AdThrive vs Ezoic: An In-depth Review and Analysis of Ad Networks

AdThrive vs Ezoic: An In-depth Review and Analysis of Ad Networks

Ezoic vs. AdThrive: Ad Networks Comparison and Review. Pros and cons. Getting started, site requirements, profitability.

Which ad network to choose: Ezoic or AdThrive. Review and comparison of the two giants.

Ezoic vs. AdThrive: Which Is More Profitable And Efficient

Advertising networks collect and combine the information of potential advertisers and then place it for potential publishers who are engaged in the provision of an advertising place. When all the details of the transaction are agreed, advertising is broadcast from the network server to the site. Therefore, before you decide, you need to make different AD Network Comparison.

Ezoic and AdThrive are two Google certified giants in the internet advertising world. These are not just ad networks, but whole complex tools. Usually both are used in conjunction with Google Adsense to increase ad serving revenue. However, platforms can be connected separately. Obes networks are very similar and provide roughly the same tools. However, there are some differences. Let's compare Ezoic vs AdThrive and see which one suits you best.

Features of Ezoic and AdThrive

The main feature of Ezoic is the use of artificial intelligence, which carefully analyzes the behavior of each site visitor. The system analyzes the time of visit, time spent on pages, interests of the user, his gender and age, as well as hundreds and thousands of other indicators. Based on this data, the AI ​​selects the most successful ad, their format, number and location. This allows you to squeeze out ads as much as possible and get much more profit. Usually after connecting  Ezoic,   Google Adsense revenue increases by about 80%.

Thanks to the use of AI, Ezoic is at one of the highest levels in terms of online ad revenue. In addition, the site provides detailed statistics and uses many automated tools.

AdThrive is an equally profitable tool. It doesn't use a powerful AI system, but AdThrive revenue often exceeds Ezoic revenue. Though not by much. This ad network is renowned for its stability, transparency, and regular payments. Website owners receive payments regardless of crises, the state of the company and the general economic situation.

AdThrive offers good bucks for 1,000 pages. This is usually $ 13 to $ 30. According to the network itself, 80-95% of publishers increased their ad revenue by simply displaying fewer ads. Many bloggers have tripled their income over regular ad networks.

Requirements for sites

Both networks are strictly related to sites that apply for collaboration. So before you get to them, you need to make sure that your site meets the requirements.

Ezoic requirements

Basic network requirements:

  • The site must have at least 10,000 page views per month to join directly, otherwise it can join through Ezoic AccessNow program and pass several tests
  • Content should be original, interesting and unique. Copy-paste and plagiarism are not allowed.
  • The site must fully comply with the Google Adsense policy.

There should also be enough content on the site. Ten articles will definitely not be enough. By the way, the site should be informational. The network does not work with corporate sites. The content must be in a language supported by Google Adsense.

Requirements for sites from AdThrive

To get into AdThrive:

  • The site must have at least 100,000 page views per month.
  • Most of the traffic should come from the following countries: United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.
  • Your Adsense account must not be banned for breaking the rules.
  • The site must have https protocol (not http).
  • The content on the site must be unique and original.

If the site meets the listed requirements, it is most likely to be accepted and allowed to monetize. By the way, the requirements can constantly change. So we recommend that you familiarize yourself with them on the official website of ad networks.

Beginning of work

Features of getting started on both networks:


To start working with  Ezoic,   you need to register on their official website. Registration is free. The network also has a paid tariff plan, but first you should choose the free option.

After registration, the company will consider your application. It will take 1-2 days, since all sites are manually checked by the company's employees.

Once approved, the site will be able to display advertisements. They can be pre-configured. For example, choose the quantity and location.


In the case of AdThrive, everything happens in much the same way.

To get started, you need to register on their official website. After that, your site will be manually checked by network employees. This will take about 24 hours. Usually, content quality, site design, number of visitors / views and traffic sources are analyzed.

Once you get approval from Adthrive, they will send you instructions on what to do next. They usually recommend the most suitable layout for your site, which hypothetically will bring the most profit.

By the way, after that, the network will continue to monitor the effectiveness of your ad. If changes are needed, you will be informed.

Ezoic and AdThrive revenue

Let's compare both networks with each other:


On average, $ 11 is paid for showing 1000 pages.

Most webmasters earn about 80% more than using another ad network or just Google Adsense. Most sites with connected Adsense increase their ad revenue by 1.5-2 times.

Note: For better results, make sure your site has enough space to display your ads. The abundance of space will allow the ad network to test more configurations. The more tests, the more effective the result.

