Monetag MultiTag Review: How to Simplify Publisher Ads and Increase Profits

Monetag MultiTag Review: How to Simplify Publisher Ads and Increase Profits

For most of this decade, Adsense has ruled the global marketplace when it comes to serving ads for websites, CPM and CPA and other similar mechanisms that help generate revenue for a website.

Over the past few years, numerous alternatives to Adsense have emerged, enabling people around the world to take advantage of the more competitive ad market in terms of higher CPC rates, network expansion, and better income potential.

Propeller Ads was founded in 2011 with the main idea of ​​providing interactive ads to website audiences, and in turn generating income from them. The company has passed a long trial and now provides over 8 billion ad impressions per day for desktop and mobile visitors.

When it comes to ads, they have a variety of formats: Super Profitable MultiTag, Push Notifications, Popunder, In-Page Push, Interstitial Ads, Direct Links.

Why exactly Monetag

People who have already joined other networks can add them for additional passive income, just like people who are denied adsense. What's more, Monetag can be used in conjunction with AdSense for the best experience.

Monetag has several formats that publishers can choose from for both desktop and mobile.  CPM rates   are high and international traffic occupancy is 100%.

Monetag offers a great solution for publishers who are starting to monetize their sites or simply don't want to spend time analyzing data to find the most profitable ad formats. This refers to MultiTag, a universal code that a publisher can place on their website. This feature automatically selects the best ad format for a specific site and increases your revenue by up to 50%.

Monetag is an ad network for advertisers. This is the largest platform with good prices and tariffs. This service has a very user-friendly interface and a wide range of options for its customers.

The bar of requirements for sites of advertisers is lower, respectively, many advertisers will easily pass moderation and be able to make money with Propeller Ads.

There is another huge plus of this network - the absence of threshold traffic. This means that even if the site of the future publisher is new and does not gain traffic to the desired level, its owner can still apply to participate in Monetag. This does not apply to AdSense or other ad networks. Registration is quick, easy and hassle-free. To top it up, the referral program offers 5% of relevant referral earnings to publishers for life.

Monetag drives traffic from all over the world and serves over 8 billion ad impressions per day.

Their push database has over 600 million subscribers.

Among other benefits of Monetag for advertisers, these are:

  • CPA Goal 2.0 - an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that provides cost-effective traffic for each proposal;
  • Fraud protection system displays;
  • Advanced retargeting systems;
  • Demographic targeting and interest targeting;
  • Convenient statistics;
  • Custom templates for in-push interstitials.

In addition, Monetag guarantees its publishers the highest possible CPM and offers easy payment and withdrawal options. The publisher can choose from a variety of payment options, depending on which one suits your resources.

But there are some negative qualities that they should work on:

  • The time difference between the two payments is 30 days. Sometimes it is very tiresome to wait for such a period;
  • While Monetag has a fairly wide list of payment options, it doesn't yet have PayPal, which is the most popular of all. This is a big drawback as it baffles many publishers and advertisers;
  • Pays 20 percent less than Adsense;
  • CPM bids for banners are not as good as for pop-ups, but this can be offset by increased traffic;
  • There may be no traffic threshold, but still, the ad network is not suitable for a very new site that has about 1000 views per day, then the income received will actually be a cent per day, which is not profitable. Therefore, it is recommended to select it at a later stage. If you still want to opt for other benefits, pop-up and mobile ad units will provide you with more revenue potential.

How to get started with Monetag for a beginner

If you are new to the Monetag network and are looking for ways to get started, then there is nothing to worry about. Basically, you need to subscribe to Monetag and move forward in accordance with it.

The most important rules to follow when working with Monetag is to avoid adult advertising materials, and you should not try to generate fake traffic to trick the system. Otherwise, you will be blocked.

