Monetag Alternatives - Top 5 Ad Networks To Boost Website Revenue

Monetag Alternatives - Top 5 Ad Networks To Boost Website Revenue

As a website owner, blogger, or an online media publishing house, you may be looking into getting more revenues from your website. The easiest source of revenue for websites is advertising revenue, and as a publisher, you would have known about Google Adsense and you may have heard of Monetag. If you're looking into other advertising networks, this article will give you Monetag alternative,  Ezoic,   EvaDav, AdSterra as well as other lesser-known ones such as AdMaven, and PopCash.

Advertisers pay the ad networks based on cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per action (CPA), and cost per subscription (CPS), and ad networks, in turn, pay website and mobile publishers. It goes without saying that ad networks only accept publishers with good content, content that do not offer hate, violence, or illegal activities. Some ad networks accept publishers whose content includes slightly grey areas, such as crypto, dating, casino, and so on which Google does not accept.

To help determine which ad network is most suitable for your website, let's look into what these ad networks have to offer online publishers.

Top 5 Monetag Alternatives

What Is Ezoic ?

Ezoic does not consider itself as an advertising network unlike other competitors. It is a Google Publishing partner technology company with an advertising platform that helps publishers to optimize their websites for traffic. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) that helps publishers automate and optimize the ads to the best placements and ad formats. Ezoic also helps online publishers to get more traffic by optimizing their site speed and for  Search Engine Optimization   (SEO). With more traffic, publishers can earn more revenue from ads. Ezoic also has an international team to help with non-English publishers.

Ezoic Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

Ezoic has 2 publisher programs: those with less than 10,000 visitors and those with more than 10,000 visitors per month. Publishers with less than 10,000 visitors are on a different monetization program called Ezoic Basic, and Ezoic has no minimum monthly visitors requirement. As Ezoic is a certified Google Publishing Partner, it does not accept content containing adult, gaming, crypto, and other grey areas, unlike other ad networks that do.

Ezoic offers a minimum payout threshold of $20 per month, payable via PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and check. Unlike normal advertising networks, Ezoic does not do revenue sharing (like Google Adsense, and Monetag), but instead charges a fee for premium users (publishers with more than 10,000) which gives publishers access to premium advertisers.

Ezoic offers its own cloud integration and content delivery network (CDN) to publishers, and offers SEO tools, to enable publishers to get more traffic at a faster speed. Ezoic does not do revenue sharing (like Google Adsense, and Monetag), but instead charges a fee for  Ezoic premium   users (publishers with more than 10,000) which gives publishers access to premium advertisers. However, publishers with less than 10,000 visitors have this for free.

Ezoic Advantages

As Ezoic is more than just an advertising network, it offers online publishers to get more traffic with their tools and cloud integration. By getting more traffic, publishers can get more advertising revenue.

Ezoic Disadvantages

As it's more of a technology platform, publishers or small website owners who lack technical knowledge may find it challenging to install and integrate Ezoic into their website.

Ezoic pros and cons

  • More than just advertising
  • Get more traffic
  • Cloud integration
  • Premium program
  • More advertising revenue
  • Challenging to install
★★★★★ Ezoic PropellerAds Alternative Ezoic's impressive tech-based solution enables more traffic to online publishers, but its complex installation is a hurdle for non-technical publishers. Overall Ezoic deserves a 5-star rating.

What Is Evadav ?

EvaDav is an online advertising network to uses ad formats such as push notifications, pop-under ads, in-page push, and native ads to serve ads to online visitors. It is mostly popular for its  push notifications   ads. EvaDav provides a dashboard that gives publishers control over the number of ads to balance with user experience.

EvaDav Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

EvaDav does not have a minimum traffic requirement. You can even send traffic to the ad network with a social media account via a direct link method. EvaDave offers global traffic to advertisers which means that it accepts global publishers. As EvaDav does offer gaming, sweepstakes, and crypto ads to advertisers, it is possible they also these content types from publishers.

EvaDav offers a minimum payout threshold of $5 per day, payable via PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, ePayments, Webmoney, and Payoneer. Payments via bank wire require a minimum threshold of $1,000.

