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AdSense vs is a white paper that will take a look at each of these platforms to figure out which one can profitably profit from display ads.

Everything about Display Advertising allows you to maximize your website revenue. With, there are several options by which you can promote your site or store and make money on it.

The first option is contextual advertising. These advertisements based on's proprietary ad format are capable of making a huge amount of money. This ad format filters user intent for relevant search keywords, resulting in highly targeted ads and much higher revenue as all advertisers are willing to pay more for visitors with specific intent.

The second option is display advertising, with the help of which you can quickly get interest in your product. The team provides its users with access to high-quality display advertising by connecting to all major shopper networks and managing operating overhead without their users having to do it themselves.

Another option is native advertising. Native advertising is fully adapted to the appearance of your website pages, which gives a more active user experience. A user has the opportunity to engage his audience with contextually relevant articles on his site using a special built-in module.


The Marketplace on is a unique content-driven marketplace that maximizes revenue and minimizes user effort.

The marketplace is comprised of truly unique content-based demand sources along with direct display demand from leading DSPs participating in the first price auction.

Using the marketplace, the user gets:

  • A unique large-scale search query from Yahoo! Bing Network;
  • Content demand from direct advertisers and agencies;
  • Competitive demand from sources of demand with RTB support;
  • Own server-side programming technology.

Strong competition between a diverse set of sources of demand maximizes the rate density for goods. This results in a significant increase in your CPM winnings.

contextual advertising

PPC advertising is now important because when advertising and context combine, they can reveal intent and create the perfect marketing ploy. enables access to Yahoo! The Bing Network is one of the largest marketplace for keyword-targeted advertisers. This way, no matter how broad or niche your website is, your content always has the right advertisers.

Ads from depend on the context of the content on the site, not on audience data. As user privacy becomes more and more important to the advertising ecosystem, it is imperative to reduce reliance on audience data and consistently increase your revenue through PPC advertising. increases profitability by competing between different ad formats. The system automatically optimizes and serves the type of ad that best suits the site's audience. Ad units from can be placed on your site using a small piece of code. You can also easily activate several formats at once - contextual advertising, outgoing video ads, and readable native ads. users can track ad performance and optimize at any time using an intuitive dashboard. The reporting interface allows you to track ad impressions in almost real time and view earnings with detailed information on sites, ad tags, devices, geographic locations, as well as other important criteria.

Software platform

The software platform provides the most efficient way to meet the most competitive and unique demands through server support. It gives you access to the next generation cross-heading platform, your niche ad insertion system, and your own contextual targeting engine. was the first to develop a server-side betting platform, long before the popular effect began. So took advantage of this to create and replicate one of the strongest server technologies on the market. is a fully managed headline betting platform:

  • You can leave all the hard work to the service, and in addition get comprehensive support on one easily manageable platform;
  • Combine programmatic advertising with a unique search term from Yahoo! Bing Network;
  • You can take advantage of the server technologies from net, thanks to which you can integrate third-party partners with minimal effort. has an adapted pre-bet:

  • Use a special adapter Prebid from net to get full access to the Marketplace with minimal effort;
  • Include other ad formats such as native, video and others using a single integration;
  • Extensive reporting and analytics with a complete overview of performance can be obtained at any time.

Premium publishers and high conversions

With, you can make your brand the center of attention for high-quality users and a supportive advertising environment.

If you are a consumer group, then can provide direct access to large-scale premium publisher resources across all channels and formats through multiple software options with complete security and transparency.

If you are an advertiser or agency looking to scale with higher returns through performance-based advertising, is looking forward to partnering with you. You can take advantage of the experience and technologies of, which are capable of lifting content. Contextual analytics from ensure you can deliver the right message to your customers and maximize your marketing spend.

Everything about Adsense

Adsense display ads allow you to profit from original content in a short time.

A huge number of website owners choose AdSense every day, and their decision is related to several factors:

  • The site is primarily a source of income: a huge number of advertisers will compete for their ads to be shown on your site;
  • Ads in AdSense are optimized for any mobile device: this is very important nowadays, since almost everyone has a smartphone.

To find out how much you can earn with Adsense, you can use a special calculator on the official website. It is enough to choose the niche that the site occupies, as well as how many impressions per month you expect to receive. Based on this, the approximate dollar amount that you can earn will be calculated. The final amount will depend on the niche the site occupies.

Benefits of working with Adsense:

  1. Only the most profitable advertising here, as AdSense is the largest advertiser network today;
  2. The selected ads will definitely be of interest to your users, since AdSense only selects high-quality content. Thanks to this, you can earn more;
  3. You can block ads that you don't like.

What you need to get started with Adsense

In order to start working with Adsense, you need to complete only three points:

  • To work with many services, you need a Google account, including AdSense;
  • You also need a phone number and postal address, these data must be associated with a bank account. This is necessary in order to be able to transfer earned funds in the future;
  • The third condition is that for AdSense to work successfully, you need to add a code snippet to your site. The system will do all further work itself.

Comparison of and Adsense

Advertising platform is a service for promoting products in advertising positions on the website and in the mobile application. The probability and frequency of impressions depend on the bid you are willing to pay and on the number of competitors. Overall, this is a great option for promoting your business and your earnings.

After reviewing Adsense vs, you can find out all the benefits and features of the systems and choose the best one for you.

If we talk about these two companies in a comparative way, then AdSense has much more advantages and worldwide recognition in all countries. In addition, AdSense is one of the services of the largest Google company, so there is no doubt about the quality of the services provided. If you compare these two companies, then it is still better to choose AdSense for display advertising, since with it there are much more chances to make money and promote your own resource.

But if we consider display advertising specifically, then in this vein, has some advantages. An advertiser combines the power of context and audience data to end up with great partners for their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do and Adsense compare in terms of ad types, revenue potential, and ease of use for website owners? excels in contextual ads and has a strong focus on text-based ads, offering competitive revenue in certain niches. Adsense provides a wider range of ad formats and is known for its ease of integration and reliability. Publishers should consider their site's content type and audience engagement when choosing.

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