What Are The Best Alternatives To AdSense?

Are you choosing a program to optimize your income and advertising on your website? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following platforms and find the best one for you!

All Adsense Alternatives

AdSense is a popular platform for optimizing ads on your website. The platform allows you to conveniently place banners across website pages.

Adsense is backed by Google - the largest search engine in the world. Thanks to him, the site has high traffic. Registration is simple and convenient, the most used and necessary layouts for the distribution of ads are presented. Some of the most famous brands use this service.

An important advantage is that the program pays for clicks on ad links and banner clicks.

Are there better and better Adsense alternatives?

Adsense vs AdSterra

One of the most multifunctional sites, because it started working back in 2013.

To this day, the company is actively developing, it has more than 25 thousand regular users who earn money thanks to the site.

AdSterra has high traffic compared to other sites. And an equally important advantage is that it has traffic across many countries and regions of the world. Your products will be distributed all over the world.

The platform offers the most necessary products from the existing ones: utilities, gambling, subscriptions and others. In addition to products, you can use popular themes: Music, Movie, Anime, Entertainment, Streaming and others. Wide scope for the development of the company.

The most sought after brands, popular bloggers and growing companies are using AdSterra. The administration of the platform carefully hides information about its users, even employees must go through a special check in order to gain access to the moderation of AdSterra.

Use a variety of layouts for the most profitable ad placement. Limit yourself to a small banner or diversify the site with push notifications, images or video formats. The site offers an exclusive banner format created by the AdSterra administration for clients.

The platform is easy to manage, has high traffic all over the world, a huge number of layouts for a profitable distribution of ads, suitable for both small sellers and large brands in the market.

AdSterra is a proven option for both novice and experienced users. We suggest taking a closer look at this site.

Adsense vs AdCash

AdCash is a company that helps young game developers or budding bloggers distribute their products and moderate advertisements.

The platform uses a cookie program from the Google service. By using this program, AdCash matches the target audience for your product. However, the traffic, compared to AdSense, is quite small.

Management and settings are easy and straightforward, there is no need to look for information on management in Internet resources.

Advertise and optimize your product only if you are confident in its quality and design. The platform administration often rejects not the best products for the slightest flaws and mistakes.

There are few ad layouts, quite primitive and popular in other programs.

Large deposit for access to the site. If you want ads and statistics to be managed by an AdCash employee, then you need to deposit an amount of $ 1,000. When working on your own, you need to pay $ 100.

AdCash should be considered if you are selling a small product that does not require high-quality and ergonomic advertising distribution. For large companies planning to develop in the future, the site is not suitable. We advise you to take a closer look at Adsense.

Adsense vs AdPushup

Optimizing your ad revenue and displaying your ads beautifully is all about AdPushup.

The platform provides access to more than 15 premium network partners. All users can become a well-known and sought-after company thanks to the support of AdPushup.

High traffic will allow users in many countries to find out about the product being sold, and you will be able to bring a good profit. A variety of ad layouts will help you optimize your banner ads.

The support is responsive and works constantly, with any questions you can contact the site administration.

There is A / B testing, which is automated for the convenience of customers.

AdPushup has been nominated for awards more than once, which can be viewed on the program's official website.

Use the platform to advertise small products as well as large products that are planning to develop in the near future.

With premium features, excellent traffic metrics and positive user reviews, AdPushup is preferred over AdSense by us.

Adsense vs PropellerAds

PropellerAds is an old company since it was founded and launched in 2011.

About 190 countries covered by the traffic of this program. Your product will be known not only in large countries, but also in other parts of the world. You can find brand buyers in other countries as well.

A wide range of resources and options for original and ergonomic banner distribution. You will be able to distribute ads in the best possible way, while maintaining the appearance of the site.

Advertise anything: clothes, cosmetics, cars and other products, PropellerAds is suitable for absolutely any product.

The program stores information, all user data is safe.