EvaDav Advantages

EvaDav is known for its good customer support and it is easy to set up the ads. Their dashboard also has an intuitive interface, making it easier for users,

EvaDav Disadvantages

For online publishers who use WordPress, EvaDav does not have any WordPress plugin which makes the ad integration slightly tedious. Also, the ad network's ad types are shown as push notification ads and pop-under ads that may be intrusive, and old-style.

EvaDav pros and cons

  • Customer support
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • No WordPress plugin
  • Intrusive ads
★★★★☆ EvaDav PropellerAds Alternative EvaDav's similar offerings to other ad networks, while giving a daily payout to publishers makes it just that it deserves a 4-star rating.

What Is Adsterra ?

AdSterra is a self-serving ad platform for advertisers and publishers. Adstrerra offers ads via CPC, CPM, and CPA, and is a well-known CPA ad network. Adsterra uses AI to serve the best ads to publishers and has the fastest approval rate for publishers to join the ad network. AdSterra also works for non-website publishers, such as those with social media accounts.

Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

There is no minimum threshold of web visitors for publishers. Publisher approvals are said to be only 10 minutes, which is the fastest in the industry. AdSterra accepts global publishers, and any publishers for as long as they do not contain any illegal activities or promote illegal content. As AdSterra does offer gaming, binary, and crypto ads to advertisers, it is possible they also accept these content types from publishers.

AdSterra pays a minimum payout of only $5 and is payable via PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, and wire transfer.

AdSterra Advantages

The ad network offers live support, which sets it apart from its competitors. Its fast publisher approval rate is second to none, and its low payout rate is also attractive for small publishers. AdSterra also has an anti-ad block feature that helps publishers monetize their traffic better.

AdSterra Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of using popunder ads is the intrusiveness and interrupts the user experience.

AdSterra pros and cons

  • Live support
  • Fast approval
  • Low payout rate
  • Anti ad-block
  • Intrusiveness
★★★★⋆ AdSterra PropellerAds Alternative Overall, this ad network deserves a 4.5 for its smooth user experience, fast approval, and low threshold requirements.

What Is AdMaven ?

The platform is called AdMaven. AdMaven offers advertisers over 12 billion daily impressions worldwide. The platform helps advertisers launch ad campaigns in minutes and publishers use the latest tools to monetize their traffic. AdMaven requirements are quite loyal to users. They have tariffs, special conditions and support.

Admaven is an online advertising platform that offers publishers an adaptive platform of ads with easy integration. They offer publishers anti-adblocking solutions.

Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

Admaven requires at least 10,000 visitors per month before joining its network. Admaven offers global traffic which means that it accepts global publishers. Admaven offers gaming, sweepstakes, and dating ads to advertisers, it is possible they also accept these content types from publishers.

Admaven requires a $50 minimum payout amount which is payable via PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, Payoneer,

Admaven Advantages

Admaven offers an anti-adblocking solution for publishers. Given that at least 27% of North American users use adblocking software, it will only add to publishers' revenues with this solution in place. Admaven has a reputation for higher CPM earnings for publishers.

Admaven Disadvantages

This ad network does not have basic reporting tools as it does not offer a user control dashboard. Its user interface is also clunky and a little outdated.

AdMaven pros and cons

  • Anti-adblocking
  • Higher CPM
  • No basic reporting
  • Clunky user interface
★★★☆☆ AdMaven PropellerAds Alternative Admaven deserves a rating of 3 stars, at best, given its lack of a publisher reporting dashboard or controls of ads on the publisher's website.

What Is Popcash ?

PopCash is a pop-under advertising network. Unlike other ad networks that offer a variety of ad formats, Popcash focuses on pop-under ads. It has one of the highest revenue sharing programs, at 80 percent of revenue share. The ad network also has a user-friendly interface on a self-serve platform.

Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

PopCash does not state its minimum traffic requirements, although website publishers do need to apply for approval to be on their network. The ad network accepts global publishers. Furthermore, the ad network does accept web content in grey areas such as dating, gaming, and more.

PopCash’s minimum payout is $10 per day and is paid via Paypal, Skrill, Paxum, and wire transfer.

