EvaDav vs Monetag - Which Ad Network is Best for Your Website?

As a publisher looking to monetize your website with ads, finding the right ad network that gives you the highest revenue for your website can be a difficult task.
EvaDav vs Monetag - Which Ad Network is Best for Your Website?

Which Ad Network is Best for Your Website?

As a publisher looking to  monetize your website   with ads, finding the right ad network that gives you the highest revenue for your website can be a difficult task.

When deciding between two ad networks, EvaDav vs Monetag, consider their strengths and determine whether they suit your publishing model, traffic source, and content niches.

You want to join the right ad network that helps you to fill the most ad space, optimize your ad layout and ultimately generate the highest revenue for your website. Before deciding which ad networks to go with, consider these different factors first:

  • The ad network size
  • The type and quality of the ads
  • The ad formats
  • The payment

Based on these factors, we'll take a look at which ad network, Evadav vs Monetag, is best for your website or online platform.

EvaDav - A Growing Ad Network

EvaDav is an online advertising network that trades ads (read our Evadav full review). Among their advertising customers are large advertising clients or partners, such as Taboola and Revcontent, which offers native advertising, and Mobidea, a mobile-first affiliate advertising network.

EvaDav Ad Network is a push notification platform that provides publishers with native push ads. These interstitials generate more revenue for publishers than any other regular ads. In addition, these ads generate higher conversions. Therefore, advertisers use them to promote their products and services.

Today you can use ads like this and get more revenue from your traffic.

In turn, EvaDav places these ads on the publishers' websites where the publishers will earn revenue from these ads, via cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) pricing models. EvaDav has a good, user-friendly dashboard for publishers to control what type of ads are allowed on the publishers' websites.

EvaDav Ad Network Size

EvaDav boasts of a large volume of ads, with 49,000 advertisers, serving almost 2 billion ad impressions, and 2.6 million ad campaigns. The ad network also has over 50,000 publishers that have signed up with them. These numbers are disclosed by EvaDav on its website.

EvaDav Type and Quality of Ads

EvaDav does monitor its ad creatives, and campaigns to ensure that there are no aggressive or inappropriate ads. Nevertheless, EvaDav does accept ad verticals such as crypto, gambling, and dating ads. These topic niches, or ad verticals, are known to be 'grey' topics that Google does not accept for their Google Adsense program (see our Evadav vs AdSense analysis). Hence, as a publisher, if your website relates to these topics, then EvaDav is one ad network to use for your monetization strategy.

EvaDav Ad Formats

EvaDav serves four different types of ad formats and placements: native ads, push notifications, in-page ads, and pop-under ads.

EvaDav Native Ads

Native ads are also known as sponsored content, where the ad resembles another piece of content of the website publisher. In terms of numbers, EvaDav has 10 million ad impressions for native ads, with 1,500 native ad campaigns.

EvaDav push notification ads

Push notifications are small, popup messages that appear when visiting a website, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop. Visitors can click on the message to be taken to another website or to click on the message for an automatic opt-in for an offer. EvaDav has 1.5 billion daily ad impressions for push notification ads and 8,000 ad campaigns for push notification ads.

EvaDav In-Page Ads

In-page ads sit in the content of the website, and are non-intrusive (unlike push notification ads). EvaDav has 1 billion daily ad impressions for in-page ads, and 3,000 ad campaigns.

EvaDav popunder ads

Popunder ads are ads that are hidden behind the main web screen, but can be seen when the window tab is closed. This method makes it less intrusive for the user when browsing the web page. EvaDav has 50 million daily impressions for popunder ads and 5,000 ad campaigns.

EvaDav Payments

EvaDav offers two forms of monetization models: revenue sharing through CPC and CPM, and cost per action (CPA) which payments per user sign up through EvaDav ads. In terms of payment methods, EvaDav pays via PayPal (read a Paypal review), Skrill, Paxum, and ePayments at a minimum withdrawal limit of $25, payable weekly. For payments using wire transfer, a minimum withdrawal limit of $1,000 is required.

