What are the Best Pubmatic Alternatives for Web Publishers?

What are the Best Pubmatic Alternatives for Web Publishers?

Are you prowling for Pubmatic alternatives? If the reply is yes, don’t worry. Many publishers do the same to maximize their ad revenue. The good part is you shall come across numerous networks to monetize your website. However, the bad thing is many ad platforms aren’t worth your time/attention. You must be diligent when making your choice. Here are the best Pubmatic alternatives. Check each option to pick the right ones.

Pubmatic alternatives

PubMatic is an advertising platform focused not on brands, but on publishers. The company invites publishers, content creators and app developers to sell their advertising inventory to brands.

The platform has partnered with Verizon, Zynga, Electronic Arts, and over 1,000 publishers, content creators, and developers.

Pubmatic is a popularly endorsed network that specializes in cross-screen video, advertising quality, and media buyer options. You can boost your revenue potential with this favored interface. However, you need to consider other options as well. Finding Pubmatic alternatives seems imperative for diversification and enhanced earnings.

While the market is full of ad networks, you’ve to be careful when shopping around. The following are some of the popular Pubmatic alternatives for your website.

The top 10 Pumatic alternatives to monetize websites

1. Codefuel - The best platform for high-intent targeting

It’s a sophisticated option for any website. The network capitalizes on intent-centric shopping ads, news, and more. It helps you make money through many digital properties such as blogs, websites, extensions, and applications. Publishers of any level can monetize their site through the platform. So, the network easily secures a seat among top Pubmatic alternatives


  • Search mediation - extremely optimized pages for all campaigns irrespective of where and how you buy media. Publishers may employ monetization pages on their websites as well
  • NewsFuel Feed - taps premium news feed
  • App monetization - applies an intent-centric search to monetize extensions/apps
  • Website/blog monetization - presents appropriate shopping ads to drive high-intent users, thus boosting conversions. Leverages search ads through a tailor-made search results page via sponsored contextual adverts.


  • No traffic requirements for publishers but unsuitable for smaller sites
  • The content needs to be engaging, of high quality, and relevant.

Payment terms

  • Highest and best payout rates in the market
  • Website owners get a payment at the end of the month. Those having multiple sites/blogs can earn combined revenue.

CodeFuel Pros and Cons

  • Versatile – offers monetizing options on multiple platforms
  • Centralized, intuitive dashboard
  • All solutions under one roof - you can tap search, news, shopping, and ads to monetize your digital assets
  • Analysis and tracking
  • Numerous integration choices - integrates with AOL, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and over 1200 high-quality publishers. Additionally, it offers premium Google AdSense accessibility.
  • Unsuitable for small website/blog publishers and warrants medium-sized audiences to find high-intent users.

CodeFuel Score

Reviewers give CodeFuel 4.3-star rating due to higher payout rates and multiple monetization options.

2. Taboola - An ideal alternative for its news feed ads

Taboola is a native network integrating and employing news feed scrolls for sites. The interface has contextual content/ads that can match your experience and needs. Users see ads while discovering products or items that they need. That creates awareness to steer purchases. The platform leverages DL technology (Deep Learning) to predict appropriate matches for advertisements for its publishers. It’s the DL algorithm that keeps it ahead among Pubmatic alternatives.

The top Taboola alternatives


  • Feed - Presents news feed-style ad content through scrolling
  • A/B testing
  • Quick content discovery
  • Native adverts - For advertiser-side, the network finds relevant matches for campaigns based on content


  • No minimum requirements for any web publisher
  • Some kinds of content are limited

Payment terms

  • The interface supports CTR and CPC models
  • Monthly billing/payment through checks, wire, and credit card
  • Automated billing via credit card for advertisers

Taboola Pros and Cons

  • Campaign setup is easy
  • Supports various audiences - good for publishers
  • Provides numerous targeting choices
  • The interface is a bit complex- not easy to understand

Taboola Score

Despite being popular, Taboola grabs 3 stars because of poor interface.

3. Monumetric - The best choice due to expert monetization help

Monumetric is a hugely favored network that helps to monetize any type of traffic. Publishers gain full control over decision making and their site/blog.

It caters to a wider range of web publishers and lets them monetize multiple categories of blogs and platform. The platform presents different sizes of adverts such as medium rectangle, leaderboards, half-page, in-screen, skyscraper, or post-roll/pre-roll videos.