PopCash Advantages

PopCash’s main advantages are that their ads are easy to set up, a good user-friendly dashboard to keep track of your earnings, and good customer support via Skype and email. Their popunder ads can also be shown alongside Google Adsense, so you can keep two streams of ad incomes. Most importantly, they have a high revenue sharing percentage at 80 percent.

PopCash Disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of PopCash is that it only serves one ad format, and does not offer an adblock bypass solution. Popunder ads can be considered intrusive by some users who find that such ads interfere with their user experience when accessing a website.

PopCash pros and cons

  • Easy to set up
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • High revenue sharing
  • Only one ad format
  • No Adblock bypass
  • Intrusive
  • Low user experience
★★⋆☆☆ PopCash PropellerAds Alternative PopCash deserves a 3.5 rating for its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and daily payouts to publishers. However, given it only serves on ad format, popunder ads which some consider intrusive, it brings down its rating to a 2.5

What Is Monetag ?

Monetag is a media platform for online advertising that specializes in distributing ads through websites and mobile sites. Most of Monetag are based on CPM and it uses ad formats such as Push notification, pop-under ads, in-page push, interstitials, and smart links to serve the ads to web visitors. Monetag can also be used for social media profiles with smart link ads. Monetag accepts global publishers, including non-English publishers.

Monetag Basics: Publisher Requirements and Payments

Monetag Network accepts publishers from around the world and does not have a minimum level of visitor traffic. This means that if your website is new, or has less than 10,000 visitors, the network will still accept your publisher application. Many other major ad networks only accept publishers with more than 10,000 visitors traffic.

Similar to  Ezoic,   Monetag only accepts publisher content that are mainstream content such as news, entertainment, and blogs. Similar to Google policies, Monetag does not accept grey content such as dating, gaming, and other grey content types. Furthermore, the ad network also rejects content from free hosting websites such as Wix, Weebly, Blogspot and so on.

Monetag also has one of the best payouts with an extremely low threshold, at only $5, paid weekly. Payments to publishers can be made via PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney, Payments, ePayments, and Wire Transfer. However, payments via wire transfer require a higher threshold.

Monetag Network Advantages

Monetag has an easy plug-and-play integration and a dashboard that gives full control of what ads publishers want to have on their websites. The ad network also uses AI to optimize ads to ensure high visibility to web visitors which will earn publishers more revenue.

The ad network also offers multi-tag ads, where ads are automatically optimized to serve the best ad formats to visitors. This means that publishers no longer need to install individual ad tags to each ad format (such as pop-under ads, and in-page push ads).

The most prominent advantage that Monetag network offer is that ads can bypass adblocking software that some web visitors and mobile visitors install. This is significant, given that 27% of North American internet users install this software.

Monetag Network Disadvantages

For non-English websites, the payouts can be low. In terms of ad formats, Monetag do not have header ads which have the highest advertising dollar. In addition, the ad network uses pop-up ads which visitors may find annoying.

Monetag pros and cons

  • Plug-and-play integration
  • AI optimized ads
  • Multi-tag ads
  • Low payouts
  • No header ads
  • Annoying pop-up ads
★★★★⋆ PropellerAds Publisher Ads With so many advantages that they offer, Monetag deserve 4.7-stars.


As an online publisher, website owner, or blogger, showing advertisements on your website is a great way to earn passive income. Choosing the right ad network helps to build up your revenue from your online publications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ezoic a good PropellerAds alternative?
Yes, Ezoic is a good alternative that offers publishers native cloud integration and Content Delivery Network (CDN) as well as SEO tools to enable publishers to get more traffic at a faster speed.
What is the AdSterra minimum payout?
AdSterra is a standalone advertising platform for advertisers and publishers. AdSterra pays out a minimum payout of just $5 and can be paid out via PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney and bank transfer.
What are the top five ad networks that serve as alternatives to PropellerAds, and what unique benefits do they offer to publishers?
Alternatives include Ezoic for AI-driven ad optimization, Adsterra for a wide range of ad formats, for contextual ads, Google AdSense for its broad reach, and Monumetric for personalized ad strategies. Each network offers unique benefits like enhanced revenue potential, user experience optimization, and diverse ad options.

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