Which Is Better: MonetizeMore or EzoicAds?

Which Is Better: MonetizeMore or EzoicAds?

If you've been on the lookout for a service that maximizes revenue in an online space you own, you might have come across some big names like MonetizeMore or EzoicAds.

Of all the platforms found on the internet, both of these are some pretty solid options with a significant number of benefits of using either one. Although each has their own merits, these platforms aren't necessarily neck and neck; there's plenty of reasons to think of one as the more optimal choice.

Here's an overview of the pros and cons of each service and which one is the better of the two in the whole EzoicAds vs monetizemore discussion.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using MonetizeMore?

MonetizeMore is one of the most influential revenue maximizing services in the advertising world; being one of Google's most valued intermediaries between advertisers and online publishers. With over a decade worth of experience, MonetizeMore has an extensive global reach and services some of the most high-traffic sites on the internet.

Some exceptional features MonetizeMore has include:


MonetizeMore utilizes PubGuru, which is a type of header bidding platform that ensures website owners receive only the highest bids for their advertising space. The platform works through an installed plugin that monitors traffic, seeks out the highest quality viewers possible, uses multiple consent strings to prevent bots from gaining access to ad space, and also sends out automatic updates on advertising progress.


Responsible for MonetizeMore receiving the 2021 Change Agent Award, Traffic Cop is a unique AI monitoring system that identifies invalid traffic (IVT), including bots, and prevents it from accessing ad space. Beyond just increasing efficiency, Traffic Cop also substantially reduces Google AdSense retractions and fraudulent activity.


With access to a Google Ad exchange master account, MonetizeMore can partner publishers with really good advertisers and connect them to often sought-after advertising networks.


MonetizeMore will cover up to 90% of lost revenue as a result of upstream insolvency.


There are no contracts involved with using MonetizeMore; publishers can take on or drop their services at any time.

However, some of the downsides of MonetizeMore are:


The minimum traffic requirement for accessing MonetizeMore services is incredibly high, with a web page requiring at least 500,000 monthly visitors in order to be considered by the company, which puts it out of the reach of many.


The reporting system for describing analytics and revenue data isn't all that consistent.


Every website that receives MonetizeMore services is manually inspected. This can be very time consuming, but more importantly, it means that employees will be searching domains with a fine-toothed comb to find even the slightest hint of non-compliance with their platform rules.


Reliable company support is reserved for higher paid tiers.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using EzoicAds?

Ezoic is a revenue maximizing company that primarily uses AI as part of their service package and prides itself on providing users with an exceptionally personalized experience where their individual preferences influence AI functioning. The company has locations in both California and England and many of the features they offer are initially free for users, with more advanced functionality unlocked with higher tiered access.

Some of the highlights of using EzoicAds are:


EzoicAds services can be utilized through many different means, with several routes for integrating the technology into domain's files. EzoicAds can be cloud integrated using Cloudflare or it can be accessed via a WordPress plug-in or the EzoicAds cloud can be used as a de facto proxy server.


Hands down where EzoicAds excels is in making websites operate more quickly. Numerous EzoicAds tools are designed to improve the loading rate for web pages and ads by fixing low-functioning Javascript or CSS, among many optimizations available.


After configuring some personal preferences, much of the EzoicAds experience is automated. While it might be important or useful, looking up and sorting through analytics information is essentially optional.


Title tags are easily one of the most important aspects of any SEO endeavor, which is why it's important to get it right. Ezoic Title Tag tester can checks if title tags are optimized for SEO amid changes in search engine algorithms by entering several titles for each page.


Domains that experience less than 10,000 monthly visits can use EzoicAds without minimum traffic requirement.

Some of the cons of using EzoicAds are:


EzoicAds uses a lot of third-party programs to operate, especially for security purposes. While this isn't necessarily bad, it does mean that much of the service's long-term functionality is ultimately out of their hands. This is especially an issue because EzoicAds has access to your website files (name server implementation).


EzoicAds's model is overly reliant on the use of excessive ads. Having lots of ads isn't always an issue, but it definitely is a quantity over quality approach, which limits efficiency.


EzoicAds offers different service tiers that are tied to the amount of traffic a website has if you are invited to use the  Ezoic premium   program , but also the price increases too.

However, if your level of traffic decreases and you get downgraded to a lower tier, you'll automatically be paying a lower price.

Which of the Two Platforms is The Better One?

Of the two services, EzoicAds is better, but not necessarily in all categories. They both take much different approaches to maximizing revenue, which could realistically compete with each other, but EzoicAds is definitely a more stable platform.

MonetizeMore prioritizes good quality ads over volume, is vastly more secure, has access to better advertisers, and is excellent at preventing unwanted traffic. It doesn't excel in improving web speed, but that's not often the most important factor when it comes to revenue.

Picking The Right Service for You

Which revenue maximizing platform you decide to use is ultimately up to your personal preference, but if you did have to choose between MonetizeMore and EzoicAds, which are still both solid options in their own right, then going with the former would probably be the safest bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MonetizeMore check websites?
MonetizeMore checks sites manually, so this can take a very long time. This is good, as employees will search the domains thoroughly to find even the slightest hint of non-compliance with the rules of their platform.
What should a newbie choose MonetizeMore or EzoicAds?
Of the two services, EzoicAds is better, but not necessarily in all categories. Both of them use different income maximization approaches that can really compete with each other, but EzoicAds is definitely the more stable platform.
In comparing MonetizeMore and EzoicAds, what are the key factors publishers should consider, especially in terms of technology, revenue potential, and user experience?
MonetizeMore is suited for larger publishers looking for advanced ad management and maximized revenue through programmatic sales. EzoicAds provides AI-driven ad optimization and is accessible to a broader range of publishers, balancing user experience with revenue. Publishers should assess based on their traffic volume, technical requirements, and revenue optimization goals.

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