What Are The Best Alternatives To Outbrain ?

What Are The Best Alternatives To Outbrain ?

Outbrain is a promotion tool designed for publishers to post content on top media sites as promoted stories. This allows you to get more reach for their content and reach a larger audience.

With Outbrain, you can create content, choose your daily budget and CPCs. Plus, there is an algorithm for improving Outbrain traffic in order to attract the largest number of readers.

Ad networks such as Outbrain are indispensable to maximizing revenues for web publishers. However, many website/blog owners look for alternatives to Outbrain. Some web publishers want to have more advertising networks in their arsenal, while others plan to maximize their ad revenue through multiple platforms. Regardless of the situation, there are multiple platforms on the market. However, picking the right alternatives to Outbrain is paramount. Let’s dive deeper to find a few appropriate choices.

Alternatives to Outbrain

Outbrain is a renowned platform trading native, in-line, and pop-under adverts under CPA, CPM, and CPC basis. The network caters to thousands of site owners. Many publishers are tapping on the perks of this poplar network. However, you’d want to find other platforms as well. Essentially, you should check Outbrain alternatives to optimize your revenue.

Although hundreds of platforms exist, all of the networks aren’t worth your attention. Some networks offer poor services. Then there are platforms with low pay rates. If you settle with ay such platform, your earnings will take a nosedive. You need to pick the best ones for your blog or a website. Here are the top alternatives to Outbrain.

1. Adroll - The best alternative thanks to its machine learning advertising

It’s a platform that streamlines and simplifies launching ad campaigns for publishers/advertisers. Adroll could integrate with other platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Spotify. The interface applies machine learning for re-targeting and serving ads to high-intent users.


  • Re-targeting of ads
  • Multiple advertising formats such as email, display, and native
  • Additional features - automated emails as well as abandoned cart recovery
  • Cross-channel optimization
  • Taps AI for better visibility on several channels
  • In-depth reporting


  • You need to fit in spend minimums for a managed account
  • The network requires a sufficient credit balance for total weekly budget for advertisers

Payment Methods

  • Automatic Postpaid: The platform charges for ad impressions on weekly basis
  • For prepaid billing option, the network has set an upfront payment option for the weekly budget.
  • Postpaid option: For managed accounts, Adroll sends invoices monthly and has payment terms of Net 30 for a managed account

AdRoll Pros and Cons

  • Simple retargeting adverts
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Expensive than other platforms
  • Customer support is too slow
  • Needs extra funds for cross-platform advertising
  • The CRM list takes time before getting ready.


On a 1 to 5 scale, the network scores 3.8 stars.

2. Pubmatic - The best interface due to private marketplace and transparency

It’s a popular ad serving platform with solutions such as cross-screen video, better ad quality, and media buyer console. You can enrich your monetization potential effortlessly using Pubmatic.

The network streamlines header-bidding with wonderful management tools along with access to Prebid.js. This is the main reason why it grabs its spot among alternatives to Outbrain. It presents private marketplaces for better control. Even better, the platform carries Real-Time Bidding for optimized results.

Audience encore, Openwrap OTT, ad quality tools, inventory quality, and identity hub are other services.


  • Ensures better ad quality and protects your inventory
  • Real-time bidding for better connections and configurations with high demand sources
  • Open source technology to enrich omni-channel monetization
  • Identity resolution as well as A/B testing
  • Offers a unique, private marketplace with better demand and enhanced transparency


  • Publisher need to own the site or be in a contract with the site/blog owner.

Payment methods

  • Net90 payment with $200 minimum
  • Various payout options

Pubmatic Pros and Cons

  • Has real-time bidding
  • Helpful analysis and innovative dashboards
  • Multiple markets for publishers/advertisers
  • Doesn’t fully integrate with some mobile DSPs


On a 1 to 5 scale, Pubmatic earns 4.5 star ratings with private marketplace and RTB technology.

3. Hilltop Ads – An ideal option with the ad-blocking technology

It’s one of the few networks that capitalize on the anti-adblocking technology (read our HilltopAds review). Still, Hilltop Ads isn’t recommended for publishers with low traffic. However, he network stands out with its CPC, CPM, and CPA-based adverts along with real-time stats for big/medium publishers. As their adverts work on the anti-adblocking technology, publishers can earn for any traffic.


  • CPM, CPC as well as CPA models
  • Anti-ad blocking technology


  • Minimum traffic requirements for publishers

Payment methods

  • Publishers get paid via Bitcoin and Payoneer
  • Minimum payout is pegged at 50$

HilltopAds Pros and Cons

  • Real-time statistics
  • Ease of usage
  • Unsuitable for low traffic websites/blogs


On a 1 to 5 scale, the platform gets 4-star ratings with its ease of usage and low minimum payout.

