform offers loyal conditions for cooperation. This is especially true because not all networks have such capabilities.

Conclusion on the review of the AdCash platform

Adcash is the leading online advertising platform with worldwide reach. The network provides its services to direct advertisers, media buyers and affiliates. On the publisher side, they work with direct publishers and website owners, as well as a wide range of SSPs. And Adcash sign up captivates customers with its convenience and simplicity.

After a detailed review of the AdCash platform, you can give a score of 5 points. This is a great option for monetizing your traffic. It is important to choose the right niche. The advantages include the ability to use banners or native advertising. The platform will become relevant for people who blog.

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AdCash Advertising Network Review
★★★★★  A Complete And Detailed Overview Of The AdCash Platform This is a great option for monetizing your traffic. It is important to choose the right niche. The advantages include the ability to use banners or native advertising. The platform will become relevant for people who blog.

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