PopAds Review

PopAds Review

PopAds Review

PopAds is one of the oldest advertising networks in the market. The company was founded in 2010. Since then, their main task has been to maintain a premium status among specialized pop-under networks. PopAds also owns a wide inventory and a variety of payment methods.

It is a network of clickunder and popunder advertising. Pop Ads traffic is accepted from all over the world, but the average cost of a click is different.

PopAds has existed in the arbitrage market for a long time, so most users choose this service to monetize their traffic. This effect can be achieved due to the fact that your site will display high-quality ads that do not violate any rules at all.

PopAds boasts the following advantages over other companies in the arbitrage market:

  • A dynamic market - only thanks to users who choose their own prices;
  • Fast Payouts - withdrawal requests are processed daily;
  • Perfect technical support that responds quickly and resolves any issues that arise;
  • High security - you do not have to worry about the safety of your data, because they will not be able to get into third parties and intruders.

What PopAds was created for

PopAds is the world's largest traffic exchange, so literally everyone who is familiar with this topic is interested in learning how to make money with this resource, having their own website. Very interesting is the fact that traffic is generated by users who visit a site that has an ad code from PopAds.

There is an interesting opportunity for advertisers to place bids on this traffic, which is called bidding on the exchange. The prices are set by the advertisers themselves, and this is what makes this exchange attractive.

In addition, PopAds has a huge number of targeting options in its arsenal, so this exchange is ideal for those who are just starting to understand the arbitration case.

PopAds can offer advertisers from over 50 countries, including big ones like North America, Western Europe and even India.

Information for advertisers

The advertiser on this exchange has very great opportunities:

And this is only a small part of all the possibilities that are available to advertisers with the PopAds exchange.

All publishers' pages are reviewed by humans and then an internal quality measure is assigned to those pages. In addition, PopAds has developed an advanced anti-fraud system that filters all proxy, bots, and mobile traffic.

PopAds offers a huge number of targeting options:

  • Category;
  • Keyword;
  • Country;
  • Time.

In addition, the advertiser can change the maximum bid (how much he plans to pay for the popunder) at any time. This is done in order to be able to control the speed and quality of traffic at any time.

Information for publishers

There are also interesting opportunities for publishers on this exchange. PopAds offers them the industry's highest rates and the best international coverage. For example, the average revenue for a thousand unique US visitors to a website that publishes a PopAds ad code has never been below $ 4. The exchange also offers a large number of countries from which advertisers work.

The publisher is free to choose the single popup bid they want to accept. In addition, it is possible to limit the number of pop-ups shown to one visitor during the day. The publisher may refuse to accept popunders with sound or other annoying elements.

The publisher working with this exchange has the ability to request a withdrawal of funds at any time. After the request for withdrawal of money, they will be received within 24 hours. In addition, there is technical support for publishers, as well as for advertisers, which can be contacted by email at any time.

What kind of traffic does PopAds have?

PopAds traffic exchange makes it possible to work with several types of traffic at once: mobile and desktop.

If we talk about mobile traffic, then a smartphone user on any operating system will see an advertisement as a new tab. It turns out that the site that the user initially visited remains in the foreground for him, and the tab with advertising opens behind him.

As for desktop traffic, there are two options for displaying ads:

  1. Popunders, which are shown in the foreground in the user's browser window;
  2. Standard popunders that open a new tab in the browser.

Before you start working with this exchange, it is important to understand where the traffic will come from and how much of it is on the exchange. To do this, you can look at special PopAds reports, which contain not only this information, but also about the amount of unique traffic.

The PopAds exchange can generate traffic very aggressively during its work, so there is a certain list of niches from which advertisers come. These include:

  • Automotive niche and gaming sites;
  • Everything related to sports betting and other events;
  • Adult sites;
  • File sharing (eg torrents).

Adult sites are especially popular, which is why a lot of traffic is generated in this niche. File sharing became the second category in this rating. This type of traffic is ideal for download offers. When it comes to gaming-related traffic, it comes best from mobile devices.

But the most popular niche is related to the automotive theme. There is just a huge amount of traffic here. In order to be able to make money in this niche, a site is created, the content of which is articles, most often - photographs, and then this site will receive stable traffic from social networks.

What information can be found in the traffic report

PopAds exchange offers its users a very convenient tool that shows all the information about the traffic received. Thanks to this opportunity, you can see in which geolocation there are fewer competitors and which vertical is more profitable to promote. Also, thanks to the report, you can take a specific country and see detailed statistics. This can be handy for doing research on an ad campaign. There are statistics on the devices from which the traffic is coming.

When advertising is launched, it is important to understand that the most important thing in this business is speed. What works today and brings a steady income may not work tomorrow. There is a way out of this situation - you need to monitor your competitors and understand what they offer.

PopAds and the auction system

PopAds has a very interesting trading system. Let's look at a specific example:

suppose there are two people in the auction. One bets five cents and the other bets thirty cents. The first participant wins, but he pays thirty cents.

  • Many advertisers are offering too low a bid and think that this will generate a lot of traffic. But this is an erroneous judgment. What you really need to look at is how many people are bidding. It turns out that the site visitor might not even see its content, because it was littered with a ton of ads, or other users made a note that this was not desirable traffic.
  • Too high a price for a user is also useless, so when making a bargain, you can see how much the other person offers as much as possible. Based on this, you can make a choice in favor of the average cost of this rate, so it turns out that the cost per user is not so high.

Setting up targeting in PopAds

PopAds is very popular due to the fact that it has very wide targeting options.

It is worth considering the setting from the categories. PopAds has a huge number of different categories, which are detailed in great detail, so it will not be difficult to choose exactly what suits a particular case.

There is a language setting. You should be very careful about this setting. Let's say there is a sentence in German. It will be most profitable to send it to Germany, because it is rare in any other country that you can find people who speak German. Do not neglect this setting, since it is able to filter out excess traffic as much as possible.

PopAds has a setting for a specific operating system, and this is also a very important point. Here it is worth paying attention to the fact that some android models have long been outdated, and the likelihood that traffic from such devices will not be from bots will be very minimal. Here analytical data is needed on the topic of which version of android (in its majority) is popular among people. Based on this data, draw conclusions and set up targeting.

PopAds also offers optimization for the user's browser, screen resolution and even the type of device, as well as a huge variety of different settings. Do not be afraid, as experimenting in arbitration is the path to success. Everyone will find a universal way to make money on PopAds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PopAds offer as an ad network, and how does it perform in terms of revenue generation, ease of use, and publisher control?
PopAds specializes in pop-under ads, offering high revenue potential, especially for entertainment and download niches. It is known for its ease of use, fast payouts, and control over ad settings, making it a popular choice for publishers seeking quick and effective monetization.

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