4. Propeller Ads - The right choices due to speedy ad loading

The network is amazingly unique with immense ad speeds (read our full Monetag review). Joining the platform is simple. Follow a simple process to check/add your domain.

It’s possible to monetize Smartphones and sites under five minutes.

The network is compatible with various types of ads such as Banner Ads, Layer Ads, Web Ads, and PopUnder Ads. Propeller Ads sits among the best alternatives to Outbrain for publishers looking for a CPM model.


  • Easy to test the service
  • Supports several ad formats


  • No traffic requirements
  • Support non-English as well as English sites

Payout methods

  • Net30 payment
  • Various payment choices

Monetag Pros and Cons

  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy usage
  • Undesirable publisher experience
  • PayPal payment not supported


On a 1 to 5 scale, the platform secures 4 stars.

5. Ad thrive – A great alternative due to higher RPMs

Rated as one of the popular alternatives to Outbrain, AdThrive is a sophisticated platform offering personalized ad management solutions for publishers with guaranteed higher RPMs. The network has three publishers’ solutions: Engagement, Revenue, and Growth.

Adthrive is perfect for markets such as travel, customer tech, lifestyle, sports, and food. It increases a publisher’s revenue with tailor-made advertising strategies, intelligent solutions, and a committed team.


  • Dashboards for real-time performance as well as revenue data
  • Custom-made ad layouts for increasing revenue
  • SEO solutions enhance RPM reporting, traffic source, and keyword strategies
  • Enables access to brand campaigns
  • Minimizes bounce rates through site performance plugins, core solutions, and JavaScript expertise


  • Requires at least 10,000 monthly impressions, especially from US

Payment methods

  • Net-45 payment
  • Minimum payment $25
  • Supports multiple methods - Paper check, Paypal, ACH, eCheck, and Global Wire Transfer

AdThrive Pros and Cons

  • High RPM
  • Better customer support
  • Simple dashboards with updated revenue and performance insights
  • Enhanced advert quality
  • High minimum traffic requirements
  • Longer payment time 45 days


On a 1 to 5 scale, the network gets 3.8 stars due to stricter requirements.

6. Ezoic - The best option with its machine learning algorithm

Ezoic takes pride in being a smart platform for any web publisher (read our full Ezoic review). But, how! The network taps machine learning for testing different advertising placements and advert choices to choose the highest-earning blend.

You can get into the platform easily. For this reason, it lands among the best alternatives to Outbrain. Also, there is no monthly sessions limit to join - any publisher can apply. The interface stresses vertical content. You may use their drag-and-drop tool and test locations for ad placements.


  • Intelligent platform that applies machine learning for the benefit of publishers
  • Supports different ad formats


  • No requirements - except having a website

Payment methods

  • Minimum payout pegged at $20 only
  • Supports multiple payment gateways


  • Location testing as well as reporting for advertisers/publishers
  • Simple to get into the network
  • Free SEO tag tester tool
  • Free video hosting and monetization solution
  • Free video collaboration solution
  • Free website optimization
  • Free CDN and website protection
  • Has so many free and amazing technologies, you can get lost


On a 1-5 scale, Ezoic secures 5-star ratings due to its machine learning technology

7. Monumetric - The best interface due to its expert monetization assistance

It’s a famous network that helps you monetize any traffic. Publishers enjoy full control over their blog/site and decision-making. Even advertisers enjoy particular perks using this sophisticated network

Monumetric caters to a variety of publishers and lets them monetize different categories of content and platforms. The network provides multiple ad sizes such as skyscraper, leaderboard, medium rectangle, in-screen, half-page, or post-roll/pre-roll videos.


  • Constantly upgrade and innovate their technologies to offer the best bids
  • Assures monetization success with experts
  • Provides optimized data-driven ad strategies
  • Reporting available through customized dashboards
  • Measures impressions and tracks earnings fast, thus enjoying a place among top alternatives to Outbrain
  • Multiple monetization choices such as Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo


  • Minimum10,000 monthly page views

Payment Terms

  • Paid out through various options
  • Net60 schedule

Monumetric Pros and Cons

  • Provides various ad units such as Mobile-optimized ads, Desktop display ads, and Inline video ads
  • Automatically serves adverts and helps you focus on content creation
  • Higher minimum traffic requirement -10,000 monthly impressions


On a 1 to 5 scale, the network gains 3.6 star ratings because of high minimum traffic requirements.

