EvaDav Review For Publishers: Display Ads Monetization

EvaDav is an ad network. Traffic is traded according to CPC and CPM tariff plans for the following ad formats: native ads, inpage traffic, push notifications and popunder.
EvaDav Review For Publishers: Display Ads Monetization

Let's start the review with the definition

EvaDav is an ad network. Traffic is traded according to CPC and CPM tariff plans for the following ad formats: native ads, inpage traffic,  push notifications   and popunder.

First of all, Evadav AD Network accepts any geo-traffic. Among advertisers there are customers from anywhere in the planet. This allows everyone to successfully and profitably monetize their own web resource.

The service presented above offers, perhaps, the highest conversion coefficient in the current market. To achieve this effectiveness of advertising allows its relevance to user needs.

They offer a wide range of payment methods, 24/7 customer service and dedicated account managers. According to official figures, they serve more than 2 billion impressions every day. EvaDav strives to be the best in its class, helping your business thrive.

Opportunities for the publisher

The official website of EvaDav claims the following features:

  • Quick and easy registration, setting up advertising zones and sub ID;
  • Checking traffic sources, tracking your statistics and trends in real time;
  • Choose from a wide range of advertising formats and payment methods;
  • The ability to receive your income weekly or as part of an individual schedule;
  • 24/7 instant access to the live chat of the support service or to your personal account manager - right in the User's Cabinet.

Evadav Capability Formats

The ad network offers four placement formats, all of which convert perfectly regardless of the economic situation.

This is:

  • Push notifications are a classic notification format. All GEOs are available, the most traffic is in Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, USA. The current format of sending to sweeps, dating, toys, installs, crypto.
  • In-Page is a fresh and unhackneyed format similar to push notifications. All GEOs are available, most traffic is in India, Malaysia, Russia, USA, Germany and Pakistan. In the in-page, you can either launch a new campaign or update an old bundle that has already outlived its usefulness on classic push notifications.
  • Native traffic in Evadav is large volumes of traffic without loss of quality. You will like the format if you plan activities for a long period. All geos are available.
  • Popunder - a lot of traffic and low price are the key features of pop traffic. Banners launched from Evadav pop up behind the main window and are shown once every 24 hours without annoying users. Most traffic in Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Italy and Russia. Installation leaks, toys and, of course, pop-under pranks are what they write about in every case.

Total: 4 most popular campaign launch formats, incredible traffic volumes by country and sane traffic prices.

Registration in the advertising network is instant: go to the mail, select the role on the site (publishers connect their sites, advertisers launch advertising campaigns), confirm the registration. Welcome!

Evadav Toolkit

Why do we love or hate ad grids? For example, for a clumsy interface or statistics that are not updated for weeks. And sometimes it is the lack of necessary macros or long moderation.

Evadav developers have taken into account, perhaps, all possible nuances in order to make the process of launching, analyzing and scaling campaigns as easy as possible. Here are a few aspects that deserve attention:

  • Postback URL and Trafficback URL are all for tracking and redirecting traffic already inside the ad network. The tracker is set up very quickly, and managers will always come to the rescue if suddenly the postback does not tap out.
  • Autorules - get rid of the routine of updating black/white sheets. Once we set up the rules according to which the source files are sent in black / white, and we sleep peacefully. Most other ad networks have to do this manually.
  • Personal domains for the best partners. Evadav offers clean and unique domains to host their landing/prelanders.
  • Huge knowledge base. Section F.A.Q. in Evadav contains answers to all questions that may arise in the course of work.
  • All necessary specifications. Retargeting options, API ratings, detailed statistics on campaigns and traffic volumes/prices in the atmosphere of time. Here, like everyone else, but in a simple and convenient interface.
  • Professional moderation and technical support. After registering with EvaDav, moderators will meet you in a few minutes and offer their help. On average, moderators respond within 10 minutes, there is technical support and chat.

The key is traffic

The quality of traffic in Evadav is beyond doubt. First, to add your site to the advertising network, you need to meet a whole list of requirements. Secondly, Evadav strictly moderates advertising campaigns. The network does not allow:

  • Shocking, offensive and scary content
  • Any nudity
  • Advocacy of violence and drugs
  • Advertisement for illegal abortions/ammo/weapons
  • Official company logos

Advertising of unlicensed software is also prohibited. Advertising must correspond to the declared service/product/offer. Evadav filters junk from both publishers and advertisers.

Payments, withdrawals, referrals in Evadav

The list of deposit and withdrawal methods is quite wide.

Deposit and withdrawal:

  • Visa (SafeCharge) — $100 minimum deposit + 3% fee + $0.4 processing fee.
  • PayPal - available only upon request from the manager. The minimum deposit amount is $100, and the commission is charged depending on the amount.
  • Paxum - a deposit of $100, as well as a commission of $1, which increases depending on the amount of replenishment.
  • Bank Transfer - minimum deposit from $500.
  • Webmoney, Skrill, WeChat Pay, BitPay, Payoneer, Visa (G2A) - the minimum deposit amount is $100.

It is also possible to use other payment methods, while the minimum deposit is only $100. At conferences, you can get a promotional code, which is entered in the field next to the replenishment amount, in order to receive a deposit bonus.

Withdrawal of money is available only to advertisers and only on Mondays. The minimum withdrawal is $25.

Referral system Evadav

An additional way to earn money on EvaDav is a referral program. Unlike most refs with 3%, here you will receive 5% of the income of each attracted user. It turned out this lifelong story, and not for 6/3/12 months, as is the case in other advertising networks.

You can create a referral in the Referral program section. There is also a natural statistics on earnings and referrals.

And one more interesting moment. If there are 1,000,000 active referrals, partners receive a cool gift from the platform.

Our opinion

Evadav is a great multi-format grid that has everything a publisher needs. You can test different formats, track statistics, tap the postback, and automate a number of workflows. And all this - in one personal account. It remains only to register!

★★★★⋆  EvaDav Review For Publishers: Display Ads Monetization Evadav is a great multi-format grid that has everything a publisher needs. You can test different formats, track statistics, tap the postback, and automate a number of workflows. And all this - in one personal account. It remains only to register!

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