Learnworlds Review: The Best Option For Your Course

Learnworlds Review: The Best Option For Your Course

LearnWorlds is the best option for your course

LearnWorlds is a course creation software solution with thousands of teachers. LearnWorlds helps its clients create profitable and attractive courses to sell online. The platform's main features include a course and site builder, marketing tools, reporting, and integrations with software such as Mailchimp, Shopify, and Zoom.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds' vision and purview is to create learning products that foster authentic, inclusive, continuous, creative, and challenging learning. LearnWorlds today has over 35 employees and is based in London, England.

LearnWorlds is a course creation software solution. The platform helps create, sell and promote online courses. LearnWorlds includes both core and advanced features such as course and site builders, lesson planning, student feedback, partner program management, sales tracker, and key integrations with other platforms. The LearnWorlds app is robust and offers a high level of customization.

LearnWorlds reviews show that it is a fully customizable, powerful, easy to use and reliable platform for individuals and businesses. It is a great solution for training employees and partners, training clients and selling online courses. They are famous for their quality of service and excellent support service.

Indeed, not only do they have a great product, but they also have a great team. Their support team is very responsive and will work with you on anything you need. If something is not available, they will provide a workaround.

The most popular LearnWorlds plan costs $ 299 per month. This is comparable to other learning platforms. The program also offers attractive entry plans that start at $ 29 per month.

LearnWorlds pricing and cost

LearnWorlds prices range from $ 29 to $ 299 per month. LearnWorlds offers a free 30-day trial of all of its plans. You can also save up to 36% by purchasing an annual plan:

LearnWorlds pricing and costImagePriceRegister
Free 30 days trial: free!Free 30 days trial: free!$0!!!
Starter package: $ 29 per month.Starter package: $ 29 per month.$29
Pro Trainer: $ 99 per month.Pro Trainer: $ 99 per month.$99
Training Center: $ 299 per month.Training Center: $ 299 per month.$299

Course Designer

Course Builder is the most important feature included in course creation platforms. LearnWorlds has a wider range of customization options than any other solution on the market - for example, the ability to include e-books and YouTube videos in your courses.

LearnWorlds Course Designer

Courses in LearnWorlds are composed of blocks of content that are organized into lessons and then chapters. LearnWorlds allows you to upload a variety of multimedia forms to lessons - video, audio, PDF, links and code. You can also add tests and assignments.

LearnWorlds2 Course Designer

Each action or lesson will take up entire screens of your students. LearnWorlds offers limited customization in terms of how your lessons are displayed in the course player. Most of the available settings include choosing whether to display items such as course titles and buttons or not.


LearnWorlds in the overview offers a task function on the platform. This provides an indication of how well your students are doing with your course material and gives you the opportunity to share personalized feedback. Assignments are open-ended questions that can be graded. The disadvantage of this feature is that students cannot upload files - they can only attach images or URLs.

Tests and exams

LearnWorlds offers both quizzes and exams. Many of the quiz and exam capabilities available in LearnWorlds are not included in other platforms. For example, LearnWorlds allows you to choose from a wider set of quiz question types and offers advanced exam settings such as a timer, restrictions on exam attempts, and the ability to show students exam errors.

Tests are shorter than exams and are primarily used to provide feedback to students as they complete a lesson. Tests in LearnWorlds are not graded.

LearnWorlds exams

Additional exam settings in LearnWorlds include:

  • Set a timer for how long the exam will last.
  • Sets the maximum number of exam attempts.
  • Notifying students before submission.
  • Displays student errors.
  • We offer a downloadable file.
  • Automatically advances to the next question after the student answers.
  • Set a passing score that will give your students access to future course materials.


Designing courses for those with different accessibility needs is the best way to make your courses accessible to all students. LearnWorlds offers the following accessibility features:

  • Closed captioning.
  • Text transcripts for videos.
  • Alternative text.
  • Additional course editing functions.

LearnWorlds allows you to add custom branding to your site and translate your site and courses into nine languages ​​other than English. Custom LW branding is limited - you can only upload a logo, icon, and change the color scheme and font.

Delivery rate

After creating the course, the next step is to deliver it to the students. LearnWorlds includes features to help you plan your course content, deliver real-time lessons, and keep students engaged.

