Mediavine vs Adsense - What's the Difference Between These Platforms

Mediavine vs Adsense - What's the Difference Between These Platforms

In this article, we have compared two ad platforms - Mediavine vs Adsense. We studied the intricacies of the sites, analyzed the features and advantages of both platforms, and also made a conclusion based on this data.

Mediavine vs Adsense - What's the Difference

In fact, there are a lot of differences. An analogy can be drawn with day and night. Let Mediavine be day and Adsense night. Regardless, you can see almost the same ads from both platforms. How does this happen?

What is Adsense

Let's go in order. If you're reading this article, you are most likely familiar with Google Adsense, arguably the longest-running publisher advertising solution that still exists.

AdSense requirements: a content website with some family-friendly content

Adsense's workflow is pretty simple: you copy and paste a short line of code where you want your ad to appear. Google serves ads entirely, so you don't have to work directly with advertisers or think about the process itself. Google finds relevant ads based on your content and sends you a pay-for-profit as soon as you hit a set threshold. Many small publishers see AdSense as a simple, safe, entry-level entry into the big world of online advertising. There are no minimum traffic requirements. This is why so many bloggers start out with Adsense.

Create a Google AdSense account for free and start monetizing your websites

What is the difference between Mediavine and Adsense

Let's take a look at what Mediavine is fighting against Adsense.

Mediavine works directly with Google to serve ads on 7000+ common publisher sites, but that's where the similarities to Adsense end. Google is more of a hands off, while Mediavine is the epitome of hands on, from the moment you submit your application to as long as you collaborate with the platform.

Mediavine requirements: AdSense approved website with 50000+ unique visitors per month

It's no secret that Mediavine has been one of the best ad management platforms for publishers for quite some time now.

The platform is alive and constantly evolving - for example, in 2020 they changed the minimum traffic requirements, and the number of sessions per month increased from 25,000 to 50,000.

But in turn, the platform has specific Mediavine requirements.

Most of Mediavine's ad inventory comes from Google AdExchange, essentially a premium version of Adsense with larger ad purchases, more advanced targeting, and much more earning potential.

Get started checklist for Ad Exchange

Mediavine also works with dozens of additional supply-side partners to compete with both each other and Google for ad space on your site. Adsense only offers Google inventory. Mediavine provides a better version of this and more.

Behind the scenes, within a fraction of a second, this real-time auction process raises the price of your ad exponentially over Google Adsense.

Mediavine: Full-Service Ad Management

Mediavine, a Google certified publishing partner

What's more, as a Certified Publishing Partner of Google, Mediavine is one of several dozen companies around the world that have been tested and approved as leaders in the ad technology industry.

Exclusive platform relationships through GCPP help the platform integrate its innovative technologies with Google products, optimizing publisher revenues and helping build sustainable businesses. Especially when it comes to navigating Google's policies and the new CBA (Coalition for Better Ads) guidelines, this is an invaluable asset that you won't find in Adsense.

With its technology and connections, Mediavine is at the forefront of programmatic advertising - buying digital advertising using computer software - while AdSense is a viable but bare-bones example of the concept.

Each publisher is different and many factors affect profits through programmatic advertising, but sites using AdSense typically see 50-100% growth in profits just by joining Mediavine - and this is before any other optimizations and benefits of working with the platform team. will fully take effect.

More than technology

In addition to ad technology, Mediavine is differentiated as an ad management company by their holistic, site-wide approach — one that starts and ends with high-quality content.

Whether you want to make a living from your blog or just earn passive income, content is the lifeblood of your site and the key to maximizing its earning potential. This is why the quality of your website and the engagement of your audience are among the top requirements of the MediaWine.

Mediavine's publisher support team is on hand 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues you may encounter while setting up ads, and actively help get the most out of your blog.

The founders of MediaWine and many other team members are bloggers themselves, bringing experience and thinking into the process that sets them apart. We also test all our technology on its own properties before releasing it to our publishers.


Mediavine is not an ad network. They have built the largest, most reliable and brand-safe portfolio of large scale sites. The platform has developed partnerships with advertisers who are sure to contribute to the development of the business.

Mediavine vs AdSense is a comparison of platforms with slightly different capabilities. AdSense is where to start, and Mediavine is where to stop.

In any case, Mediavine vs AdSense is an interesting analysis that was worth doing to understand all the intricacies of both platforms and determine your favorite.

Mediavine vs. AdSense: A World of Difference – Mediavine

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Mediavine and Adsense differ as advertising platforms, and what are the distinct advantages or limitations of each?
Mediavine offers higher earnings and personalized service but requires higher traffic thresholds for approval. Adsense is more accessible with lower traffic requirements but typically offers lower earnings. Both platforms differ in terms of ad customization, payout thresholds, and user support.

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