Best YouTube Alternatives To Monetize Videos And Develop The Wings Of Digital Nomads

Best YouTube Alternatives To Monetize Videos And Develop The Wings Of Digital Nomads

Hosting or video sharing platforms are services that facilitate the downloading, viewing, sharing and streaming of video-based content on the Internet.

Google YouTube is currently the world's largest video sharing platform with over 1.9 billion registered users per month, watching one billion hours of video per day and downloading over 500 hours of content every minute of the day.

Despite these impressive numbers, YouTube is not without its drawbacks. In fact, the video sharing platform has many flaws and has been embroiled in numerous controversies stemming from its very nature of centralization.

These issues include, but are not limited to, strict video monetization policies, unfair video promotion algorithms, lack of personalized support, vague terms and conditions, disagreements over data collection, and privacy concerns.

Because of these pressing concerns, many YouTube viewers and content creators are actively considering the idea of ​​moving to an alternative platform.

The advancement of blockchain technology has led to the emergence of several innovative video sharing platforms that certainly deserve attention.

While these platforms are significantly less prevalent than YouTube, some provide decentralization, open source development, transparent terms, improved search algorithms, privacy-focused approaches, alternative payment systems for content creators (cryptocurrencies), and more.

Others provide the blockchain-based decentralized infrastructure needed to achieve these benefits through integration with the existing platform.

Ezoic: the Best video advertising monetization YouTube alternative

If your goal is to monetize your YouTube videos as best as possible, then your best option is to host them for free on Ezoic video platform, if you have a website.

They will share as much as 90% of the ads revenue with you, host your videos for free, and rank them on search engines as if videos were hosted on your own website, thus making your video content rank higher on search engines, reach a larger audience than it would on YouTube alone, and generally get your website to grow its digital wings.

By hosting your videos on  Ezoic,   and linking each of them to one of your webpage, these video will rank for the page keywords, and the corresponding blog post or website page will rank higher for these keywords.

On top of that, as search engines like Google must show YouTube alternatives in video results, hosting your videos yourself for your website on a free video hosting platform such as Ezoic will get your videos to appear more easily on Google, as they will directly compete with the whole YouTube website, instead of competing individually with all other YouTube videos to rank for search results.

How To Get Higher Paying Ads On Your Youtube Videos - Even Without 1000 Subscribers? - Review of the free Ezoic video player

Best Blockchain Based YouTube Alternatives


LBRY does not call itself a video sharing service, but rather a marketplace for all types of digital content with a focus on video.

The platform aims to create a protocol-based communication between users and their digital content - such as movies, games, books or images.

The company offers its services to those who care about privacy, freedom lovers, artists, content producers, computer geeks and many others.


To understand LBRY, it is important to think of it as a protocol and a service. With this in mind, the protocol provides the technical infrastructure needed to run a decentralized peer-to-peer network based on blockchain where users can freely exchange, buy and download content.

The service itself is pretty simple - it simply allows users to view, post, share, download, buy and download all types of digital content. Thus, services such as content discovery, content distribution and transaction settlement are integrated into the technical infrastructure of the service, thereby ensuring a seamless experience for users.

The platform relies on LBRY credits that can be used to purchase digital content. The tokens can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies supported by exchanges.

Copyright protection is enforced through a public ledger that records every download and purchase, making it easier for content rights holders to take action to infringe on those who illegally publish their content.

In the long term, LBRY can become a complete ecosystem designed to facilitate the purchase, storage, sale and protection of all types of digital content, including but not limited to videos, music, apps, e-books, articles, code, and more.

User interface

LBRY strives to make its platform as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. In terms of video sharing, LBRY.TV offers a cleverly designed user interface similar to other platforms like YouTube.

You can find both paid and free videos - no additional steps, such as creating an account, are required to watch for free, while paid videos require crypto payments and registration.


According to the platform's website, D.Tube is the world's first cryptographic video platform, decentralized and built using the infrastructure provided by the STEEM blockchain alongside the IPFS P2P network.


First, D.Tube offers a state-of-the-art video streaming service where users can find and download all types of content.

It has a built-in cryptocurrency incentive as watching, uploading, sharing and commenting on videos through the immutable STEEM blockchain helps users earn coins.

In addition, the platform has been designed to be censorship resistant - technically speaking, the company has no real means to censor videos or enforce specific guidelines for content. The power to censor is placed in the hands of users, who decide which videos should be censored or promoted with up and down votes.

Users can also reward content creators with cryptocurrency, resulting in a complete incentive program that provides a win-win situation for both users and video uploading users.

Unlike YouTube and other video sharing services, D.Tube has been designed to be fair to all users. With this in mind, the platform does not rely on hidden algorithms to decide which videos make it to the front page and which ones can be monetized.

In fact, all data related to services is publicly available. Last but not least, the service is ad-free. Users can advertise themselves in the videos they upload.

User interface

In terms of user interface, the platform is very similar compared to YouTube in the sense that the UX uses a very similar design language.

Thus, D.Tube browsing is bound to be a hassle-free experience, while content browsing is always a pleasure. Browsing and discovering new videos is pretty easy as the service offers multiple sections, including hot videos, trending videos, new videos, watch later, watch again, and top videos / users.