Training schedule

Training Schedules are used by instructors to publish specific sections of their courses at specific times. With LearnWorlds, you can choose to deliver course content based on the number of days or weeks after a student is enrolled. Or on any date (regardless of student enrollment). LearnWorlds also allows you to write an email to notify students when course material is released.

Live activities

Live activities are a great way to create a fun learning environment. Live classes at LearnWorlds are delivered through Zoom webinars. Overall, we found that the live classes feature in LearnWorlds is user-friendly - on other platforms, basic coding knowledge is required to execute live classes. Some of the LearnWorlds features that you can customize include:

  1. Adding a description.
  2. Adding date and time.
  3. Adding duration.
  4. Adding a password.
  5. Automatic recording.
  6. Adding a question and answer function.
  7. Adding downloadable files.
  8. Discussions of students.

LearnWorlds offers a platform built-in feature that supports student discussions to increase student engagement and help build a community. Overall, LearnWorlds offers superior discussion functionality compared to the leading alternatives.

LearnWorlds student discussions

You and your students can reply to comments made in lessons and attach a URL, image, or survey. Students can also respond and delete comments. As an instructor, you can choose from the LearnWorlds overview who can add comments, where posts are posted, and create discussion groups.


Once you've created your courses, you need to find the best way to promote them. Learnworlds offers a website builder and additional marketing tools such as coupons, course packs, affiliate marketing, and a sales tracker.

LearnWorlds website builder

LearnWorlds offers several templates for different types of pages. You can customize these pages by editing fonts, colors, site layout and adding animations. LearnWorlds allows you to drag and drop elements on the page, which is not available in most course creation programs. You can also link your social media profile icons in the footer of your pages.

Option coupons

LearnWorlds allows you to create coupons that you can use to purchase your courses and packages. Coupons help promote your courses and increase your income.

Course packages

You can sell your courses in bundles at discounted prices. Course packages offer two key benefits: they encourage customers to shop and they increase the average order value.

LearnWorlds offers a number of features that allow you to customize your packages. This includes basic features such as the ability to name your package and upload your own image. The platform also gives you control over the student experience - for example, the ability to direct students to a landing page or a specific URL after they've purchased a package.

Affiliate Management

LearnWorlds allows you to add affiliate partners to your courses. A partner is someone who gets paid to bring new customers to your business. Having affiliates is a great way to market your courses to a wider network of potential students.

At Learnworlds, the partner must be a student who is already enrolled in your courses and website. You can choose your payment method. LearnWorlds also collects potential student contact information that your affiliates bring to you. This valuable feature increases the effectiveness of your affiliate channel.

LearnWorlds Sales Tracker

LearnWorlds Sales Counter allows you to view performance data by order, product, and instructor. In addition, useful metrics such as canceled sales are included in its reports. You can also filter the information in each section by day, month and billing cycle.


LearnWorlds does not process payments through its own platform. However, it does integrate with Paypal and Stripe. Some advanced features are only available through Stripe - for example, the ability to charge your subscription courses at custom time slots. LearnWorlds does not charge any transaction fees except for the starter plan.

Course creation software requires sensitive information such as login and payment credentials. Therefore, it is important that your software meets certain legal and security standards to protect your confidential information.

LearnWorlds Customer Support

Effective customer support is very important to provide satisfactory customer service. Overall, we found LearnWorlds' customer support levels to be slightly below average. The main drawback is that LearnWorlds does not offer live chat services.

Integration with LearnWorlds and website compatibility

LearnWorlds Review offers key integrations and website compatibility that will allow you to maximize your course creation efforts. These include integrations that support the creation, marketing, sale, and delivery of online courses.

Report Schedule

LearnWorlds takes reporting a step further by providing a log of reports. This is a log of all reports generated by the platform for your school. These include reports on users, sales and analytics.

★★★★⋆  Learnworlds Review: The Best Option For Your Course LearnWorlds is a course creation software solution. The platform helps create, sell and promote online courses. LearnWorlds includes both core and advanced features such as course and site builders, lesson planning, student feedback, partner program management, sales tracker, and key integrations with other platforms. The LearnWorlds app is robust and offers a high level of customization. The average user rating on a 5-point scale is 4.8 points!

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What are the standout features of Learnworlds as a platform for online courses, and why might it be considered the best option for some course creators?
Learnworlds offers interactive course elements, a powerful course builder, advanced analytics, and strong sales and marketing tools. It is ideal for creators looking for a comprehensive, customizable, and user-friendly platform to build and sell courses.

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