The best Monumetric alternatives


  • Constantly innovate and enrich their technologies to generate the best bids for advertisers/publishers
  • Provides highly optimized and data-reinforced advert strategies
  • Ensures better earnings through experts specializing in site monetization
  • Reports and stats available on custom dashboards
  • Tracks revenue and measures views quickly, thus putting it among the best Pubmatic alternatives
  • Multiple monetization choices such as Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo


  • 10,000 monthly views required to get into the network

Payment Terms

  • Paid via multiple gateways
  • Net60 payment

Monumetric Pros and Cons

  • Offers a variety of ad units such as Desktop display ads, Inline video ads, Mobile-optimized ads, and more
  • Automatically distributes ads and allows you to concentrate on content creation
  • Higher Minimum traffic requirements - 10,000 monthly impressions
  • High fee (setup) of $99 or web publishers should have over 80,000 page views per month

Monumetric Score

The platform books 3.5 star ratings because of high traffic requirements.

4. TripleLift - The best alternative because of image transformation technique

It’s a professional ad network. The interface caters to supply-side as well as demand-side advertising. Triple lift has ad campaigns for various types of formats. The platform applies computer vision that can transform images with web content into advertisements. This peculiar feature has booked it a place among Pubmatic alternatives. By concentrating on images and pictures, it provides visual content with simple integration to website owners.


  • Ad server
  • Easy publisher integration
  • Direct ad deals for publishers


  • TripleLift has a freemium as well as a free trial version for advertisers

Payment terms

  • Net90 days at the end of the month
  • Net 60 payment option at the end of every month but cuts a 1 percent charge
  • Net 30 days payment at the end of every month but cuts a 2 percent finance charge

TripleLift Pros and Cons

  • Creative capability
  • Web publishers may check their inventory or run media directly for advertising
  • Basic dashboard
  • Needs additional metrics
  • UI is difficult - publishers can get confused and lost

TripleLift Score

Users give 4-star ratings to this one of the favored Pubmatic alternatives.

5. Hilltop Ads - The best interface with adblocking

It’s an intuitive platform famous for anti-adblocking. Hilltop Ads deals in CPM, CPA, as well as CPC-based advertising. It’s best for live reporting/statistics for big and medium-sized websites.

Since their advertisements have anti-adblockers, you get a chance to earn from any traffic type.

Read our HillTopAds review


  • Offers CPC, CPA, CPM models
  • Integrates anti-ad blocking for enhanced results


  • Needs minimum traffic to get into the platform

Payout terms

  • Site owners are paid via Bitcoin and/or Payoneer
  • Minimum payout pegged at 50$

HillTopAds Pros and Cons

  • Real-time reporting/statistics
  • Easy and effortless usage
  • Not recommended for sites with low page views

HilltopAds Score

The network earns 4-star ratings because of simple publisher interface.

6. Propeller Ads - The best choice thanks to its advert speeds

It’s a fantastic CPM platform with quick advertising speeds. Publishers may effortlessly earn from Smartphones/sites. They could begin by adhering to a basic process in order to check and add their online property.

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The network presents many kinds of advertisements such as PopUnder, Web Ads, Banners, and/or Layers. That’s why Propeller Ads is considered one of the favored Pubmatic alternatives for sites seeking CPM models.


  • Trying the service is simple and straghtforward
  • Offers many formats of advertising


  • Minimum traffic not required
  • Accepts non-English/English sites - Getting into the network is easy

Payment terms

  • Net30 schedule for payment
  • Various payment channels

Monetag Pros and Cons

  • Easy to get into the network
  • Real-time reporting/stats
  • Poor experience
  • Doesn’t have PayPal payment

HillTopAds Score

The network books 4-star ratings on a 1 to 5 scale.

7. Ezoic - a better alternative with machine learning feature

It has one of the smartest interfaces for site/blog owners. How? Ezoic rakes machine learning to test ad placements in order to select the best earning mix.

Publishers can use the simple drag-and-drop option and test the ad locations. In line with the findings, they could run testing and/or determine their goals (boosting audience experience, optimizing revenue, or marinating an optimal balance).

Joining the interface is fairly easy for any site. That’s the key reason why it’s slotted among the best Pubmatic alternatives. A site should have at least 10,000 impressions every month. The platform mostly has vertical content. Also, the minimum threshold sets at just $20.

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  • Smart interface that taps machine learning to optimize a publisher’s revenue
  • Has several ad formats


  • 10,000 monthly impressions to get into the interface

Payout terms

  • Offers various payment channels
  • Minimum payment threshold - only $20

Ezoic Pros and Cons

  • Joining the network is straightforward
  • Publishers can test locations for enhanced results
  • Requires AdSense approved traffic


Ezoic grabs 5 stars for machine learning algorithm and excellent optimization features.

