Ezoic Payment Terms

Ezoic is a service for comparing the effectiveness of different ad networks and ads with each other. The publisher gets a number of advantages by choosing Ezoic, among which the increase in profit is not the main and not the only one.
Ezoic Payment Terms

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a service for comparing the effectiveness of different ad networks and ads with each other. The publisher gets a number of advantages by choosing  Ezoic, ‌  among which the increase in profit is not the main and not the only one.

Other pluses:

Correct use of the system allows you to quickly earn the amount necessary for withdrawal and request it. Ezoic works with the largest ad networks, including such giants as Google Adsense.

Requirements for publishers

There are no additional requirements for publishers to connect the monetization program. The exception is those who do not yet have 10,000 visitors a month. In this case, you need to go through the educational program Ezoic Access Now, after which you can connect monetization.

It is better to use the knowledge gained in practice, as it helps to make better money. It is noted that the administration of the service and the publishers have an absolutely complete coincidence of interests in this matter, therefore, compulsory training can be recognized as a benefit for both parties.

Other requirements include:

  • Have a minimum of $ 20 earned;
  • Selected payment system;
  • Payments twice a month.

In most cases, $ 20 is earned quickly, and a set number of payments regularly occurs on its own. The webmaster can only choose the right payment system.

Payment systems

In the Ezoic system, payments can be made to:

The Payoneer benefits publishers by the abundance of available currencies. Among them are not only the popular euros and dollars, but also the Indian or Pakistani rupee, British pound, Chinese yuan and Canadian dollar. However, for a Russian publisher, the main thing is not this plus, but the very fact of the free operation of the payment system on the territory of the country.

The second option - PayPal is considered more preferable in most cases, but it does not always have good relations with the Russian state. In particular, transfers within the country are no longer carried out. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the translation will come through; nothing will happen to it along the way.

The prepaid card can be easily used in Russia, but this method requires the publisher to have a VIP status. If you have such a status, it is best to choose a prepaid card as a means of earning income.

Additional features

The amount of remuneration partly depends on the level that the publisher has reached in the Ezoic Levels system. A higher level is achieved simultaneously with an increase in traffic and income. The higher the publisher reaches, the more advertising partners can use its site to promote goods and services. The average income level rises accordingly.

Upon reaching a new level, the publisher does not need to manually edit the posted ads. Instead, the artificial intelligence system will do everything on its own. But a webmaster can:

  • Edit the number and type of ads on the site. As new advertisers emerge, other ads may become more profitable;
  • Edit ad placement. With the advent of new advertisers, the most profitable place on the site may change;
  • Take an advanced training course or start working with a system expert to further increase the profitability of using the system.

It is noted that in all cases the user is given the maximum level of freedom. At your own discretion, you can change or move ads, change their appearance. Artificial intelligence makes recommendations on how to use the system, optimizing advertising space for each individual user. However, the webmaster can make any changes at any time.


Ezoic lets you test placements, ad sizes, and publishers to find the perfect combination that will make you the most money. Ezoic claims that most websites see a 50% increase in revenue from at least applying the improvements it provides.

Ezoic premium Ads can also help you test your website's layout and content. That is why you should pay attention to this platform.

Ezoic implements easy-to-follow criteria for receiving funds. The minimum amount for payment is $ 20, you can receive funds twice a month in one of three ways: Payoneer, prepaid card or PayPal.

Western publishers, as well as residents of countries where the dollar is used as legal tender, simply get the funds.

Publishers from Russia and the post-Soviet space need to spend an additional commission for conversion into the national currency, but in most cases this is not such a large amount. Holders of prepaid cards can receive their funds with lower fees.

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