Evadav Vs Ezoic - Which Is The Best Network For Publisher?

Evadav Vs Ezoic - Which Is The Best Network For Publisher?

For website publishers, choosing the right advertising network to join for the best advertising earnings is an important decision to make. If you’ve listed out your most preferred ad networks and have narrowed it down to the of your most preferred ad networks, Evadav vs  Ezoic,   then read on as we summarize the benefits and drawbacks of these two ad networks to see which best suits your website needs.

Every publisher is different, with different content topics, niches, and traffic sources, so aligning your publishing needs that best suit the right advertising network is crucial to maximizing your advertising revenues.

So what factors should be considered when choosing the right ad network for you, as a content publisher or website owner: EvaDav vs Ezoic? We list down the four main factors for you to consider below:

  • The inventory size of the ad network
  • The content requirements for publishers
  • The quality and type of the ads
  • The payment method, threshold, and frequency

EvaDav - Growing Ad Inventory

EvaDav is a rapidly growing advertising platform that has an increasing ad inventory size, with over 2 billion daily ad impressions (read our EvaDav review for publishers). The ad network also has a user-friendly dashboard that is even easy to use for newbies. Their dashboard gives control over what type of ads can be displayed on the publishers' websites.

Once you connect Ezoic to your site, you don't have to do anything else. The Ezoic Ad tester tool automatically analyzes ad density, ad position, and the behavior of different segments of visitors when they visit your site to see which ad configuration should be shown to any user.

EvaDav inventory size of the ad network

Serving 2 billion ad impressions daily, with 2.6 million ad campaigns from 49 thousand advertisers, EvaDav’s ad inventory numbers seem impressive. Knowing the ad network size should reassure publishers that your advertising revenues will be maximized to their full potential.

EvaDav Content Requirements for Publishers

Unlike other advertising networks, there isn’t a set minimum traffic volume for publishers and the ad network accepts publishers from around the world. While EvaDav does not specify what type of content niches they disallow, it is worth noting that the ad network does accept grey ad verticals such as forex, gambling, and so on. These ad verticals are considered grey areas and are not accepted by the likes of Google AdSense or Google AdWords. However, given that the ad network does advertise these topics, it is possible that they also accept website content with these same topics.

EvaDav Quality and Type of Ads

EvaDav monitors all ad campaigns To ensure that there are no inappropriate ads There are 4 ad formats available on the ad network which are push notifications, native ads, pop-under ads, and in-page ads. EvaDav is transparent and discloses a volume breakdown for the different ad formats

  • 10 million ad impressions of Native Ads
  • 1.5 billion daily ad impressions of Push Notification Ads
  • 1 billion daily ad impressions of In-Page Ads
  • 50 million daily impressions of Popunder Ads

As a publisher, why should you be concerned about which type of ad formats are available, and their size? Basically, by knowing which ad formats have the highest inventory, then those ads will be shown more on your website, making you more money.

EvaDav Payment Method, threshold, and frequency

Publishers can be paid via ePayments, Skrill, PayPal, and Paxum. There is a minimum threshold of $25 for publishers to cash out and this is done every week.

EvaDav Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • No set minimum traffic
  • All geolocations
  • Mainly Push Notification Ads

EvaDav Ratings - 4 stars.

★★★★☆ EvaDav Publishers Network For its newbie-friendly, intuitive dashboard, with a low cash-out threshold, this ad network deserves a 4-star rating.

Ezoic - Technology-first Ad Platform For Publishers

Ezoic is unlike other online ad networks, as it considers itself a technology-first platform that enables online publishers to optimize their advertising revenue (read our full Ezoic review). Their focus on publishers is second to none and their platform enables publishers to experiment with ad placements and improve publishers’ SEO. Ezoic has AI tools that enable publishers to personalize their website layouts and ad placements. Its ad tester AI tool makes adjustments to the ad density of publishers’ websites automatically to maximize earnings.

Ezoic Network Size

Ezoic does not disclose its advertising inventory as it is not a conventional ad network. Ezoic gets its ad inventory from ad exchanges and other ad networks (like  AdSterra,   EvaDav), as well as direct deals from advertisers.

Due to Ezoic’s tech-first approach, it is quite a complicated process to set up Ezoic ads, and it can cause non-tech savvy people to mess up their website if not done correctly. If the Ezoic setup is correctly done, website publishers have reported significant gains in traffic, due to faster website performance, and Google compliance leading to higher Google search rankings for SEO.

By monetizing using their own earnings measurement method, EPMV or Earnings Per Mille Visits they are able to leverage their large ads network size to generate higher earnings over the whole visitors journey, instead of simply trying to monetize single page views like most competitors usually do.

Ezoic Publisher Content Requirements

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which means that Ezoic adheres to Google’s publishing rules. This means that  Ezoic,   just like Google Adsense, only accepts mainstream content such as news, blogging, and so on. Ezoic also requires that publishers reach a certain level of traffic before applying to join their platform.

Ezoic type and quality of ads

Ezoic has a few ad formats available such as display ads, native ads, inlay ads, mobile anchor ads, overlays, and popunder ads.

Ezoic Payments

Ezoic pays publishers net of 45 days, payable monthly. Since they mainly get their advertisements from ad exchanges and third-party ad networks where there is a delay in the payment period, they have placed a 45-day term limit.

Ezoic pays via bank transfer using wire transfers, PayPal, direct deposits (in the US), and international bank transfers via Payoneer. The minimum cash out is $20.

Ezoic Pros and Cons

  • Tech platform for publishers to maximize ad revenue
  • Ezoic technology can improve web traffic
  • The tech can improve Google rankings via SEO
  • Complicated setup, not newbie-friendly
  • Payments are net 45 days

Ezoic Ratings - 5 stars

★★★★★ Ezoic Publishers Network Ezoic deserves a 5-star rating as its platform serves online publishers to optimize their ad revenue by testing their ad performance and using Ezoic’s AI tools. Aside from additional ad revenues, publishers also experience additional traffic to their website by using Ezoic’s platform.

Summary: Which is best for your website - EvaDav vs Ezoic?

Ezoic's tech-first platform that is built to optimize publishers’ ad revenue performance, coupled with the added benefits of better SEO (Google rankings) leading to more website traffic makes Ezoic the winner in this comparison - it is even often better than any of its Ezoic alternatives for Web publishers in most cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evadav minimum withdrawal threshold?
The minimum withdrawal threshold for publishers is $25, and this is done every week. There are also many convenient ways for users to withdraw funds, such as ePayments, Skrill, PayPal and Paxum.
Is Ezoic minimum traffic high?
Don't worry, Ezoic minimum traffic is available for publishers. Ezoic does not require minimum traffic, but it does have two different plans for beginners and established websites, depending on whether they get over 10,000 page views per month or less.
In comparing EvaDav and Ezoic, what are the key factors publishers should consider in determining the best network for their needs?
Publishers should consider EvaDav for its focus on native ads and push notifications, offering high engagement and CPM rates. Ezoic is ideal for those seeking AI-driven ad optimization and a balance between revenue generation and user experience. The decision should be based on specific monetization goals and audience preferences.

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