Ezoic vs AdSterra

Ezoic vs AdSterra

Already for a large amount of time, it is no secret to anyone that the fact that advertising is not only possible, but also necessary to earn, as this can bring far from small income. With the development of the Internet and various websites, numerous services for placing advertising content with subsequent monetization entered the lives of users. However, how can you find out where the monetization conditions are best, which service is the most relevant and diverse in the world of the advertising business? This article will provide a comparison of two of the world's leading ad placement platforms: AdSterra and Ezoic.


AdSterra is a relatively new ad service network created in 2013. In a very short period of time, the network has justified itself, has become very popular among web masters and bloggers who began to place their advertising posts on the platform and receive a very considerable income from this due to a convenient monetization system.

Adsterra is an advertising network with push, popunder, video and banner traffic from all over the world, three-level anti-fraud protection, a wide range of advertising formats and a large number of payment methods.

Cooperation with her will be of particular benefit to those who work in such areas as dating, utilities, subscriptions, VPNs, gambling, etc. The star of the ad network is Social Bar, an Adsterra exclusive format.

The platform cooperates with more than 190 countries and works for advertisers around the world, advertising manifests itself with a 100% guarantee and has a reliable payment system, which, of course, makes customers very happy.

AdSterra provides ad formats such as:

  • Pop-under;
  • Browser;
  • Flashbacks;
  • Native advertising;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Video pre-rolls.


One of the most advanced and modern advertisements. This is a special type of ads that hide behind the main tab window and are not visible to the user until he closes or minimizes the tab. The platform mainly specializes in providing this type of ad.

Newsletter (Browser)

The so-called voluntary type of advertising, for the distribution of which it is necessary to obtain additional permission from the user and direct subscription to it. This ad format is less intrusive, so it doesn't bother or annoy people.

Native advertising

Advertising that “disguises” as a general content environment. It is not separable from the wanderer, like advertising in its classical sense, but becomes an inseparable structural part of a certain page.


A banner is a classic and very common type of advertising that is available in a wide variety of formats depending on the needs of a particular user and makes advertising content as visible to potential customers as possible.

Among the formats provided by the platform are:

  • 160 × 300;
  • 160 × 600;
  • 300 × 250;
  • 320 × 50;
  • 468 × 60;
  • 728 × 90;
  • 800 × 44.

Video before the start of the video.

Advertising is very common today, but quite annoying and annoying. This is a video on a specific topic that appears at the beginning of the video content. This type of advertising is very intrusive, because the video can “crawl out” not only at the beginning, but also in the middle, preventing the user from enjoying the viewing to the proper extent.

Also in the range of services, Adsterra has a self-service platform that allows advertisers to take complete control of their advertising campaigns. Significant advantages of the platform include such criteria as:

  • ease of use, user-friendliness of the interface and the availability of tools, which will allow any advertiser to set up the management of companies with comfort for themselves and their activities;
  • automatic and fast work, the presence of a personal manager;
  • all possible setup difficulties are minimized. You can independently configure the appropriate parameters, adjust the rates and set restrictions at your discretion;
  • the ability to independently control performances.

In order to register on the platform and start using its services, you must perform the following steps in the strictly specified order:

  1. when registering, you must select one of the proposed roles: advertiser or publisher. Then go through a short questionnaire;
  2. you should visit the welcome page to fully familiarize yourself with the proposed ad format, model and payment methods;
  3. familiarize yourself with your personal account and make changes where necessary;
  4. create a company with the necessary parameters that are provided in the settings;
  5. follow-up check to make sure everything is working correctly.

On the service, you can make payments using:

The minimum possible withdrawal of funds depends on the direct payment method, which is described in detail on the platform.


Ezoic is a platform that allows you to test ads for their performance, namely:

  • placement on a specific site;
  • work of models and different types of ads.

The platform aims to optimize advertisers' income as well as improve user experience.

The service offers four types of ad placement:

  • native advertising - the so-called native advertising, which fits into the context of the proposed content;
  • sticky ads - annoying ads that annoy web users the most, appearing in the most unexpected places;
  • banners - web ads that encourage the user to go from the current site to the advertiser's site;
  • link ads - links to the advertiser's websites, which, as a rule, are not intrusive and leave a potential client a significant choice to get acquainted with a particular advertising company.

