Adsterra vs. Mediavine

Adsterra vs. Mediavine

Making money online on a personal website, blog or Internet resource attracts many people, but it takes time. The benefits of such a project may appear after several years, possibly more. Or you need to be an excellent marketer and SEO.

A way out of this situation is advertising platforms that will help both small businesses and leading media buyers: Adsterra vs. Mediavine. Let's take a look at both platforms.

Adsterra platform review

Adsterra is an international advertising exchange operating since 2013. Has been working in this industry for over 10 years. This makes the site professionals in their field. Many customers find it a great alternative among other options. Through their platform, they help connect product and service organizations with their target customers. This increases brand awareness around the world, increases ROI and, accordingly, increases advertising revenue. The platform makes ads creative, unique and engaging with its content optimization technologies. Good CPC offers and good payout options do the trick. With an extensive list of available payment methods and transparent transaction fees, you already know how much you are making and what you are getting at the end of the month.

Adsterra terms and services

Prices for services are set not by the site administration, but by the users themselves. You can calculate the advertising budget and arrange the placement of goods on different thematic sites, having previously selected the appropriate ones from the proposed ones. And if you act as a webmaster, you can use several formats of customer advertising, such as banners, videos, links and several others. An inconvenient moment is that this resource is not available in Russian, since it is not very popular in our country.

The prices of an advertising platform offering many different services range from $ 5 to $ 50 per month. The Adsterra network offers various pricing models: CPM, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPI (PPI). One of the popular payment models is CPM. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille (Latin for 1000), which means you pay a set price for 1000 ad impressions that appear on the user's screen.

How it works and monetization

All advertisers' submissions are placed on the Adsterra platform. The display goes to the one who pays the most, and his ad is shown on the webmaster's page. To learn more about the price, the service offers to register on the website and contact the support manager. On the official website of the company there are no tariffs in numerical terms.

The main income on Adsterra is the provision of advertising space on the webmaster's own Internet resources. For example, if he chose to pay for impressions and set the price at $ 1 for each thousand, then the service commission will also be $ 1. This point, spelled out in the conditions, remains not entirely clear. In general, prices for placements are set individually by each registered client. Therefore, you can earn here, depending on the conditions set personally.

Features of Adsterra vs Mediavine

Adsterra has many positive aspects:

  1. The launch of an advertising campaign takes place as soon as possible.
  2. There is a wide variety of ad formats to choose from. They come with popunder, social bar, native ads, banner ads, videos and many more options to choose from.
  3. They have stand-alone or controlled functions. Adsterra allows you to publish your own ads yourself, ask someone or set up system automation. Then she will do everything herself. Flexibility and use becomes much easier. So, choose your zone and start there.
  4. There are innovative anti-adblock solutions available. This will not only make the advertising solution more accessible to your target audience, but will undoubtedly give you additional benefits. All this will increase your income by about 20%.
  5. Many payment solutions and returns offered. Adsterra is renowned for its many payment options. You can also make your profit on various bases like CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA and whatever you like.
  6. The platform has a referral program that will allow you to earn 5% of the income of attracted webmasters.
  7. The Adsterra support team is trained to assist with any issues that may arise while using the Adsterra platform. They know everything there is to know about setting up ads, troubleshooting, and submitting feedback or suggestions for improvement. You'll find tons of FAQs, abuse reporting options, and tons of other options to get in touch with the team of experts.

Who is the Adsterra for?

If you have your own Internet resource with a large volume of traffic from the USA and Europe, then Adsterra can be a great alternative for advertisers. It is a leading digital ad platform where you can set up a one-page campaign to match industry standards if you have any issues with their services - the managers (support) are special pride. Complete targeting list, including rare finds such as browser versions, OS versions, carrier, user lifetime, IP targeting.

And for publishers, they have an extensive pool of advertisers with exclusive deals and high bids. With a smart AI-powered optimization tool, you can analyze your traffic and select the best deals that suit your audience to effectively monetize your website.

