Free Trial! Create An Online School With LearnWorlds

Free Trial! Create An Online School With LearnWorlds

Sharing your knowledge in your own learning center is a great way to show your skills outside, to help others persons grow and even to  make money online   with minimum investment.

Plus, it is a lot of fun!

We will see how to use the amazingly easy to use LearnWorlds platform to create your own online school with a free trial, no commitment and no credit card required, select a potential plan, and all the steps needed to customize your school up to the next one, creating a  Successful Online Course   and selling it!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of LearnWorlds, meaning that if you create your school using my link, I will earn a commission on your purchases. If you do, let me know and I’ll be glad to help you grow your school!

Select a LearnWorlds pricing plan

Creating an online school with LearnWorlds or any other online teaching platform starts by selecting the plan that works best for you, as they offer different pricing for different needs, and you have to choose what's best for you - however, it is always possible to switch from one plan to another if you need, so don't fear being stuck forever in one plan that might limit your growth, or be too ambitious for your real usage.

Even if you will most likely only start with a free test, you'll have to choose the set of functionalities to get for your online academy!

LearnWorlds pricing:

  • Starter at $25 per month which takes a $5 fee on any course sold, and only allows one instructor,
  • Pro Trainer at $80 per month that takes no fee, allows 5 admins, and includes basic affiliate management,
  • Learning Center at $250 per month than includes 20 admins, allows interactive videos and auto transcriptions along with full white label and advanced affiliate management,
  • High volume and corporate for larger needs.
LearnWorlds online school creation packages (price per month, annual subscription)ImagePriceRegister
30 Days trial30 Days trial$0 !!!
Starter: for Newbie course creators,1 admin, $5 fee per course saleStarter: for Newbie course creators,1 admin, $5 fee per course sale$24
Pro Trainer: For professional trainers, 5 admin, unlimited courses, no other feePro Trainer: For professional trainers, 5 admin, unlimited courses, no other fee$79
Learning Center: For serious schools. 20 admin, all functions unlockedLearning Center: For serious schools. 20 admin, all functions unlocked$249

Having a look at these plans, the most important in my opinion is the ability to run a full blown affiliate program, meaning that anyone can register for free in your school, and promote it on your behalf in exchange of a commission that you fix yourself.

After some searches on their help pages, it appears that the ProTrainer plan only allows for manual registration of affiliates, meaning that you have to create their account yourself, they cannot self register, while the Learning Center plan allows you to create an affiliate portal on which anyone can register for free and start promoting your school.

On top of that, you might be interested as it is the case for me in having guest trainers on your school, thus growing your content base and increase your reach by the mean of these other instructors network. The number of other trainers you can invite and from which you will earn a commission on their own courses depends on the plan, from none in Start plan, to 4 except yourself in the Pro Trainer plan, and 20 in total including yourself in the Learning Center plan.

Starting a free trial school creation

The school creation is pretty simple, all you need to provide is an email and the part of the school name that will appear in the URL of your school and can only be made of latin characters, as it will be in the form until you get your own domain name, which we will see later - in any case, it is the URL name and not the display name.

Afterwards, your school initial setup will take a few seconds, after what an easy to use wizard will appear and ask you to choose basic layout of your online school.

LearnWorlds school setup wizard:

  • Start by entering a strong passwords for your school's admin page,
  • Name your school with a real display name including any character you like, as opposed to your URL school name,
  • Select a color scheme and a theme, with several options available in different flavors,
  • Finally, select your operating language, time zone and currency.

The most important world's currencies are available, and the list will most likely keep growing.

The language you choose will be used for the admin backoffice interface and for the school's standard page - you can later on customize all text displayed on your school in any language you like, and create various schools in different languages, on the frontend it only really matters for standard pages such as payment.

LearnWorlds school languages available:

  1. English,
  2. Portuguese (Brazilian),
  3. German,
  4. Spanish,
  5. French,
  6. Greek,
  7. Dutch,
  8. Chinese (Traditional),
  9. Japanese.

Customize your school

After having finished the initial wizard, you will be taken to the learning center dashboard administration, from where you'll have access to these main function, each of them being complemented by a walkthrough video:

  1. School wizard in which you had already setup your general school information,
  2. Create your first course section in which you can add  Successful Online Course   to your school,
  3. Build your landing page, where you can optimize your school's homepage to convert your visitors to register to your courses,
  4. Explore LearnWorlds where you can register to some of their amazing webinars and other events they organize online.

Optimize your landing page for conversion

But before creating online courses, you can get your school online and ready to be both indexed by search engines and shared with your audience by optimizing your home page into a high conversion landing page.

The page editor is a state of the art online webpage design system in which you do not need to know anything about Web development, but only to use your mouse!

By drag and dropping in addition to clicks, you will be able to setup the landing page you want for your online school, giving it the flavor that will not only reflect your brand, but also turn visitors into students.

You can add, remove, and update every section of the page, which are preset depending on the initial school theme you've chosen during the initial school creation wizard.

Change the texts, replace stock pictures with your own, and you'll soon be ready to share your school with the world!

At any time, you can switch from standard desktop view to tablet or phone display to make sure that your changes are properly disposed on all kind of devices.

Usually, if you stick to the standard elements that are offered by LearnWorlds, you will not face any significant issue on other devices.

But if you tweak them by adding original elements such as very large images with embed text, or tables with significant amount of cells, these elements might not be resized properly when switching display, and might need to be optimized in that matter.

Your school pages will always contain these elements:

  1. One header that is displayed at all times, usually containing your logo, a register or login button, and links to most important sections,
  2. Content sections that are displayed one after the other and contain various information, such as general school information for the section right below header, newsletter signup form, or testimonials. On other pages, it will be the main content, and will differ for each page,
  3. A footer usually with your logo and the repetition of headers standard links: about page, courses list, contact for example.

It is important to spend some time optimizing your main landing page, which generally is your homepage, as it will be the main entry point for your visitors and potential students.

The better the page looks and leads visitors to register to your online school, the more chance you'll have to sell them courses, get them to join your webinars, or request coaching through your learning center.

Using your own domain name

Another important step of your school branding is to use your own domain name in order to have your website address display your brand without any mention of the online school.

This can be achieved by buying your domain name at a registrar such as GoDaddy, or and linking it to your school, and then reaching the Domain menu under Site Builder administration.

After having bought your website, simple add a DNS record that looks like the following, and your registrar will know that the web pages of are actually to be found on server.

DNS record for online school: CNAME www

Now that your registrar knows about it, you should let LearnWorlds know that it should use that domain name to display your pages, instead of the subdomain on their website.

In the backoffice, go to the domain section under the site builder menu, and simply enter there your domain name, and click on verify domain!

It might take up to 24 hours for the DNS propagation to take place, meaning that you might have to wait up to 24h to be able to verify the domain name for your online school after having added the DNS record at your registrar's level.

Unfortunately, that option is not available in the free test, so you might want to purchase a plan in order to enter your domain name if that is necessary to starting your school.

Creating and selling courses

We have seen how to setup a school using the user friendly LearnWorlds online school creation platform, for free for a whole month without submitting any credit card number, and with no commitment.

Now that your school backoffice and main front page are setup, it is time to concentrate on creating a first  Successful Online Course   and continue with many others, alone or with the help of guest instructors!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can educators take advantage of the free trial offered by LearnWorlds to create their online school, and what features can they explore during this period?
Educators can sign up for the LearnWorlds free trial to explore features like course creation tools, customization options, interactive learning elements, and analytics. The trial allows them to experiment with the platform's capabilities and assess its suitability for their needs.

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