What Are the Best Adroll Alternatives for Web Publishers to Monetize Websites

What Are the Best Adroll Alternatives for Web Publishers to Monetize Websites

Web publishers who want to monetize their websites can benefit from ad software. However, the software has caused many publishers to lose revenue because of how it works or doesn't work properly. Some web publishers have decided to use Adroll as an alternative to other advertising programs. However, it is not the only option.

This article will cover some of the best alternatives for web publishers to monetize their websites using ads. I’ll also explain why you should consider using these alternatives to Adroll in your online advertising campaigns if you are currently using Adroll or any other  Affiliate Marketing   platform provider such as Media.net or Amazon Associates that uses an RPM model or pay-per-click (PPC) model for payment purposes since these types of services tend not to be very beneficial when compared against a flat fee pay-per-sale model. Lastly, we will discuss why it is important for affiliates and advertisers alike to look at various options when choosing an effective way in which they can earn recurring income online with minimal effort required on their part while still allowing them time left over in their day jobs so they can work towards achieving financial freedom through passive income streams.

What is Adroll?

AdRoll is a programmatic advertising platform that allows you to create display ad campaigns that place ads on websites across the Internet.

AdRoll provides website owners with tools to manage their ad campaigns, such as creating landing pages and A/B testing creatives through the Adroll pixels program. It also includes data analytics to track key metrics, such as click-through rates, conversions, and acquisition costs.

Web publishers can use AdRoll’s platform to set up email campaigns around special events or promotions they are running on their site. However, Adroll is a bug company that services many of the ads other ad providers around the web use. Let's take a look at some of the alternatives.

Ezoic Is More Similar to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is by far the most popular ad service provider on the web. Ezoic is more similar to Adsense than Adroll. Ezoic is a programmatic advertising platform that helps publishers monetize their sites. Since its launch in 2016, it has grown to become one of the most popular ad tech companies, with over 10,000+ online providers using its services.

Ezoic offers numerous benefits for publishers, including excellent UX and revenue data. As well as this, it also provides invaluable insights into user engagement and site performance.

Ezoic re-invests in customers with grants and investments (for example $250k grant for WordPress websites), which means you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with an ad network that doesn’t work for you anymore once you leave them; as opposed to other platforms who may have no interest in helping out when things go wrong.

Ezoic Review

Pros of Using Ezoic

Ezoic has an easy-to-use interface with many features that make it one of the best alternatives for monetizing websites. Here are some of the reasons why you should use Ezoic:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Great analytics reports
  • Monetize with less than 10,000 monthly views

You can insert ads on your website manually, but this might not be effective. Ezoic offers several different ad formats that are designed for specific types of websites (like blogs), but the do-it-yourself placement is the best because their AI will use a lot of trial and error to find the highest paying ones.

Cons of Using Ezoic

Ezoic has some cons which might make you choose another alternative as a publisher. For example, customer service is not always available. Ezoic has a customer service team available to you 24/7, but it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours for them to respond to your email. When Ezoic does respond, their answers usually are very helpful, but some users report having conversations that go back and forth for days with no resolution.

Ezoic AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 3/5 Stars

★★★★★ Ezoic AdRoll alternative Ezoic has many great features, and over Adroll for publishers with more advertising options, better customer service, and more functionalities. If you are looking for something easy to set up that accepts users with any monthly page views, then you surely want to look into Ezoic.

Monetag Offers Self Service Advertising

Monetag is another popular Adroll alternative for publishers. The company has been around for over 6 years and has a solid industry reputation. It's a self-service platform that allows you to  monetize your website   with premium ads, and  push notifications   and use dynamic retargeting campaigns without having to code anything yourself.

Monetag also has an easy-to-use interface where you can set up campaigns, upload banners and customize existing ones by adding logos or changing colors. It's free to sign up, but Monetag charges a low monthly fee ($19) if you want access to more advanced features like custom landing pages and A/B testing options (which are not available on free accounts).

Another thing I like about Monetag is that they have a dedicated account manager who will help answer any questions you might have about billing or other technical issues related to running ad campaigns through their platform.

Monetag review

Pros of using Monetag

With Monetag, you can get global ad coverage, meaning that your ads will be shown to people worldwide. The ad network is compatible with Google AdSense and has a clean ads-only policy. This means you don't have to worry about showing low-quality ads that are irrelevant to your content or website.

It also offers an adblock bypass feature, which helps ensure more visitors see the content you want them to see even if they use an ad blocker.

Monetag has a referral program where publishers get paid for referring new publishers and advertisers who join its network through their own websites or social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easy for publishers who already have built up a large audience online because they'll typically earn more money this way than just placing advertisements on their own sites themselves would generate in revenue per month/year (depending on how many clicks those links get).

The last big advantage of using Monetag is its Publisher Community, which gives users access to real advice from other publishers who have successfully monetized their website(s) with the platform itself--and even better than before!

