InfoLinks vs. Adsense - Comparing The Two Platforms

InfoLinks vs. Adsense - Comparing The Two Platforms

In this article, we have compared two ad platforms, InfoLinks versus Adsense. We examined the advantages and features of these services, compiled a comparison table and made a conclusion.

Placing an advertisement on the network will increase brand awareness and attract traffic to the site. Brand promotion will allow you to find new potential buyers, increase company awareness and build trusting relationships with subscribers.

With Infolinks ad networks, advertising makes your business productive. But different platforms have their own special approach.

Advertising is an essential component of any business project. Online advertising is a very popular niche today. This article will focus on services such as Google Adsense and Infolinks. We'll do a little comparison, talk about the pros and cons of both platforms, and make a comparison table.


  1. Google Adsense;
  2. Infolinks;
  3. Comparison of the two systems - infoLinks vs Adsense.
  4. Conclusion.

Google adsense

Let's start with the almighty power of Google Adsense. Since 2000, millions of bloggers (and Adwords advertisers) around the world have used the PPC program to monetize their website.

Why is this happening? Here are the main reasons:
  • Adsense has the most advertisers. This means that you will receive a wider range of different advertisements displayed on your site;
  • The service is known for getting high CPCs. Trade wars are intensifying along with the large number of advertisers;
  • After all, this is Google: a reliable global company with an excellent reputation on the Internet;
  • Simple and intuitive user interface;
  • Adsense can be used by most countries because they offer different currencies when paying to publishers;
  • They launched PPC in 2000, and since they were the first to enter the market, they are one step ahead of all other PPC programs.

If you are using Adsense this is great news. However, don't assume they are the best. There are other options for online advertising, for example Infolinks, which we'll talk about in the next block.

Google AdSense - Earn Money From Website Monetization

The leader of the text advertising market can be considered Infolinks, a company created back in 2008. In-text ads take a slightly different approach, linking ads to the content itself. The web users then click on the links without even thinking they are ads. Plus, text ads can work alongside BuySellAds and Adsense - if you want to populate your site with three different ad programs.

Infolinks, Inc. is a leading provider of InText advertising services, working with online content publishers around the world. The company allows website owners and publishers to benefit from premium, highly relevant InText ads. Founded in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, Infolinks leads the industry with the most compelling business model and guarantees all partners the highest revenue sharing base. Since the inception of Infolinks, thousands of websites have integrated their InText ads and the team takes pride in making the process easy and immediately profitable.

InText advertising services

Infolinks has also expanded its market with new products like insearch, intag and inframe: all new promotional products that are sure to be successful on your site.

Infolinks - Innovative Ads Powered by Intent

Comparison of the two systems - infoLinks vs Adsense

Infolinks InText Ads complements Google AdSense for PPC excellence.

It's no secret that Adsense is an evolution from the distracting and inappropriate web ads of the past. By leveraging the power of Google, AdSense ensures that your jives' ad content is consistent with your site's overall theme and visitor demographics.

That said, what if you could take it one step further by turning your site's content into your own ad platform? This is exactly what Infolinks did. The perfect addition to Adsense, Infolinks uses InText ads - and converts a copy of your site into an ad campaign in seconds. And most importantly, there is no risk, since it does not take up space on your site. No commitment, you don't need to change your site content and your site will be profitable immediately.

In order to finally understand the issue of comparing the two platforms, we have prepared a small table.

What is it?
  • Adsense is an ad serving application launched by Google. Website owners can register with the program to include text, image and, more recently, video ads on their websites.
  • Infolinks is an online advertising platform powered by the intelligence of In3 technology. Infolinks online advertising in real time helps overcome banner blindness through deliberate advertising.
What is the reach?
  • Google Adsense has better reach across more website categories. Including Computers, Electronics & Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Games, News & Media and 20 other categories.
  • InfoLinks has no lead over Google Adsense in any category of website.
Market share
  • Google Adsense is leading in most countries, including the US, Japan, Russia, France and 163 other countries.
  • InfoLinks has no leadership over Google Adsense in any country.
Ads segments
  • Google Adsense leads the Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites, Top 1M Sites and the entire Internet.
  • In terms of market share, InfoLinks is clearly lagging behind Google Adsense in all segments.


After reading this article, you can come to the conclusion that InfoLinks is a good addition to Google Adsense, which at one time, was one of the largest advertising platforms.

Infolinks vs AdSense: Infolinks InText Ads Complement Google AdSense for Contextual Ad Supremacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do InfoLinks and Adsense compare in terms of their advertising models, ease of use, and revenue potential for publishers?
InfoLinks specializes in in-text and in-content ads, offering an alternative to traditional display ads. Adsense provides a wider range of ad formats and integrates seamlessly with Google platforms. Publishers should consider ad format preferences and their site’s content style.

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