Mondiad Review For Publishers

Mondiad Review For Publishers

If you own a website we have no doubt that you will be constantly looking for ways to monetize it. Why wouldn't you? You want to make money. Half the battle is going to be finding an advertising network that works for you. Guess what? Most of them won't. Most advertising networks are awful. Either they have low payouts or they don't have any advertisers. This is why we were intrigued by Mondiad.

Mondiad is a revolutionary advertising service. This company takes advantage of complex AI systems to ensure that site visitors are served up the best ads. This leads to increased revenues for publishers. This is coupled with some of the fastest payouts in the advertising network business. Honestly, when we first stumbled across Mondiad, we didn't believe their claims. They seemed to be doing things so much better than competing networks. Now, after using them for a few months, we are firm believers. Let's tell you all about them in this Mondiad review for publishers.

Ads Served By Mondiad

Mondiad specializes in both classic push and in-page push ads. Time and time again, these ads have been proven to attract eager eyes. This means that with push ads from Mondiad, you have the ability to make much more cash than with traditional banner ads. Based on our experience with Mondiad, we have been making a lot more cash than with other advertising networks that we have used. There is something about those Mondiad ads that just seem so appealing to site visitors. You should get a good conversion rate on them.

It actually surprised us at just how good these ads looked and how legit is Mondiad for Web publishers to generate passive income with content monetization. There are a lot of awful push ads out there. Seriously ugly things. That isn't the case with Mondiad. Their ads look stunning. They give your site an air of professionalism which, once again, is going to lead to a far greater chance of some clicks.

Integrating Ads From Mondiad

Ads can be injected into your site with nothing but a bit of code in the header. If you have WordPress, there is even a plugin that you can use to make your job a whole lot easier.

You have a good amount of customization over the ads. This includes the placement of the ads, the size, etc. This way, you can ensure that while your push ads are appealing to site visitors, they aren't too annoying.

As soon as you are registered with Mondiad, you can start displaying ads on your site.

How Ads Are Selected

Now, this is where the magic happens.

Mondiad uses AI tech to serve up ads. It learns about your site. It learns about the visitors. It learns what works and what doesn't work.

Mondiad isn't just serving up ads. It is always serving up the right ad for the situation. We mean the _right _ad. Competing ad networks may read a couple of keywords on a page and guess, but Mondiad always seems to serve up something a lot more relevant.

The increased relevancy of the ads translates to much higher revenues for your website. More cash in your pocket can't possibly be a bad thing, right?

Payout Rates

Payout rates on Mondiad are variable. Advertisers are allowed to place 'bids' for traffic. You will be paid for each unique visitor you send on over to an advertiser. The pay will depend on your niche, the country the traffic originates from, and even the operating system.

We can assure you that the payout rates at Mondiad are fantastic. They are likely to get much better too. Mondiad is fairly new on the advertising scene, but as more advertisers start to realize how great the platform is, we can only imagine that the ad buy rates are going to be that much more competitive.

Payout Times

We are going to wrap up this Mondiad review for publishers with a real banger. This is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, paying ad networks out there.

As long as you have $10 sitting in your Mondiad account (not too tough to earn) you can request a withdrawal. Simple as that. The cash can then be sent to PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, or Payoneer within a day or so (this is manually sent, so takes a bit extra at weekends).

This is fantastic if your site is earning cash, but not buckets of cash. It certainly beats other advertising networks that will often have you waiting for months to get your first payout!

Mondiad Review For Publishers - Is It Worth It?

Honestly? Yes! Whether you are a small website or one that has a huge amount of traffic, you will earn cash using Mondiad. In fact, you will likely earn more cash than you would with other advertising networks.

Mondiad is still in its infancy, but it has a good team behind it. A team with over a decade of experience in the advertising game. They know how to make it work and it seems that countless advertisers have started to take note.

If you want to start making more cash with your website (and get some speedy payouts) then sign up for Mondiad for publishers today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Mondiad payout rates?
The payout rates on Mondiad vary. Advertisers are allowed to place bids on traffic. You will be paid for each unique visitor you send to an advertiser. The pay will depend on your niche, the country the traffic is coming from, and even the operating system.
What does Mondiad offer publishers in terms of ad network services, and how does it perform in areas like ad format diversity, revenue potential, and ease of integration?
Mondiad provides publishers with various ad formats including native ads, pop-unders, and banners. It is known for competitive CPM rates and a user-friendly platform, making integration and management of ads relatively easy and efficient for publishers.

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