Cons of using Monetag

The payout for non-English websites and websites of poor quality is lower. Monetag has a high payment threshold of $15 and only pays out via direct deposit or PayPal. This means that they have the lowest payout thresholds among all the ad networks in this list (network revenue over $15).

They have a very low CPM rate that's ideal for advertisers who are just starting out in their PPC campaigns and want to pay less than other networks. For example, an advertiser can get a CPM rate as low as 0.30 USD per 1000 impressions with Monetag, while they'll get around 1 USD per 1000 impressions on other networks like Adroll.

Monetag AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 4/5 Stars

★★★★☆ PropellerAds AdRoll alternative If your website produces high-quality content and articles and is written in English, then Monetag can provide you with a great advertising service. It is almost as good as Adroll but loses a star for reducing the pay rates of low-quality websites and only having two payment options. If you have access to Paypal, it could be a great ad option for you!

AdSterra Has More Advertisers Than Most Companies

AdSterra is a programmatic advertising platform that helps publishers monetize their websites. It’s great for publishers who want to optimize their ad campaigns and increase revenue. The AdSterra platform offers:

  • Real-time bidding (RTB) optimization tools help you better understand how your website visitors interact with display ads on your site.
  • A cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding strategy gives you more control over how much money you spend on each visitor from one campaign compared to the cost per impression (CPI) model used by most other platforms.
  • A comprehensive view across all of your inventory sources so that you never miss out on any opportunities for maximizing revenue from every available channel available on your site
Adsterra review

Pros of AdSterra

AdSterra has many great features, and it offers the best alternative to AdRoll for publishers looking to get more bang for their buck. Let’s take a look at why:

  • 12 000+ advertisers
  • 10-minute approval process and expedited options available
  • Desktop or mobile website traffic
  • Social and mobile app traffic
  • URL shortener (great for tracking)
  • Monetize any type of traffic

Cons of AdSterra

There are quite a few cons when using AdSterra.

  • Use of BackURL. Serra uses “BackURL” to send back the traffic that they do not accept. It could be a problem if you have an affiliate program or any other link on your website which can redirect the users to another site.
  • Ads are irrelevant for some niches, and adult and gambling ads showing on your website even after blocking them from being shown on your site.
  • Malware issues – Some sites experience malware attacks after implementing the AdSterra script on their websites.

AdSterra AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 2/5 Stars

★★☆☆☆ Adsterra AdRoll alternative Due to the malware incidence that some users have reported, and rigorous blocking of BackURL and other traffic sources, AdSterra isn't right for every publisher. Adroll, on the other hand, monetizes almost all kinds of traffic globally.

EvaDav Has Multiple Monetization Options for High Traffic Websites

EvaDav is an ad server that’s free to use and can be implemented in a matter of minutes. What makes it so good is that it’s just as easy to use as AdRoll, but has many more features.

It’s got everything you need to manage your ads:

  • User interface
  • Mobile ads support (Android, iOS)
  • Rich media support (video, flash)
  • Different ad types (text, image, video)
EvaDav review

Pros of EvaDav

There are a lot of pros of EvaDav:

  • Verified advertisers and Expert Monetization
  • Instant weekly payments
  • Google compatible formats and wide selection
  • Multiple ad formats (text, image, video)

The platform offers a wide selection of ad units of different types. It has multiple options available for you to use while monetizing your website or blog. Some of its features include a Smart auction and guaranteed views. The platform also allows users to choose between several payment models like CPC, CPM, and Fixed CPM, depending on the type of their business model.

Cons of EvaDav

While it is true that EvaDav is a great ad network, there are some things that you should be aware of before joining. The most important thing to note is that their withdrawal limit is set at $100 per payment and can only be withdrawn via PayPal or Webmoney. If you want to withdraw more than this amount, you'll need to wait for the next month before you can do so again.

Another issue with EvaDav is the fact that their stat report doesn't show sources with a low number of clicks. While this may not seem like a big deal at first glance, it does mean that if your site has an ad widget, those clicks will never show up in your reports even though they're still making money! In addition to this, sometimes they fail to provide the full ad experience to your website pages which means users won't get any ads on their pages until the page has been viewed once! Finally, while their platform isn't difficult to use compared to other networks out there today (like Adroll), there's definitely still room for improvement regarding user experience.

EvaDav AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

★★★★⋆  What Are the Best Adroll Alternatives for Web Publishers to Monetize Websites EvaDav is a great advertising network for high-traffic websites. Though it has a withdrawal limit of $100 a payment, high-traffic sites can easily reach this. Plus the many features, advertising options, and great support can help this one of the best Adroll alternatives.

Hilltop Ads Offers 100% Fill Rate

Hilltop Ads is a self-serve ad platform that allows publishers to monetize their websites with ads that are relevant to their audience. It's a great alternative to AdRoll for publishers that want to monetize their website and brand.

