Ezoic Vs AdThrive: Comparing Two Advertising Giants

Comparison of Ezoic and AdThrive. Review and analysis of networks. Requirements for sites, getting started, income level and other metrics. Review and comparison of ad networks Ezoic and AdThrive. Which network to choose.
Ezoic Vs AdThrive: Comparing Two Advertising Giants

Ezoic vs AdThrive: What to Choose for Website Monetization

Monetization of the site is all ways to make money on your resource thanks to its visitors. Contextual and banner advertising, affiliate programs for earning, selling your own goods and services and even the entire site. The main condition for monetization is the presence of traffic.

Therefore, for better monetization and, accordingly, an increase in income is very important to choose a high -quality partner for work and you need AD Network Comparison.

Ezoic and AdThrive are pretty similar ad networks. Both are among the leading ad network platforms, both have generated revenue for many website owners and both are extremely popular around the world. However, each of them has its own unique characteristics. So Ezoic vs. AdThrive. Let's compare them, as well as understand the differences, pros and cons.

Ezoic at a glance

Ezoic is a multi-award winning Google Certified ad network. It is famous for using artificial intelligence technologies in its work, and therefore very successfully selects advertisements for each specific user.

Thanks to the use of AI technologies, Ezoic's display ad optimization is at one of the highest levels. The platform also provides detailed statistics and uses many automated tools.

Usually Ezoic is used in conjunction with Google Adsense. The network allows you to increase the income from displaying ads by about 1.5-2.5 times. However, in order to use its services, the site must be of high quality and have a high traffic. More on this below.

Google AdSense

AdThrive at a glance

Like  Ezoic,   AdThrive is a Google Certified Partner. The services of the network can also be used only by high quality websites with unique thoughtful content, good design and high traffic.

AdThrive is renowned for being a reliable ad network with transparent performance and effective ad selection.

In the summer of 2016, the site won the  Google Certified Publishing Partner   Challenge in the Customer Satisfaction Award category. The platform allows you to increase the income from the site by about 2-3 times.

Ezoic features and capabilities

What the ad network offers:

  • Advertising Tester (AD Tester). The tool allows you to run automatic multivariate testing of advertisements. A simple drag and drop method is used.
  • Artificial intelligence. It analyzes each user and selects the perfect combination of ads for website visitors. Using this data, the system provides you with different combinations of advertisements for different site visitors.
  • Layout tester. Allows you to test multiple site layouts and choose the one that works best for your users. Then you can further customize it.
  • Big data analytics. Using Big Data technologies, the network monitors the interaction of visitors with the site and their unique behavior on its pages.
  • Detailed statistics. The platform gives you access to data about SEO, visitors, ad revenue and more.

Ezoic also has tools to speed up website loading. Both the site and the ads load quickly, improving the user experience.

Features and capabilities of AdThrive

Display ad optimization AdThrive is on par with the competition.

The platform offers the following features:

  • Full automation. The platform can take over all the advertising work. All you have to do is focus on creating quality content.
  • Nucleus-based patented technology. The most optimized and future-proof ad code system for publishers.
  • Advertising and layout testers. You can try different ad serving options.
  • Detailed data analysis and reporting. The company provides regular reports detailing traffic trends, content creation opportunities, and advertising trends. Everything to optimize your content and maximize your profits.

By the way, AdThrive is renowned for its stability, recurring payments, and publisher support. Payments are made regardless of market conditions. Even during crises and economic downturns.

Getting Started with Ezoic and AdThrive: Site Requirements

Let's look at the requirements of both networks.


All you need to get started with Ezoic is to register on their official website. It's free. After creating your account, you can see how the ad tester or layout tester works.

However, your site will not be accepted right away. It will be pre-checked by platform employees for compliance with the conditions. This is done manually as Ezoic needs to make sure the ad will show up on a quality site.

What you need to get the site accepted by Ezoic:

  • at least 10,000 visitors per month;
  • unique and interesting content;
  • nice design.

You can now register to Ezoic even with low traffic through the Ezoic AccessNow program, in which you can use various functionalities free of charge, including their site speed optimization system, and monetization upon completion of a test.

The site must be informational. Content - in a language supported by Google Adsense. The network does not work with corporate sites, but sometimes it can be connected to a block of a commercial site.

The site check time usually takes 2 days.


AdThrive also strictly selects the sites it will work with. Checking the site is also manual and is performed by network employees.

What you need to be accepted into AdThrive:

  • at least 100,000 visitors per month;
  • unique and high-quality content;
  • nice design.

It is desirable that the traffic comes primarily from the United States. Then the site will be approved and accepted faster.

Once you're approved, AdThrive will recommend a layout that will attract better advertisers and help maximize your revenue.

Before installing new ads on the site, the network will completely remove the old ad code. As it goes on, the platform will continuously monitor ad performance, inform you about new ad types, and continually work towards optimization and profitability.

The site check time usually takes 24 hours.

Note: In both cases, with both Ezoic and AdThrive, sites must comply with Google's Adsense policies.

Ezoic and AdThrive revenue

Let's compare both networks:


Most of the website owners who use Ezoic's services earn about 80% more than using the regular ad network. By the way, for better results, make sure you have enough ad space on your site. This allows Ezoic to test more configurations. The more tests, the better the result.

It is worth knowing that Ezoic uses EPMV instead of regular CPM or CPC. EPMV is revenue per thousand visitors to your site. EPMV is now considered to be one of the most reliable metrics for measuring website revenue. However, CPM and CPC are also counted in the statistics. If you wish, you can focus on them.

The CPM bids here are about three times higher than the CPM of Adsense. CPM - $ 3 on average. This is three times more than Adsense.


When using the AdThrive network, the income level will be about the same as that of Ezoic. Maybe a couple of percent more.

According to the platform itself, 100% of the sites they partner with make more money with less ads. The average AdThrive website makes 3x more per pageview than standard networks. More than half of the sites have increased their income by 100% or more. About 98% of sites immediately increased their income by more than 15%

AdThrive uses several cost models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL and CPI. Here, the performance of Ezoic and AdThrive is about the same.

Money withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on the Ezoic network is $ 20. The minimum payout for AdThrive is $ 25.

At  Ezoic,   money can be withdrawn to PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, paper check, or bank transfer.

You can use PayPal, direct deposit, paper check, or bank transfer with AdThrive.


Both networks are very similar. However, Ezoic has a more advanced analytics system and more detailed reporting. Also, many people note that Ezoic has simpler and more transparent settings.

At the same time, with AdThrive, you can get a little more income from showing ads. However, it is often on par with the Ezoic.

It is better to independently test each of the networks and choose the most suitable one for yourself. However, if your site has a lot of traffic, we recommend starting with AdThrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start receiving AdThrive earnings?
In order to start earning with AdThrive, your site must meet certain requirements. Your site must have at least 100,000 visitors per month, your content must be unique and of high quality, and the design must be pleasant and comfortable.
What cost models does AdThrive use?
AdThrive is known for its stability, recurring payments, and publisher support. Payments are made regardless of market conditions. Even during crises and economic downturns. AdThrive uses several cost models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL and CPI.

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