8. Adsterra - an ideal alternative best network thanks to its detailed targeting

It’s a hugely popular interface that works for publishers as well as advertisers (read our full AdSterra review). Adsterra carries a big base of publishers/website owners and handles non-mainstream/mainstream verticals. Publishers can opt for a self-serve or a managed option. Also, they get chat support for issues that may pop up. So, you can have your issues addressed and resolved within no time.


  • A/B testing for about 15 creative advertising
  • Can launch several campaigns
  • Quick set up of reports and in-depth targeting
  • Central, simple dashboard
  • Forecasts of traffic
  • API integration
  • Multiple formats - Banner Ads, Push Ads, and Direct Link


  • No ad-cluttering
  • Publishers can start through chat support or personal managers
  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Minimum deposit pegged at $100 for advertisers

Payment Methods

  • Mastercard/Visa, WebMoney, Paxum, Capitalist, Paypal, and Wire transfer
  • Multiple models –CPA, CPL, RTB, CPC, CPI, and CPM

AdSterra Pros and Cons

  • 100% filling rate places the network on top
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • API integration
  • Flexible affiliate/referral program
  • Support 24/7
  • Managed and self-serve ads
  • CPM rates greatly vary
  • Minimum payout is higher for web publishers.
  • There is no online support


The network earns 4 stars due to 100% filling rate and fraud-prevention tactics.

9. Evadav - The right option for better CPM earnings

Evadav is a renowned network that offers monetization/advertising solutions for advertisers/publishers (read our full EvaDav review). The network ensures higher CPM and conversion rates. The platform maximizes yields and boosts revenue for website owners. That’s why publishers rate Evadav among the best alternatives to Outbrain. You may monetize your site/blog with various ads (banners, interstitial ads, pop-ups, or sliders), thus ensuring a blend of revenues. That boosts your overall revenue from your site or blog.


  • Supports CPA, CPM, and CPC
  • Minimum payment set to $25 only

Payment methods

  • Weekly payment on Mondays
  • Multiple payment gateways: Paypal, Paxum, and Skrill

EvDav Pros and Cons

  • Multiple payment options
  • Stats updates every hour
  • Reporting doesn’t reflect traffic sources with low-click rates


Evadav earns 4.5 stars due to quick and various payment options.

10. Ad Maven - A better alternative because of increased returns for web publishers

It’s a proven network that presents monetization/advertising solutions for publishers/advertisers (read our full AdMaven review). AdMaven offers better CPM and conversion options for advertisers. The interface maximizes yields and enhances your overall revenue. This is why publishers endorse Ad Maven as one of the best alternatives to Outbrain.

You may monetize your property with different ad formats (banners, sliders, pop-ups, interstitial ads, and lightbox ads) that allow a diverse range of revenue options. In short, publishers get an option to make the most out of their web properties.


  • Supported models: CPA, CPC, and CPM
  • Minimum payment is pegged at $50 only. However, the wire transfer route requires website owners to earn at least $1000 for payment.

Payment options

  • Payment methods: Payoneer, Wire Transfers, Paypal, and Bitcoin
  • Payment: 30 days

AdMaven Pros and Cons

  • Statistics updates quickly every hour
  • Various payment gateways
  • Basic dashboard
  • 2,500 minimum impressions required per day - difficult for small site owners


On a 1-5 scale, Ad Maven bags 4 stars due to minimum traffic requirements and basic dashboard.

Verdict on alternatives to Outbrain

Ad platforms pull up enough revenue for any publisher. They allow a regular income st4ream to publishers of all levels. However, the key lies in choosing the best networks. Although Outbrain is an innovative interface, it’s best to look for top alternatives to this popular network. Take a look at each of the alternatives listed above. Assess each interface minutely. Also, check their perks and demerist. That should let you pick some of the best alternatives to Outbrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Monumetric payment methods?
Monumetric is a very flexible system that has many different payment methods for its users. But initially, your site must meet the requirement of at least 10,000 page views per month.
What are the benefits of running Outbrain?
Outbrain is a promotion tool designed for publishers to publish content on popular media sites as promoted content. This allows you to gain more access to their content and reach a wider audience. With Outbrain you can create content, choose your daily budget and CPC. Plus, there is an Outbrain traffic improvement algorithm to attract the largest number of readers.
What are the most effective alternatives to Outbrain for content promotion and monetization, and how do they compare in terms of features and audience reach?
Effective alternatives include Taboola for its wide network and similar content recommendation features, RevContent for higher revenue share and customization, Content.ad for smaller publishers, and Adblade for its unique ad formats. Each alternative offers different advantages in terms of network reach, revenue potential, and suitability for various content types.

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