This company was founded by a group of video content creators and consumers who were tired of having to deal with the challenges of the industry.

DLive is an interesting alternative platform to YouTube, this is a new platform where blogger videos are released. In fact, this is a decentralized streaming service built on blockchain technology. The service has an internal currency, Lino Point, which is pegged to the Lino cryptocurrency.

These include unfair content promotion, increased platform fees, censorship, and high monetization rates. Thus, this led to the creation of Dlive, which aims to act as a live streaming service based on sharing and seeks to empower both viewers and creators through an innovative incentive system.


Thus, Dlive is a blockchain-based and decentralized streaming platform based on three revolutionary features: Lemon, LINO, LINO Stake.

With this in mind, Dlive is built on top of the blockchain network, where Lemon acts as a token that can be transferred within the platform for donation and subscription purposes for content creators.

LINO is a true cryptocurrency that can be exchanged outside of the streaming service - the coin can be earned by both creators and viewers through content and voting rewards. Finally, LINO holders can stake their tokens to get a stake in the company.

This bid can then be used to select validators, receive rewards, and vote on future platform updates.

The infrastructure of the blockchain-based platform is censorship resistant and uses an algorithm that all streamers fairly support. As such, it has gained significant popularity over the past few months.

User interface

In terms of streaming, Dlive gives users and content creators access to a range of standard features offered by most other industry competitors.

These include easy access to hundreds of ongoing live broadcasts, a chat service, the ability to subscribe to streamers, notifications, replays, highlights, and more. UX design uses a cool dark theme, while watching live streams is fun and enjoyable.

Dlive also provides users with a series of knowledge pages where they can learn more about the technical features of Dlive, as well as blockchain-based features that viewers and streamers can take advantage of. A professional customer support team is always ready to answer all questions.


The company behind BitChute has a simple goal of fighting internet censorship. To achieve this, the video sharing platform is decentralized and funded by the community, while at the same time a number of rules are used to help avoid censorship.


In terms of features, BitChute works similar to most of the video sharing platforms available on the internet. Users have to create an account to download content, while streaming is easy without registration.

Downloadable videos are divided into several categories: anime, art, auto, beauty, business, cuisine, home art, education, entertainment, health, music, news, family, etc. The service also provides content to increase visibility.

While still in its infancy, BitChute attracted a large number of users and a number of interesting downloads that are not available anywhere else on the Internet.

User interface

The platform's user interface is basic and aims to keep things simple. Some might say it's a little old-fashioned and in some respects lacking, but the service is adept at doing its main job. Browsing and uploading are sure to be flawless.


Theta was launched after an in-depth analysis of the current issues, controversies and challenges associated with the video streaming industry today.

Its founders quickly learned that standard content delivery networks are unreliable, leading to high operating costs that are largely borne by publishers rather than operators. Likewise, traditional video streaming services are centralized and ineffective, leading to censorship and unfair ad algorithms.

The THETA platform aims to provide users with a next generation decentralized video delivery service.


As a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, THETA delivers high quality and seamless video streaming as the videos are hosted on servers around the world and instantly available for viewing on demand.

The P2P business model means that platform operators do not directly invest in hosting infrastructure - rather, this responsibility is borne by thousands of incentivized hosts, which significantly lowers the platform's operating costs. This translates into higher potential income for content creators, thus providing better streams.

It's important to remember, however, that THETA isn't just about content creators. Rather, viewers receive THETA Fuel awards for sharing computer bandwidth and resources. The THETA token can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or used to reward content creators.

THETA uses an open source approach for both its network and protocol, which provides a significant degree of transparency. In addition, content providers and video platforms are free to use the existing API to create decentralized applications for their audience.

User interface

The user interface is designed to provide a beautiful interface that provides ease of use. Watching movies, TV shows, esports, music, live broadcasts and other forms of content will be the perfect experience.

Examples of videos monetized with Ezoic free video hosting, the best YouTube alternative

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What Can I Watch: movies website’s videos results ranking on search engine for its own website pages by YouTube’s alternative free video hosting service Ezoic
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Travel comparator videos are ranking on search engines for its domain by being hosted for free on the best YouTube alternative
New Simple As Possible ERP’s videos are beating YouTube videos in search engine results by being hosting on a YouTube alternative website
Travel blog videos displayed on website and monetized with a YouTube alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to YouTube for creators?
There are different Youtube alternatives for creators that have their own benefits and features. Since YouTube has many disadvantages and causes many controversies related to its very nature of centralization, it is worth paying attention to alternative o
Is Ezoic a good YouTube alternative with monetization?
Ezoic is a good YouTube alternative. Posting your videos on this platform will help you monetize your videos better. Ezoic will share up to 90% of ad revenue with you, host your videos for free and rank them in search engines.
What are some of the best alternatives to YouTube for video monetization, especially for digital nomads looking to diversify their income sources?
Alternatives include Vimeo for its professional audience and monetization options, Dailymotion for its flexible content policies, Twitch for live streaming revenue, and Patreon for direct fan subscriptions. These platforms offer different monetization models, appealing to creators seeking more control and varied income streams.

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