Overview of the Mediavine platform

Mediavine is a full-service advertising management platform focused on “building sustainable businesses for content creators”. Mediavine takes care of programmatically displaying ads on people's websites and blogs. They do this exclusively, which means that after you sign up with Mediavine, you will need to remove all of your current ads (usually Google Adsense ads) from your site.

Mediavine is a passive approach to making money blogging by placing ads on your blog. And judging by the reviews, this is one of the best ad management platforms for publishers that will show positive results almost immediately.

This is an easy way to get started with ads that will give you the opportunity to increase revenue and attract positive audiences. And I also want to note Mediavine support, as these are qualified specialists who will answer any of your questions.

The site also has several of its Internet projects, such as Hollywood Gossip and Food Fanatic, and some of their employees also have their own blogs.

The high level of qualifications is evidenced by the fact that this company has been certified by Google, and they are their partners. As a reminder, in order to become a Google Certified Publishing Partner, an ad company will have to meet strict qualifications to prove it is a specialist in Google ad products.

Traffic requirements

Based on this, in order to be accepted by Mediavine, your blog must have a good reputation in Google and have at least 50 thousand sessions in the last 30 days. Sessions, not page views.

The main reason for these requirements is that advertisers need to make sure that the traffic that websites send them through Mediavine is engaging, quality, and bargain-worthy. Has the meaning.

Mediavine technology and monetization

By its very nature, ads load slowly, but Mediavine has solved this problem. They use asynchronous loading. As a result, advertisements are loaded separately from the main page, which does not affect the site loading speed. The principle of lazy loading is also used - ads are loaded only when it is visible to the reader.

Blogs that use Mediavine to publish ads typically earn between $ 20 and $ 40 per thousand sessions (RPM or revenue per mil). Given the Mediavine login requirements, that means blogging is making hundreds of dollars in the first month - a huge upgrade for many from other ad networks and affiliate sales.

Features of Mediavine

Like any resource, Mediavine has some peculiarities when working with the platform. Consider them:

  1. Good customer service. Mediavine provides good customer service and support. Obviously, this is embedded in their company policy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email them.
  2. The platform provides quality tools like the Mediavine video player and Create to not only improve ad performance, but also help improve the overall quality of blogs. The ads I've seen on my sites and other Mediavine sites seem to be relevant and of good quality. This is, of course, very important from a user experience point of view.
  3. High income depending on the niche. Both RPM and revenue are good, definitely better than with Adsense. I have yet to meet someone who is capable of achieving a better RPM with Adsense than with Mediavine.
  4. Flexible Advertising Settings. You can customize your ad settings to better suit your site. You can change the percentage of ads shown, you can exclude certain types of ads, and more.
  5. Hints and suggestions. There are specific content tips on the site that give you complete control over where your ads are displayed. By using the default Mediavine script wrapper, it can happen that ads appear in places you don't want them to appear. Or they can sometimes interfere with the layout / structure of the article. In these cases, it's good to use these content hints so that you can control where the ads appear.

Cons of Mediavine

The disadvantages of Mediavine include the presence of its own branding in advertising, which some users may find quite a distraction. Also, some of the platform's advice on blogging or SEO is outdated and one-sided and therefore not useful.

In conclusion: AdSterra or Mediavine?

When it comes to making money from blogging, there are several approaches (or combinations) that people use to start earning income ... affiliate sales, product sales, sponsored posts, and ads.

In this online world, display advertising has always been a major component of a monetization strategy. Love them or hate them, advertising is just part of the online ecosystem. Additionally, if managed properly, ads should help companies promote their products / services to relevant users without significantly compromising their experience.

In conclusion, we can highlight that both platforms have their pros and cons. Adsterra vs. Mediavine has no minimum traffic to join. Therefore, anyone can apply and get approved. More control - On the Adsterra dashboard, you can view all the ads that have ever been shown and select the ones that you would not like to see on the site. These can be disabled. Mediavine has a specific entry point that not everyone will like. You must provide exclusivity. This means that while you are running Mediavine ads on your site, you cannot run other ads.


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