Teachable Review: It Is A Platform For Solving Online Learning Related Challenges

Teachable Review: It Is A Platform For Solving Online Learning Related Challenges

Teachable lets you create beautiful drag and drop websites for selling online courses

Teachable is an online service that lets you create your own training websites. Users will be able to control their branding, manage student data, exchange messages.

Another main function is setting prices. This option is available in a single control panel. Our Teachable review will not only help you understand how this service works, but also help you decide on the need to purchase a subscription.

Information about the company

The concept and the site itself were developed by students from Moscow. They started working on their project in 2006. Then a unique product Govorun appeared on the network. His service was developed so that people can meet and communicate with each other via video communication. We decided to use the format of this platform for students so that they can quickly and easily prepare for the upcoming exams.

In 2009, the guys founded the Internet School. After a year, the students decided to create a platform where entrepreneurs could interact with their employees and train them. Their idea immediately became popular, so money was allocated to improve the platform.

Today the company continues to develop actively. The platform is constantly being improved and refined. The creators plan to enter the Western market to expand their capabilities.

What are the functions of the service?

There are several main possibilities:

  • users have access to the option to download presentations in different formats, other media files with subsequent storage on the server;
  • creation of courses for teaching people (thanks to their wide functionality, they can be edited to suit your preferences);
  • you can add users, give them access to training lessons;
  • during the course of the course, you can generate a report based on the data received;
  • implementation of online courses for training;
  • creating tests, checking the knowledge of employees and students.

The main advantages and features of this platform include the fact that it can be integrated and connected to any CRM system. Also, developers have access to the function of accepting payments via e-wallets or bank cards online.

Potential and real clients

Small and medium-sized companies are interested in the service, which set themselves the goal of quickly and inexpensively introducing distance learning for employees. The tools can be used by private trainers who work with a small base of students. Over the past few years, tutors have also begun to use the system who want to make money selling online courses.

The most famous and largest users of the platform are the RusHydro holding, the Invitro independent laboratory, the Siberian Health corporation and the SOGAZ insurance group.


The total cost of using the service directly depends on the number of active users. When choosing a subscription, the amount of memory required to store educational materials and courses is taken into account.

The platform creators offer different subscription periods. If you pay in full for the annual subscription, you will receive an additional 20% discount.

Specifics of using the Teachable platform

Several features can be distinguished:

  • users will be able to subscribe for only one month to sell training material one-time and test the platform for convenience;
  • you can create simple courses and tests using a convenient online editor;
  • the built-in platform provides access to webinars;
  • creation of short reports, where the learning results will be displayed.

It is important to remember that the creators of the online learning platform are regularly adding new features and capabilities. They took care of a simple and lightweight interface. Even novice users who do not have much experience can understand the options.

What are the disadvantages of Teachable?

To make the right choice, you need to study the disadvantages that the Teachable platform has:

  1. Simple interface. But even not all users can understand it. The buttons for making settings are small, so it will be difficult for people with poor eyesight to make changes, save them.
  2. System malfunctions may occur from time to time. They are temporary, but they cause some inconvenience to users. Personal folders can migrate to public folders on their own, so it will take time to find and transfer them. Users sometimes face a problem when no labels are assigned or created.
  3. You cannot customize the question design to create tests. This is quite inconvenient for people who want to maintain a uniform corporate style in their design. Only one file can be added. In this case, pictures or videos will be displayed in a small window. Often, users are faced with the fact that they cannot implement the required design.
  4. When viewing a presentation, text may overlap the slide or image. This design will look crooked and not pretty.
  5. Webinars work only with Flash plugins. They do not open from mobile devices. This is inconvenient for people who are watching lessons from outside their home.

Also, users will not be able to view how much each individual course material has been studied. There are no group reports here. The functionality provides only brief statistics of attendance. Course owners will be able to view user progress.

What business tasks can the Teachable platform be used for?

There are several main features and capabilities for which the Teachable platform can be used. It is most suitable for:

  1. Temporary staff training. Organizers will be able to create one-time projects. You can run promotions in several cities and even countries at the same time. Using the Teachable platform, you can attract additional staff, provide them with information about the company, tell an advertising proposal, the current standards of communication in a circle.
  2. Pre-training for seasonal workers. This is especially true for large companies that cannot gather all employees in one room. For the summer season, for a hotel or restaurant, you can train additional head waiter, administrators, cooks, bartenders, waiters. The benefits include ample training opportunities.

Any lessons and training materials can be downloaded to the platform. It is quite profitable and convenient, no additional financial costs for renting premises or a coach will be required.

You can use Teachable's capabilities for the following purposes:

  1. Training of interns and new employees. This is especially true if the company has representative offices in different cities, there is a large turnover of personnel. To unburden sales managers, you can use the capabilities of the Teachable platform. Newcomers will be able to learn in detail general information about the company, its corporate values. You can download lessons with slides and informative presentations.
  2. Remote employee training. This is especially true if the main office is located in another city or even a country. It is not uncommon for people to register on the platform who work in branches that are scattered throughout the country.
  3. Partner training and certification. This service may be required by companies that produce consumer goods and consumer goods. In this case, organizations often have partners in different cities. Consumers will be able to sell more products. The Teachable platform is suitable for entrepreneurs looking to increase turnover.

Teachable's functionality allows you to teach sales and all the subtleties. Entrepreneurs will be able to quickly and easily create a separate platform to organize distance learning, certification of their partners, track their work and results.

What tasks is Teachable not suitable for?

To make the right choice, you need to remember that Teachable is not suitable for distance learning for people in large companies. The functionality does not allow you to control all the processes. This is irrelevant when the organization employs over 500 people.

For such companies, it is important to create detailed reports, which will describe the success and performance of each employee. It is also necessary to work with departments and individual working groups. The Teachable platform is also not suitable for active involvement in learning.

There is no functionality for creating and downloading interactive courses. The system does not provide gamification for active users. The creators did not bother with a comprehensive assessment of knowledge and general skills acquired.

Conclusion 4 out of 5! Convenient service with a simple and easy interface

Teachable is an online teaching or learning platform. The idea is that the platform provides everything you need to teach other people your skills.

With the Teachable training online platform, course creators of all skill levels can create an unlimited number of engaging courses that captivate the minds of students from all over the world.

The platform is very easy to use. It comes with an internal learning management system, the ability to accept payments through a range of tools such as PayPal and others. Plus, Teachable can even integrate with your existing website or let you create your own website from scratch.

Many users have already appreciated all the features of the Teachable service. It has a wide range of features and options. Each developer will be able to make their own online course. The interface is simple and intuitive, so it's easy to figure out the settings.

★★★★☆  Teachable Review: It Is A Platform For Solving Online Learning Related Challenges Many users have already appreciated all the features of the Teachable service. It has a wide range of features and options. Each developer will be able to make their own online course. The interface is simple and intuitive, so it's easy to figure out the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Teachable perform as a platform for online learning, particularly in addressing common challenges in creating and selling online courses?
Teachable excels in user-friendly course creation tools, sales and marketing capabilities, and student management features. It addresses challenges like payment processing, student engagement, and course content hosting, making it a comprehensive solution for online educators.

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