The geo-location of your website visitors will determine how much you can earn from your advertising revenue. In general, tier-1 countries are the high-income countries of the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia with pricing of $ 0.04 or more. In contrast, in second-tier countries like Russia, Brazil, and Khazakstan, EvaDav offers rates of $0.01- $.002, and other countries like India and Indonesia at even lower rates.

EvaDav Pros and Cons

  • Large inventory of ads
  • Many different ad formats
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Low payment threshold
  • Main ad inventory of push notification ads
  • Low payment for traffic from non-tier 1 countries

EvaDav Ratings - 4 stars

★★★★☆ EvaDav Ads EvaDav deserves a 4-star rating for its growing large volume of ad impressions, ad campaigns, and flexible payments to publishers to earn advertising income on their website.

Monetag - Ad Network with a Large Inventory of Ads

Monetag is an advertising network that offers web publishers, and social media marketers the ability to earn advertising revenue from their websites or social media accounts (read our Monetag full review). It considers itself a self-serving ad platform which means that advertisers can select their own ad campaign, and publishers can select which ads to show, from their user-friendly dashboards.

Monetag Ad Network Size

Monetag have a larger ad network size, with daily impressions of 12 billion, which is six times larger than EvaDav. They also have more than 120,000 publishers that have signed up with the ad network. However, they do not disclose the number of advertising clients, or the number of campaigns, unlike EvaDav.

Monetag Type and Quality of Ads

Monetag also serve crypto, gaming, and dating ad verticals through the various ad formats, just like EvaDav. However, unlike EvaDav, Monetag specifically prohibits publishers with content containing these grey topics. Monetag only accepts content from mainstream topics, such as news, lifestyle, and business. They also decline publishers who use free platforms such as Blogger, Wix, and Weebly.

Monetag have over three main advantages over EvaDav in terms of the quality of ads. Firstly, the ads are constantly monitored and done manually, to ensure no malware, or obscene ads are shown. Secondly, Monetag is Adsense compatible, which means that you can still show Adsense ads on your website. Lastly, and most importantly, Monetag have Adblock bypass, which means that visitors who have installed adblocking software, can still see the ads on the website they are visiting. This is a huge advantage given that 27% of North American internet users use adblocking software.

Monetag Ad Formats

Monetag offers five types of ad formats which are push notifications, popunder ads, interstitials, banner ads, and smart links. Social media marketers can show ads based on smart links ad format which are placed on their social media profiles. However, unlike EvaDav, Monetag does not disclose the number of ad impressions by types of ad formats.

Monetag Payments

Monetag payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, ePayments, and WebMoney at a minimum withdrawal limit of $5, payable weekly. They also offer wire transfer, although this is at a higher payout. The pricing models offered to publishers are the same: CPC, CPM, and CPA. Publishers are set to four tier levels, with those higher levels generating more revenues have more publisher privileges such as the ability to request payment, and shorter payment holds.

Monetag Pros and Cons

  • Large inventory of ads
  • Adblocking bypass software
  • Lowest payment threshold
  • Adsense compatible
  • Only allow mainstream topics for publishers

Monetag Ratings - 4.5 stars

★★★★⋆ PropellerAds Ads Monetag deserves a 4.5-star rating for its huge volume of ad impressions and flexible payments to publishers. and social media marketers to earn advertising income on their website or social media account. The main advantage is their adblocking bypass software, which improves publishers' revenue by 20% on average.

Summary: Which is better for your website - EvaDav vs Monetag?

Monetag have a bigger advertising inventory, and lower payment threshold, and coupled that with their adblocking bypass software, making it the obvious choice for most publishers covering mainstream topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the comparative strengths of EvaDav and PropellerAds, and how can publishers determine which ad network is more suitable for their website?
EvaDav is known for its native ads and push notifications, offering high engagement rates. PropellerAds specializes in a variety of ad formats including pop-unders and interstitials, known for high monetization potential. The choice depends on the publisher's preferred ad formats and revenue goals.

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