Ezoic uses EPMV instead of CPC and CPM. However, the last two indicators can also be viewed in statistics. However, EPMV is currently believed to be a more accurate and reliable metric for measuring website revenue.

Ezoic's  CPM rates   are about three times higher than Adsense's.


On average, $ 13-15 is paid for showing 1000 pages.

In terms of income, the testimony of different webmasters varies.

Usually Adthrive provides more revenue than Ezoic. However, sometimes the income level is about the same as the competitor's. It depends on the specific site.

According to the company itself, 100% of the sites that show their ads get more money with less ads. A typical site with AdThrive earns on average 3 times more per pageview than using the services of other ad networks.

The site uses and displays several cost models in statistics: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL and CPI.

Functions and capabilities of both networks

Ezoic features:

Advertising tester.

It is an automatic multivariate testing of advertisements. Ads can be tested and verified with a simple drag and drop method.

Integration of the Ezoic advertising tester
Artificial intelligence.

The system analyzes each specific visitor, composes a portrait of the target audience of the site and selects the optimal combination of advertisements.

Ezoic Video Player Review
Layout tester.

Allows you to test the performance of multiple website layouts and select the one that best suits your target audience of the site.

Expert Ezoic Review - Means To Increase Advertising Performance Of A Website
Big Data Analytics technology

The site monitors the interaction of users with the site and their behavior on its pages.

Ezoic BigDataAnalytics Review
Detailed statistics.

You can view data about SEO, visitors, ad revenue and more at any time.

4 Secret Website Analytics KPIs On Ezoic Big Data Analytics
Video player

They offer a tool to upload your video that will then be ranked on Google as self hosted on your website, giving your related pages an extra SEO boost by proposing a competing offer to YouTube on search results, and at the same time by monetizing your videos, regardless of your audience size.

Ezoic Video Player Review
EzoicLEAP website speed optimization tool

Lately, they have released a tool free to use by any publisher, called EzoicLEAP, that automatically optimizes websites on their CDN before delivering content to visitors: it converts images to WebP format, lazy loads them, optimizes JS and CSS, and many more other optimizations, in order to reach a green score on the Google Core Web Vitals measurements and get an extra SEO ranking boost.

Ezoic LEAP: Overview Of A New Site Speed Tool From Ezoic

In addition, Ezoic has tools to speed up website loading. Both the site and the advertisements load as quickly as possible. So you do not rush to lose extra users due to slow loading of content.

AdThrive features:

Full automation.

The site takes all the worries about displaying advertisements on itself. So you can focus on creating quality content. Although, if you wish, you can intervene in the process and set up advertising yourself.

What is programmatic advertising?
Nucleus-based patented technology.

It is the most optimized and advanced ad code system.

Meet Nucleus
Advertising and layout testers

You can test different ad serving configurations.

Detailed data analysis and reporting.

The site provides detailed reports that analyze traffic trends and content creation opportunities that can be used to improve your site and increase profits.

AdThrive Publisher Dashboard Overview

More information about all the features and tools can be found on the official websites of the companies.

Money withdrawal

Ezoic has a minimum withdrawal amount of $ 20. The minimum amount for AdThrive is slightly more - $ 25.

If you are using  Ezoic,   funds can be withdrawn to PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, paper check, or bank transfer.

When using AdThrive, you can use PayPal, direct deposit, paper check, or bank transfer.


In general, both ad networks are similar.

However, Adthrive usually provides more revenue than Ezoic. However, Adthrive has very strict site requirements and policies.

The advantages of Ezoic are a powerful artificial intelligence system and less stringent site requirements.

If you want to earn more (and at the same time you have a high-quality website with high traffic), we recommend connecting Adthrive. If you are not confident in your abilities or have just launched a project, it is better to start with Ezoic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a new publisher join AdThrive?
AdThrive requirements are quite strict for new users. For example, the site must have at least 100,000 page views per month. Therefore, for new sites with a small amount of traffic, this is not possible.
How good is AdThrive earnings?
On average, they pay $13-15 for showing 1000 pages. In terms of revenue, different webmasters' readings vary. Usually Adthrive brings in more revenue than Ezoic. However, sometimes the level of income is about the same as that of a competitor. It depends on the specific site. A typical AdThrive site earns on average 3x more per page view than other ad networks.
What are the comparative strengths and weaknesses of AdThrive and Ezoic in the ad network industry?
AdThrive excels in high revenue potential and personalized publisher support but requires higher traffic minimums. Ezoic offers AI-driven ad placement optimization and is accessible to smaller publishers, but its AI approach may not suit all. The choice depends on the publisher's traffic volume and preference for revenue optimization vs. user experience.

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