8. Adsterra - an ideal platform with detailed targeting

It’s a proficient platform that works constantly for publishers/ advertisers. Adsterra carries a wide range websites. It handles non-mainstream/mainstream verticals. Publishers and advertisers could choose a self-serve or a managed interface platform. Plus, they can tap the benefit of live chat to get their problem resolved.

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  • Quick tracking and better targeting
  • A fantastic dashboard
  • Can launch several campaigns on the go
  • A/B testing possible for 15 creative advertisements
  • API integration and effortless tracking
  • Estimates proper traffic volume
  • Multiple formats - Direct Links, Banner Ads, Push Ads


  • No minimum traffic required
  • Doesn’t endorse ad cluttering
  • Minimum deposit requirement for advertisers - $100
  • Site owners may get started using live chat or personal managers

Payout terms

  • Paypal, WebMoney, Visa, Capitalist, Mastercard, and Wire transfer
  • Multiple ad options - CPI/CPA, CPL/CPM, CPC and RTB

AdSterra Pros and Cons

  • 100% fills for ad slots bag the interface a spot among Pubmatic alternatives
  • Support 24/7
  • Referral program for site owners
  • Choose self-serve/managed services
  • API integration
  • Anti-fraud checking
  • CPM earnings differ greatly by location
  • Higher minimum threshold for publishers
  • No online support


The interface gets 4-stars because of 100% ad filling and anti-fraud checking.

9. Evadav - The right choice for higher CPM revenue

It’s a favored network that supports monetization solutions for site owners. The platform makes sure you enjoy increased CPM revenue. Evadav maximizes revenue for any publisher. This is the reason why website owners rate Evadav among the top Pubmatic alternatives.

As a blog/site owner, you get to monetize with several ad models (sliders, interstitial ads, and more). That ensures an ideal blending of ad revenues. Consequently publishers may diversify their revenue while reducing their risks.

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  • Has CPA, CPC, CPM models
  • Minimum payout - only $25

Payout terms

  • Multiple choices: Skrill, Paypal, and/or Paxum
  • Weekly payment made on Mondays

EvaDav Pros and Cons

  • Statistics updates quickly
  • Multiple routes for payment
  • Stats doesn’t exhibit traffic sources that has low clicks

EvaDav Score

Evadav gets 4.5-stars due to quick and multiple paymentchannels.

10. Ad maven -The right interface thanks to high yield for websites

It’s an interface that ensures monetization/advertising choices for publishers and advertisers alike. Ad Maven makes sure that website get high CPM and advertisers grab better conversions. The network enriches returns and boosts revenue for site/blog owners. So, publishers consider Ad maven among the best Pubmatic alternatives.

Website publishers can earn from their property through several ad formats (banners, conventional pop-ups, interstitials, and sliders), and that secures multiple channels of revenue for any site owner. Also, website owners get an opportunity to diversify their earnings and ease risks at the same time.

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  • Supported ads: CPC, CPA, CPM
  • Minimum threshold pegged at $50
  • Wire transfer channel requires websites to earn minimum $1000

Payment terms

  • Payment chocies: Wire Transfers, Paypal, Bitcoin, and Payoneer
  • Payment: net 30 days

AdMaven Pros and Cons

  • Multiple channels of payment
  • Stats gets updated quickly
  • Dashboard with minimal features
  • Requires minimum 2,500 daily views - small sites can’t get their slot in the platform

AdMaven Score

Ad Maven earns 4 star ratings thanks to various payment gateways and several ad formats.

Closing thoughts - Pubmatic alternatives

Selecting the right ad networks is essential when monetizing your website. A single error on your part can impact your earnings to a great extent. While Pubmatic makes a great amazing network, it doesn’t suit small site owners. You must check top Pubmatic alternatives to maximize your ad earnings. Take a look at the above networks based on your site and goals. Also, review their pros and cons in detail to book a few Pubmatic alternatives for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Рubmatic good for publishers?
Yes, since this is an advertising platform focused not on brands, but on publishers. Pubmatic is a popular network that specializes in cross-screen video, ad quality, and media buying opportunities.
What is Pubmatic?
Pubmatic is a popular network that specializes in cross-screen video, ad quality, and media buying opportunities. You can increase your earning potential with this preferred interface.
Which ad networks serve as the best alternatives to PubMatic for web publishers, particularly in terms of programmatic advertising and revenue generation?
Good alternatives to PubMatic include Google Ad Manager for its comprehensive ad management and wide reach, OpenX for its robust programmatic marketplace, Rubicon Project for large-scale advertising solutions, Ezoic for AI-driven ad placements, and Index Exchange for premium programmatic ad opportunities. Each provides unique capabilities in programmatic ad sales and optimization.

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