Ezoic Publisher Requirements

Ezoic Publisher Requirements

Ezoic removes the requirement for publishers to have a minimum of 10,000 monthly visitors. However, if there are fewer visitors, it is imperative to complete training at Ezoic Access Now.

Ezoic Publisher Requirements Yesterday and Today

Ezoic uses machine learning algorithms to see which ads people are most likely to click on by testing different ad placements, sizes and combinations. Over time, it stores information about your users and uses that information to tailor ads that will appeal to each user.

Ezoic Ads partner with a lot of high quality ad networks, you get ads on your site that are actually attractive to potential visitors.

The  Ezoic platform   offers services of automated ad placement with the possibility of custom editing of inserts, as well as comparison of the effectiveness of different platforms that are used on the resource.

Previously, the  Ezoic platform   required publishers to have a minimum of 10,000 unique users per month. Not every aspiring publisher could achieve this result.

Not so long ago, the platform introduced EzoicAccessNow, a special scaling technology that makes the service available to any publisher. Note that sites still have to comply with the platform's requirements for their content, and there are a number of other rules.

Ezoic AccessNow Review


In addition to the basic requirements for content, using the service imposes a number of other responsibilities on the user to gain access to the layer. If you count the basic, there are six EzoicLEVELS in total, access to which depends on the achievement of a certain number of unique monthly users.

The following levels are offered to publishers:

  1. Basic level - up to 10,000 unique users. Even under such conditions, resource monetization is available.
  2. The first level is from 10,000 to 20,000 unique users per month. In addition to the basic tools, the publisher is offered an increased level of training.
  3. The second level is from 20,000 to 30,000 unique users per month. The publisher gets the right to cooperate with the designated representative of the system.
  4. The third level is from 50,000 to 75,000 unique users per month. The publisher is offered access to additional analytics tools.
  5. The fourth level - from 250,000 to 500,000 unique visitors per month. The publisher gets the opportunity to collaborate with dedicated experts, join the VIP team, or request assistance from the advertising sales department. It is noted that all these bonuses can be provided, but they can be denied at the request of the system.
  6. VIP. A publisher whose monthly audience exceeds 500,000 visitors is eligible for this level. Additionally, the publisher is guaranteed to receive those bonuses that in the previous case are provided at the request of the service.
Ezoic premium review: accessible to Ezoic Level 3, Ezoic Level 4, and Ezoic VIP customers

Regardless of the level reached, the publisher gets access to weekly webinars, live chat, can get a grant, and contact technical support.

Differentiation of access levels

The main reason why Ezoic differentiates between access levels is the need to scale the technology. Ezoic Access Now removes formal requirements for publishers, which enables server-side ad delivery to each specific site.

It is noted that if the site meets the formal criteria, some pages may still contain inappropriate content. Such content may include information about gambling, information for adults, or just curse words. The webmaster does not need to manually close the page for advertising inserts, everything happens automatically.

To increase the level, you need to attract more users to your site, for this it is recommended to take basic or additional courses. Part of the training at Ezoic is offered completely free of charge, since the platform itself is interested in getting more publishers with a large monthly audience.

If the publisher has a small monthly audience, but he is making efforts to increase it, which leads to positive results, the service can help such a webmaster. Thus, mutually beneficial cooperation is achieved, which is convenient for absolutely every participant.

More about Ezoic

Ezoic looks like an advertising network, but it is not. The reason is that an ad network is an organization that sells or buys ads, while Ezoic is a dedicated technology designed to make it easier for publishers.

The service easily embeds a large number of ad networks on the site, and then compares their effectiveness. Among the available networks there is even Google AdSense, to get started with which you do not even need an account, everything can be done using the built-in Ezoic tools.

To start working with the service, you just need to register an account and then wait for the integration with the system. Most often, the process takes one to two days. If there are 10,000 visitors per month, it is enough to register immediately in the system; for growing sites, you need to open an account through Access Now - an educational program, and then undergo training.

The service policy works in such a way that you can start earning in this case only after completing a compulsory educational course. There are no such restrictions for publishers whose audience exceeds 10,000 per month.

An additional advantage of the platform lies in the positive impact on the  Search Engine Optimization   of the site through rigorous automated analysis. Experts show that, on average, the position of a site in the eyes of search engines improves after the introduction of Ezoic.

To start monetizing a site, you need to make sure that the content meets the requirements of most networks and exchanges, and first of all - Google. It is also necessary that the content is unique, and the traffic does not consist of bots, but is human.

There are no requirements for verticals as such; automotive, sports, cultural topics, as well as many other things, including even highly specialized niches, are acceptable here. Exceptions are content written in hate speech and other similar sites.

In conclusion: what are the new Ezoic requirements?

In general, there are not many restrictions on the service side for publishers. The main thing is to undergo compulsory training if the publisher's website does not have 10,000 unique visitors per month.

Ezoic Review

The rest of the requirements are mostly formal in nature, since they are not much different from the restrictions in most ad networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does access to the Ezoic level depend on?
Access to tiers is subject to reaching a certain number of unique users per month. With the achievement of the level, the publisher receives responsibilities and certain bonuses, such as access to weekly webinars, live chat, can receive a grant and contac
What does Ezoic level mean?
In addition to the basic requirements for content, the use of the service imposes a number of other obligations on the user to gain access to the layer. If you count the base ones, there are six EzoicLEVELS in total, access to which depends on reaching a certain number of unique users per month.
What are the requirements for publishers to join the Ezoic platform, and how do these requirements impact the accessibility of the platform?
Ezoic requirements include a minimum traffic threshold, compliance with Google's policies, and quality content. These requirements ensure a standard of quality and suitability for Ezoic's ad optimization technology, impacting accessibility for smaller or newer publishers.

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