Over 12 features to the ad platform to help customize your user experience, including options for:

  • Tracking and Analyses
  • In-banner Video Ads integration
  • Native Advertising Solutions (i.e., Sponsored Posts)
HilltopAds review

Pros of Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads offers many features that can help you earn more revenue. It's very easy to use and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Here are some of the things we like about Hilltop Ads:

  • Sign up: You can sign up for free at their website and start making money immediately!
  • Website acceptance: Hilltop ads accept websites based in all geographic locations, so it doesn't matter where your website is hosted or what language it's written in. They also accept websites with mainstream and non-mainstream content.
  • Great ad formats: You can find a variety of formats for your ads on Hilltop ads.
  • Fill Rate: The fill rate of Hilltop Ads is 100%, so we never have to worry about getting paid for our services; they pay us weekly via PayPal or Bitcoin (or whichever payment method we choose).

They even offer multiple advertising options like banner ads and video ads, which can be embedded directly into webpages without any plugins installed! This makes things very easy since there isn't any extra work involved on our end since everything happens automatically once someone clicks play on the video ad being shown above each post.

Cons of Hilltop Ads

The biggest disadvantage of Hilltop Ads is that it’s not open to every web publisher. To qualify as a publisher, your website must have at least 5K daily traffic (or 1M monthly). This makes the option less than ideal for smaller publishers.

Another drawback is that Hilltop requires you to earn $50 before payout, which can take up to 30 days. If you’re looking for an ad network with instant payment options, this one may not be for you.

Finally, there is no self-service panel available with Hilltop ads; publishers must work directly with their account managers on any issues related to their campaigns or account setup.

HilltopAds AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

★★★★⋆ HilltopAds AdRoll Hilltop Ads is a luxury ad network. It offers a 100% fill rate, great features, multiple payment and ad formats. Unfortunately, it is only for high traffic websites. You have to have $50 before payout, and you have to have at least a million monthly viewers.

AdMaven Offers Minimal Disruptions to Your Website

If you're looking for a self-service ad platform that allows you to manage your ad inventory and revenue, Then AdMaven is worth checking out.

AdMaven offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display, and video. It uses its proprietary ad server, which is fast, secure, and reliable.

AdMaven review

Pros of AdMaven

AdMaven offers the following benefits to publishers:

  • High-level ads: AdMaven’s ad products are more in line with what users expect on their websites. They include high-quality and relevant ads that don’t interrupt your user experience.
  • Minimum disruption to the website: Unlike other ad networks, the company doesn’t use pop-ups or auto-play video ads. Advertisers can choose which types of ads they want to run on their websites based on their own preferences, so they won't have any trouble finding something that works for them.
  • Accurate reporting: This platform provides accurate reports on your online reporting panel, so you know exactly how much revenue you've made from each ad campaign, even down to the minute detail about when someone clicked on an advertisement or watched its video play out completely before leaving it behind forever!

Cons of AdMaven

While AdMaven offers a freemium option, it’s not really the best fit for publishers who want a simple way to monetize their website. While you can create a customized ad campaign and refine your targeting, there is no visual reporting.

The customer service is also reported to be slow, with no online real-time support offered to its customers.

AdMaven AdRoll Alternatives Rating: 2/5 Stars

★★☆☆☆ AdMaven AdRoll alternative There is no visual reporting available with AdMarven, so you won't get graphs and charts. The customer service has also been reported to be slow. For these reasons, it is not one of the best Adroll alternatives.

Use the Best Alternatives Available to Better Monetize Your Website

AdRoll meaning is a marketing automation and ad display platform that helps e-commerce businesses create and optimize personalized ads across multiple platforms and devices.

In addition, AdRoll offers many features including A/B testing, reporting, collaboration, data visualization, communications management, cost tracking, and analytics.

You should use the best alternative available to you as a web publisher. There are many alternatives out there, but not all of them give you the best value for your money. The same goes for other things like customer service, support, and features that can make or break your campaign.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in your decision-making process for choosing the best Adroll alternative. The truth is, there are plenty of ways to monetize a website, and most of them are free or low-cost. By taking advantage of these options and getting started today, you can ensure that your website makes money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AdRoll important for publishers?
AdRoll meaning is a software advertising platform that allows you to create media advertising campaigns that place ads on websites on the Internet. This is important as they provide website owners with the tools to manage their advertising campaigns.
What are the available payment methods for HilltopAds?
Working with HilltopAds will really make you happy. You will be able to benefit from all the great bets you will have access to. When you use HilltopAds, you get paid weekly for your website traffic. You can use Wire Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Tether or Capitalist.
What ad networks serve as the best alternatives to AdRoll for web publishers, especially in terms of retargeting capabilities and monetization efficiency?
Alternatives include Google AdSense for its broad reach, Criteo for advanced retargeting and personalization, Facebook Ads for its extensive social media reach, Media.net for contextual ads, and Ezoic for AI-driven ad optimization. Each network offers unique strengths in targeting, ad formats, and revenue optimization.

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