Registration on Ezoic

  1. Initially, the user needs to go to the official website and create an Adsense account, and provide over 1000 visits each month as proof.
  2. The next step is to integrate your site. It is recommended to do this using the CloudFlare service, which has been cooperating with the platform for a long time and will allow the advertiser to set up additional security for their data.
  3. Next, the testing of advertising content is set up and a single block of advertising is created before building new units so that the site does not look like a chaotic collection of diverse information garbage.
  4. The last point of registration is rather advisory than mandatory: installing Ezoic Chrome in order to facilitate access to the platform.

How it works on Ezoic

Initially, the platform offers the user a choice of two programs for work: Ad Tester or Layout Tester.

Ad Tester will only allow you to test ads, not layouts or themes. This will somewhat limit the user's work, but if the advertiser's task is only to place a variety of ads, then this will be quite enough for itself.

Layout Tester is a smarter and more advanced solution for the user. It will allow the advertiser to use all kinds of available ads, from ads to layouts of any complexity. The only possible disadvantage of the installation is the complete automation of the site, which makes it difficult to build personal parameters, such as design.

The site with the largest ad content should be uploaded to the platform, as this will help the service to display a large number of all possible combinations and variations of ad content.

The final step is to operate the  big data analytics   feature. This will help the advertiser assess the productivity of this or that type of advertising, and, as a result, earn more money for them in their further activities.

Ezoic vs AdSterra

Ezoic and AdSterra are modern and good platforms, having managed to prove themselves in the world of advertising content in a short period of time. However, which one is the best and which one is the best to use for permanent and consistently high earnings? In order to fully answer this question, you need to know what RPM and EPMV mean.


The acronym stands for Earning Per Mille Visitors. In other words, this is a system that allows the advertiser to receive income not for direct displays of advertising content, but only for visiting the required site. The report and payment is carried out for a thousand visitors.


The proposed abbreviation is as follows: Revenue Per Mille. That is, this is a system that, unlike EPMV, allows the user to earn money from displaying advertising content. The report and payment are also carried out for a thousand, but not for visitors, but for views.

The  Ezoic platform   takes full advantage of the EMPV system, and also has a reputation among users for being easy to use thanks to its completely autonomous system, and a mobile platform that is also free to register and use. There is, of course, a premium version of this service, but if we analyze the numerous reviews on the Internet that advertisers leave, we can conclude that the free option is even better than the paid one, because this only increases some obligations to the administration and developers, in fact nothing without changing the current functionality.

AdSterra uses the RPM function to monetize advertisers, which is in many ways more logical and correct, but in practice, users earn many times more money using the EMPV function, since it is more efficient and simple for users, as well as more cost-effective. However, the service provides a much wider range of ad placement types than Ezoic. Also, the platform is not automated, which depends on the needs of the user can be attributed to the merits.

In conclusion: Ezoic or AdSterra?

From this comparison, we can conclude that from the point of view of monetization, Ezoic still has some significant advantages over  AdSterra,   however, it does not completely overshadow its advantages, since some users are tired of the full automation of the former and they consider AdSterra more transparent in its operation , because thanks to the self-service system, you have to choose the site design and set the parameters yourself, which, as it is not paradoxical, is to their liking. Also, thanks to the self-service mode, the advertiser who uses it can remain completely anonymous, which also adds to the popularity of the platform, as well as the presence of a much wider variety of ad types than on Ezoic.

In any case, both platforms deserve attention from advertisers, since they are mobile, relevant in the modern world, available in a free format and allow their users to earn good money, specializing in the distribution of diverse advertising content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get access to Ezoic Premium?
In order to gain access to Ezoic Premium, you need to receive an official invitation by e-mail. After that, you can try the trial version and see if it suits your site.
What are the options for Adsterra video ads?
Adsterra is an advertising network with push, popunder, video and banner traffic from all over the world, three-level fraud protection, a wide range of advertising formats and a large number of payment methods.
In what ways do Ezoic and AdSterra differ as advertising platforms, particularly in terms of ad optimization and revenue opportunities for publishers?
Ezoic uses AI for dynamic ad optimization and testing, focusing on balancing user experience with revenue. AdSterra offers a variety of ad formats and specializes in global ad delivery with a focus on high-performance ads. Publishers should consider their need for AI-driven optimization (Ezoic) versus diverse global ad options (AdSterra).

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