The downside is the high deposit that you need to make to work on the site. After paying in the amount of $ 1,000, you will have access to a huge range of themes and site resources. Follow the rules to avoid blocking your account. Withdrawal of funds will not be possible if the page is frozen. It is impossible to restore access. Only the most used banners are available, no special layouts are offered.

PropellerAds provides good traffic, popular layouts and great advertising for your product, but the price cap is quite high. AdSense provides equally high traffic, a large number of ad forms and allows you to advertise any product.

Here we would like to give preference to Adsense.

Adsense vs Ezoic

Ezoic is renowned for generating good income for its customers.

Monitor sales statistics and advertising performance in real time through the program. Change the position of banners as you like, thanks to a variety of layouts and forms.

Good traffic to distribute any product, from small games to luxury stores. Increase your profits thanks to the website.

You can work in Ezoic both through a computer from home and through a mobile phone. The interface in each version is convenient and practical, there are no problems in management.

The platform has a large number of partners and networks with which it is compatible. Thanks to them, product advertising will spread to other sites. This opportunity gives you excellent profit growth from third-party sources.

The only drawback is the lack of support. It is easier to find an answer on the Internet than to wait for help from the site staff.

Hopefully, by either accessing the Ezoic community forum on their website, you will get an answer very fast.

They also organize weekly Zoom calls in which you can ask any question you like to one of their specialists.

Finally, by becoming an  Ezoic premium ‌  member you will get even faster and personalized support access.

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Since Ezoic is more versatile, in this battle I would like to give preference to this platform. Adsense does not have as many ad forms and so high traffic, so Ezoic is preferred.

Adsense vs Mediavine

Mediavine's large reach will allow you to earn a good amount of money, however, it is important to follow the platform's strict rules.

Compliance with the rules is strictly observed by the moderators and administrators of the site.

This service is suitable for already developed and large brands, shops and ordinary users. High traffic to the site is important, at least 25 thousand visits per month. In addition, there is a mandatory contract that must be signed to work on this site.

In case of non-compliance with the rules, policies and terms of the contract, the profile can be blocked with all funds on it, without the possibility of recovery.

You do not have to work on the site, all the work will be done by experienced platform workers.

High traffic, excellent payouts attract a huge number of satisfied customers. Reviews can be read on the site's website.

Mediavine uses cookies to find its target audience. Using this site, the site will be able to find potential buyers of your products.

If you prefer to analyze profit on your own, set up advertising on the site, set up various aspects, then Mediavine is not for you. Despite good coverage, you cannot select banners manually.

The site will be an excellent solution for those who have little free time and leave their web page for moderation by trusted people.

Otherwise, we suggest trying AdSense.

Adsense vs AdThrive

A platform with a huge number of options and layouts.

Distribute ads as you see fit. A wide range of different banners will allow you to organically insert advertisements on your site.

The AdThrive website has reviews about this platform, you can read them before starting to check the quality of the program.

The site is equipped with high traffic around the world, a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use, as well as several partners who provide support to the clients of the site and the platform itself.

AdThrive pays not only for ads, but also for videos. Thanks to this, the income increases by one and a half times.

Smaller companies will quickly figure out the work and will be well advertised due to the high traffic of the program, and famous sellers will get more customers to sell their products.

AdThrive has a lot more advantages, so this program is the winner.

Bottom Line - What Are the Best Adsense Alternatives?

Choose Ezoic,  AdSterra, ‌  AdThrive, or AdPushup if you are a newbie or already a popular brand. Variety of layouts, great traffic and profits await you when using these three sites.

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Mediavine and PropellerAds are suitable for established vendors in the market. Thanks to the high traffic and the cookes service, you can attract new customers and organize your advertising revenues.

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AdCash is the best choice for those who do not want to develop a company and stop at creating several products. A small selection of banners, good traffic in some regions will help attract a small part of users.

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Choose a site based on your own preferences!

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