In addition, to set up exclusive or new ads, users must follow these steps:

  • First you need to visit the official website of the Monetag Network.
  • After that, there are two different ways to register with this network. First of all, you can log in as a publisher or as an advertiser.
  • Accordingly, it is desirable to log in as a publisher. It will benefit you in the long term.
  • Next, you will need to fill out the registration form. The user will receive an email with a link to activate the profile. You just need to click on it, and from now on, your email address will be tightly linked to your Monetag account.
  • Now you need to check parameters such as revenue, clicks, impressions, CPM.
  • Next, you need to go to the user profile settings and select a payment method. Monetag offers payment via Wire, EPESE, Payoneer, Webmoney Z and many more.
  • The minimum criteria for getting paid is $ 5.
  • In the last step, you can finally choose the most suitable ad formats and link them to your website to start the process easily.

Monetag Network Benefits

The fame of Monetag is improving day by day. Currently, it is conveniently used by over hundreds of thousands of users. It offers many things that make people make big money. There are several types of Monetag benefits that can be easily accessed.

  1. It's easy and simple to get started with Monetag. In addition, the system will activate the user account immediately after registration.
  2. There are many payment methods available that the user can choose at their discretion.
  3. Do you want to start earning extra money? If yes, then Monetag allows users to recommend their peers to earn 5 percent extra money.
  4. You can also use Adsense and other resources for work without any obstacles.
  5. Users can increase their earnings by monetizing the website with Monetag.

Non-critical flaws of Monetag

On the other hand, there are always bad consequences that create problems for users. The Monetag Network has disadvantages to be aware of and avoid such turns in order to move forward conveniently and quickly.

  • You will get a low CPM if the quality of your traffic is poor.
  • Monetag does not monetize certain types of traffic: adults, torrents, and copyright infringing content.
  • Some issues have been noted where people face issues related to pop-up and full-screen ads. Because of this, people started to ignore a website that offers such annoying things. Therefore, when working with Popunder, it is important to make sure that you reduce the frequency of Popunder ad impressions.

Extended Monetag Updates Introducing MultiTag for Publishers

Propeller develops and creates such tools that greatly simplify site monetization.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest challenges publishers face today is navigating the myriad of monetization solutions, figuring out which combination of ad formats is right for their websites.

For this reason, the developers have created MultiTag - a new feature that can help publishers access the best ad formats in a simple and understandable way.

What is MultiTag?

A MultiTag is a generic tag or piece of code that publishers can place on their site.

In the past, publishers had to purchase an individual tag for each ad format they hosted on their website. Now that's it. What you need to do is simply add generic code, which is ideal for publishers who prefer to avoid manual platform optimization.

How does MultiTag work?

MultiTag works as an automatic optimization tool for publishers as it automatically selects the most appropriate and profitable ad format for a specific website.

What ad formats does MultiTag work with?

  • Traditional pop advertising (Oneclick);
  • Push notifications;
  • Intra-page  push notifications   (IPP);
  • Advertising overlay.

Is MultiTag really worth it?

The main goal of the creators of Monetag and MultiTag is to help publishers generate the highest possible income while providing a user-friendly experience.

  • Full ad coverage across all devices, OS and geo;
  • Compatible with all websites and traffic types;
  • Does not require an independent tag for each format.

Which publishers will enjoy using MultiTag the most?

  • Who are just starting to monetize their site, because this is the perfect way to set up autopilot.
  • For those publishers who don't want to spend hours analyzing data and optimizing to find the best formats.
  • For publishers who have been working with Monetag display ad formats for a while. The Network team encourages only to compare the results. In addition, if the publisher has previously worked with only one ad format, then he will be able to see how quickly his profit increases with the help of MultiTag.
★★★★★ PropellerAds MultiTag MultiTag works as an automatic optimization tool for publishers as it automatically selects the most appropriate and profitable ad format for a specific website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PropellerAds MultiTag, and how does it simplify the ad setup process for publishers while potentially increasing revenue?
PropellerAds MultiTag is a tool that allows publishers to integrate various ad formats with a single code snippet. It simplifies the ad setup process by consolidating multiple ad units, potentially increasing profits through optimized ad placements and better fill rates.

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